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Adolf Hitler and the representative of the Palestinian Arabs, the Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al-Husseini, December, 1941.

Israel commemorates the Holocaust in several days on the 28th of the month of Nisan, the month of Spring, which falls this year on the 28th of April, actually starting on the evening before, the evening of the 27th. This year, interestingly, it falls close in time to the Armenian commemoration of their genocide, which is on 24 April every year. Israel Radio [Qol Yisrael] discussed the Armenian genocide today on several programs. Right now Israel TV [channel 1] is running Claude Lanzmann’s film, The Last of the Unjust.

First, an observation about the earlier genocide, the Armenian at the hands of Ottoman Empire, ruled during WW One by the Young Turks, a group revolutionaries, supposed progressives. In fact, the formal name of the Young Turks’ party was the Committee for Unity and Progress. Many Arab nationalists took inspiration from the Young Turks. Anwar Sadat’s parents even named him after one of the Young Turks’ leaders, Enver Pasha [Enver = the Turkish form of the Arabic name Anwar].


Although progressives, the Young Turks were imbued in their education with the values of Islam, especially the need for Islam and Muslims to dominate non-Muslims. To be sure, one Armenian historian, Raymond Kevorkian, located in France, wants to believe that the motive for the genocide was Turkish or Pan-Turanian nationalism, rather than Islam. This is very short-sighted but this is not the time to go into my reasoning.

Much has been written about the Jewish Holocaust. I now want to just stress two aspects.

1) The Holocaust was not restricted to Jews living in Europe. Thousands of Jews were sent to death camps in Europe from the North African countries of Libya and Tunisia. And the Germans set up labor camps for Jews in those countries. Pro-Nazi pogromists in Baghdad slaughtered local Jews in the Spring of 1941 in an orgy of violence and brutality called the Farhud. The numbers of Jews murdered range from 179 to 600 or more. It is a common mistake that the Holocaust was restricted to European Jews, or Jews living in Europe. However, Leon Poliakov, one of the most important Holocaust historians wrote long ago about the North African Jews caught up in the Holocaust crimes. Yet, the mistake is still made.

2) The Arab nationalist movement in its majority was pro-Nazi. The Arab intellectuals who set up the Arab Socialist Ba`ath Party and the Syrian National Socialist Party [often called the Syrian Social Nationalist Party in order to hide its Nazi inspiration] were much interested in and great admirers of Nazi ideology, policies, power, and organization.

The chief leader of the Palestinian Arabs in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, Haj Amin el-Husseini, instigated the Farhud in Baghdad, according to an Iraqi investigating committee. After two days of Farhud massacres, British troops occupied Baghdad and finally suppressed the pogrom after waiting outside the city for two days. At this point Husseini fled Baghdad and made his way through Iran and Turkey to the Nazi-fascist domain in Europe. Greece, bordering on Turkey, was already occupied.

While still in Baghdad, Husseini and a small group of other Arab nationalist leaders drew up a draft political statement which they wanted Hitler to make in favor of Arab nationalist ambitions. In essence, this was really a petition to Hitler to recognize what these Arab leaders saw as their rights and interests, including the right to solve the Jewish Question in the Arab lands as it was being solved in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. Bernard Lewis supplies a thorough discussion of the several versions of their petition to Hitler in his book, Semites and Anti-Semites.



  1. Obviously not. Our grandfather was chased out of Iraq by Arab nazis working with hitler. But gosh, just google it. It’s not a secret or a conspiracy theory or anything like that. It’s a known fact. If you listen to the Islamist rhetoric now they even talk about it though they definately do not like when the outside world talks about it then they say there was no holocaust, that it was cer umstantial, that he disliked many groups. But he only wrote a book about the extermination of 1 group. He had a special hatred. The Arabs like to pretend that the conflict and hate is because of Zionism. But it’s much older.

  2. A very good written article, for me personally it’s the best this week. Of course, it’s a painful topic, may all the victims rest in peace. On Husseini’s hands is the blood of thousands Jews, among them more than 5000 Jewish children, saved by the Red Cross in 1943 and sent safe to Palestine. But Husseini ordered the children to be moved and given back months later to the Nazis, he wrote to Himmler (his correspondence with the Nazis is just horrible). Both met in 1938, and in 1941 the demonic Mufti visited Auschwitz – and “took a deep look at the modern instruments of mass killing”. If the great David Raziel (may he rest in peace) would not be killed by the Nazi German air plane bombing in Iraq in May 1941, the Irgun Operation against Husseini (as planned to be killed) could have been successful and many lives can be saved. But sadly, the Brits didn’t see more reason to continue with the plan without David Raziel.

  3. The fact is the Jews was the most that suffered through the holocaust . But hitler killed many Gypsies , Polish , Homosexual , journalist , party leaders , human right activist, intellectual etc.
    Jews were not the only people who suffered during world war 2.

  4. Actually, the communist party paved the way for the Nazi’s; It’s a replay! We must analyze our response then to effect a better outcome now. I hear from reliable source Eastern Russian Ukraines are demonstrating in Prague, currently. The demonstrations in France are on steroids. If you have accurate information, a World map with date & time stamp of running activity would be beneficial.

  5. The articles that there were not only Jews that were torture and massacred .
    My comment is to explain who else was brutally murdered just like the Jews it’s not anti – Semite .
    We just need to read more about history.
    I’m a lover of the Holy land and my faith take root deep in the Hebraic culture.

    Ochre David it’s not open to discussion .

    As for Fadzli Fadhila if you think my comments is to criticise the Jews…. Your wrong .
    True Christians Stands beside Jews .
    End of the story.

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