Photo Credit: Hadas Parush/FLASH90
A Chabad man helps some IDF soldier put on T'fillin

Police are issuing reminders that it is forbidden to enter the Gaza border community areas without permission.

On Sunday afternoon, two Israelis drove into the Sha’ar HaNegev area in their private car to show support to the soldiers and communities.


They were initially identified as Chabad Israelis, but they may have been Breslev Chassidim.

The two did not have permission from the authorities to be there, as the area was listed a closed military zone at the time.

They were lightly injured by mortar fragments that exploded near them in one of the mortar barrages.

Chabad says they are not aware of any of their emissaries getting injured.

The two obviously weren’t in a Mitzvah Tank, as they’re under a special protection system.

Chabad has been very visible in the staging area, helping soldiers put on T’fillin and raising spirits – in coordination with the authorities.

The police want to remind citizens that they should not touch any rocket fragments that land near them, and to call the police immediately if they spot any rockets on the ground.