Photo Credit: Hillel Meier / TPS
Funeral of Elhai Teharlev. April 6, 2017

Sgt. Elhai Teharlev (20) was laid to rest on Thursday evening.

Elhai was murdered by an Arab terrorist who ran his car into a bus stop on Thursday morning.


Teharlev, a resident Talmon in Judea and Samaria, served with the 13th Battalion of the Golani infantry brigade, as part of the Hesder Yeshiva tract, through the Tekoa Yeshiva. He graduated the Mekor Hayim Yeshiva in Gush Etzion. He was awarded the rank of Sergeant posthumously.

Elhai Teharlev was survived by his parents, Ohad and Avital, three brothers and three sisters.

Elhai Teharlev Funeral 2

Elhai Teharlev Funeral 5

Elhai Teharlev Funeral 3

Elhai Teharlev Funeral 4

Elhai Teharlev Funeral 6


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