Palestinian Authority  chairman Mahmoud Abbas asked Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Thursday to invest in a $1 billion natural gas project off the coast of Hamas-controlled Gaza, Russia’s news agency reported.

Abbas is vesting Moscow, which has been a strong backer of the Palestinian Authority.


Securing a huge investment for Gaza would help Abbas win popularity at the expense of Hamas, which took over the area in a bloody militia war nearly seven years ago.



  1. Since 1997 when the FSB (KGB) theorized that Russia interests would be best served by getting in the way of "anything and everything US worldwide," they've managed to accomplish a large number of obstructions to US geo-political stance. Clinton let them, Bush trusted them too much and Obama seems unwilling to placate Putin @ Co on any level. This is just the latest example. If anyone believes that Abbas thought of this on his own they would be sadly mistaken.

  2. Gazprom is also in talks with Israel about developing gas resources off their coast and also talking with Cyprus on the same subject. They should all contract with Gazprom. The Russians will keep the Turks from interfering and when countries find their economies booming they move away from violence for all the obvious reasons.

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