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Iron Dome launching multiple interceptor rockets in northern Israel. April 6, 2023

The security situation on Israel’s northern border is heating up again after a brief lull this week during the “hudna” (temporary ceasefire) allowing for the release of hostages taken to Gaza by invading Hamas terrorists on October 7. Israel has freed three convicted Palestinian Authority terrorists from its prisons for each released hostage.

Early Thursday afternoon, Israel Defense Forces attacked Hezbollah military targets in southern Lebanon in response to attacks on northern Israel earlier in the day by the Iranian proxy group.


The Israeli military on Thursday morning intercepted a “suspicious aerial target” that crossed into Israeli territory from Lebanon, triggering red alerts in northern communities.

“Following the sirens that sounded in the areas of Dovev, Mattat, and Sasa in northern Israel, the IDF Aerial Defense Array (Iron Dome) successfully intercepted a suspicious aerial target that crossed from Lebanon into Israeli territory,” the IDF said in a statement.

Red Alert incoming rocket sirens were activated in the border towns of Dovev, Matat and Sassa due to a suspected drone infiltration. Another siren in Dovev warned of an incoming rocket or missile attack.

These were the first rocket sirens to be heard in the Jewish State since the start of the “hudna” last weekend.

The IDF also shelled targets in southern Lebanon on Tuesday, according to a report by Reuters quoting Lebanese state media. 

Hezbollah terrorists carried out daily attacks on Israel in the aftermath of Hamas’s Oct. 7 assault, but the border has been mostly quiet since the start of the temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas reached Nov. 24.

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