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September 25, 2016 / 22 Elul, 5776
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Romney Bad, Obama Good, for Israel

Netanyahu carried his message to Americans through the media after meeting with President Obama and castigating Iran at the UN. (September 30, 2013)

Netanyahu carried his message to Americans through the media after meeting with President Obama and castigating Iran at the UN. (September 30, 2013)
Photo Credit: Avi Ohayon/Flash90

Ironically, the much maligned Obama administration has been the perfect antidote to Israeli capitulation to American whims. President Obama exudes an open hostility towards Israel, and real favoritism towards the Muslim Brotherhood and their ilk. The average Israeli can sense this new distance between the US and Israel and this has resulted in a an unusual feeling around here, a feeling that scares many – the feeling of independence.

Indeed under Obama’s reign, Israel is seeing more “daylight” and getting more independence from US foreign policy. As Israel begins to feel its own strength, and as the land-giveaway ideology exits the scene, the Jewish State will need breathing room to fashion and lead a new direction in the Middle East. Through the creation of this breathing space, Israel and the United States will be able rebuild their relationship on a healthier basis, as two sovereign nations with many joint interests, cooperating, trading, and securing the world together. Of course, that “daylight” will also entail the end of US foreign aid to Israel, a much needed step for Israel’s independence and key for a healthier relationship between the two nations.

Paradoxically, President Obama is helping to usher in a new and more equitable era of the US/Israel relationship. Romney, on the other hand, is bad for the Israel. A Romney White House could put effective State Department pressure on the Israeli government where the Obama administration could not. Israeli weakness for a ‘loving’ president makes it susceptible to giving in to US pressure which inevitably requires Israel to give dangerous concessions to the very people who seek to destroy the Jewish State. Moreover, if Romney would be elected, Israel would fall back into the old habit of subservience to State Department whims instead of the budding sense of policy independence felt on the Israeli street. And that’s no good. Far better to have Obama articulate and espouse the true face of American foreign policy, leaving Israel free to reject it.

Yishai Fleisher

About the Author: Yishai Fleisher is a Contributing Editor at JewishPress.com, Chief Editor at JNi.media, talk-show host, and International Spokesman for the Jewish community of Hebron, an Israeli Paratrooper, a graduate of Cardozo Law School, and the founder of Kumah ("Arise" in Hebrew), an NGO dedicated to promoting Zionism and strengthening Israel's national character. Yishai is married to Malkah, and they live on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem with their children.

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