Photo Credit: Esty Dziubov / TPS
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at memorial for the late Prime Minister Golda Meir, z'l

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke Sunday at a memorial marking 40 years since the passing of Israel’s first – and so far, only — female prime minister, Golda Meir, z’l. (video below is in Hebrew)


“Golda Meir was the first woman elected as Prime Minister of Israel,” Netanyahu said. “She led the nation decisively and firmly… I must praise her.”

He related the history of her life, from the time she was born in Kiev, to her family’s immigration to the United States, and from there her own aliyah to Israel — where she began life as an “olah hadasha” — a new Israeli, never stopping until finally her own health forced her to slow down, at the end of her days.


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