Photo Credit: courtesy, Gross family
Alan and Judy Gross in the Old City of Jerusalem in past years (archive)

After 5 years in jail, Cuba has released Alan Gross. His release was part of a prisoner exchange between Cuba and the U.S.

AP reports that this is part of normalizing full diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba, and the US will open an embassy in Havana in a few months.


From Wikipedia:

Alan Phillip Gross is a U.S. international development professional.

In December 2009 he was arrested while in Cuba working as a U.S. government subcontractor for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) as part of a program funded under the 1996 Helms-Burton Act.

He was prosecuted in 2011 after being accused of crimes against the Cuban state for bringing satellite phones and computer equipment (to members of Cuba’s Jewish community) without the permit required under Cuban law.

After being accused of working for American intelligence services in January 2010, he was ultimately convicted for “acts against the independence or the territorial integrity of the state” in March 2011. He was released from Cuban prison on December 17, 2014.



  1. I guess Obama or Kerry had absolutely nothing to do with this!
    After all you constant bashing of them for not doing anything I guess you were correct! At least you can do is to thank the Pope, after all you like him so much! Now you can focus all your attention on continuing to blame Kerry and Obama for not releasing Pollard. You can also add a new person in your tirades on this subject: the Pope because he too has done nothing to release Pollard!

  2. You might think that the freeing of Alan Gross precipitated this deal. It wasn't. It is just a bone the administration is throwing to us. Reality is that there was another spy. A real one, who was caught and imprisoned 20 years ago. His identity has not been made public. I don't know why.
    If Obama really wants to throw a piece of meat, he would release Jonathan Pollard. But that does not fit into his "plan" right now.

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