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April 21, 2015 / 2 Iyar, 5775
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All in the Family: BDS Protests Zabars; Carole Zabar Promotes BDS

Anti-Israel boycott groups are targeting the famous Zabar's for selling SodaStream. Carole Zabar supports BDS groups.

BDS targets Zabar's; Carole Zabar promotes BDS proponents.

BDS targets Zabar's; Carole Zabar promotes BDS proponents.

In one of the saddest dilemmas in a long time, those fighting the economic and legal warfare movement against Israel, known as BDS (Boycott of, Divestment from and Sanctions against Israel) are pondering how to deal with the proposed boycott of the famed Zabar’s food emporium.

Adalah-NY, a hardcore pro-Arab terrorist boycott group posing as a civil rights organization, and its comrades in the BDS movement have called for a protest in front of Zabar’s on April 22.

The protest is “to demand that Zabar’s stop selling SodaStream.” The protesters detest that product because one of its manufacturing plants is in Maale Adumin, a Jerusalem suburb. The SodaStream plant employs Arabs at the same salaries as its Israeli employees, and Palestinian Arab SodaStream workers have repeatedly stated they want the plant to remain there, or they will be unemployed or employed at lower salaries, in Arab-owned companies.

But the protesters could not care less about the economic reality of the Arabs they profess to care so much about. Adalah and its friends continue their boycott warfare regardless of its impact on Palestinian Arabs.

But here’s the rub.

Carole Zabar is the wife of one of the brothers who currently owns Zabar’s. And Carole is a strong supporter of the band of economic warriors who have just declared war on her husband’s livelihood.

Richard Allen, founder of JCC Watch, reminds us that for many years in her position as a director of the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan, Zabar has been”hosting and promoting groups that call for a boycott of SodaStream, Ahava Cosmetic products and other Israeli companies.”

Allen says he believes that Zabar used to be listed as a major contributor of Partners for a Progressive Israel, one of the organizations best known for pushing the SodaStream boycott. She certainly partnered with that group in her role as founder of the “Other Israeli Film Festival,” the one that not only seeks to showcase Arabs in Israel, but frequently promotes the worst slanders against the Jewish State.

The Jewish Press called Zabar’s on Sunday afternoon, April 20, to ask if the people running the food emporium are aware of the boycott threat.

“Yes,” they said, they are “aware of the boycott.”

When asked whether or not Zabar’s is continuing to sell the SodaStream product despite the boycott, the answer was a slightly defiant “yes.”

It will be amusing to see whether Ms. Zabar is going to join with her idealogical compatriots and boycott Zabar’s on Tuesday, April 22 (that’s Earth Day, for the boycott folks, although for us Jews in the Diaspora it is the last day of Passover.)

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the US correspondent for The Jewish Press. She is a recovered lawyer who previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools. You can reach her by email: Lori@JewishPressOnline.com

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55 Responses to “All in the Family: BDS Protests Zabars; Carole Zabar Promotes BDS”

  1. Patti Welch says:

    think I’ll email the BDS nuts and tell them how much I loooooove my SodaStream:)

  2. Tony Mark says:

    Sodastream Commercials are A Gogo here in Paris, And are selling like Hotcakes ;) I guess BDS are now Sucking their Thumbs, in Embaressement. ;) ;),,,,

  3. now that i know i will turn my back to zabars.

  4. Zabars promotes BDS. Is that possible?!?

  5. Les Martin says:

    Najarh Assay…eat pork arsewipe.!

  6. The anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist swine turn on their own.

  7. How stupid is she???

  8. Susan Rubin says:

    I’ll miss Zabars coffee…

  9. Joyce G says:

    Both are idiots. Soda Stream is a model for Arab – Israeli coexistence. What a bunch of ignorant fools.

  10. Joyce G says:

    Very stupid. Never ceases to amaze me

  11. Buying another this week.

  12. For Carole Zabar support of the BDS and other anti-Israel entities, I will never buy their products and for all I care, the entire Zabar's emporium can go to hell and close down!

  13. Bernard Baum says:

    When you lie down with dogs you wake up with flees

  14. Nurit, Carole Zabar does not speak for the Zabar family. She is, and has always been a left wing radical. Don't play into the hands of these anti-Zionist nuts…please continue to support Zabar's who have been quite explicit in support of Soda Stream. May G-d transport all these radical Jews into an Arab country and let them see how well they will fare, especially the women.

  15. Serves them right.

  16. Emily Winters says:

    Carole Zabar is probably bored with her life and thus has to get involved in something she knows nothing about. Carole; just go and get your nails done. OK?

  17. Boycott all you want. Palestinians have jobs there!

  18. I guess Carole has other qualities that endear her to her pro-Israeli husband, Mr. Zabar! But, as someone else suggested, perhaps Carole and her non-Arab BDS buddies should take a 2-week vacation in Ramallah for a little reality check…

  19. Anti BDS people should boycott her too

  20. Luis A Ramos says:

    Zionism's God Is Satan…Long Live The BDS Movement And Palestine!

  21. Carole Zabar says:

    Ms. Marcus is the dupe of the notorious JCC hater Richard Allen. I have never been the director of the JCC I have been the victim of the boycott and never supported the organization that Richard Allen claims I was a Major supporter

  22. Peggy Green says:

    Stop selling sodastream and put Israeli Arabs out of a job. GOOD THINKING PEOPLE.

  23. The more they fight, the better off we are!

  24. Avis Johnson says:

    HaShem always evens the score

  25. We should spread the word and boycott Zabars for their role in supporting BDS

  26. Zabars should not be a BDS supporter.

  27. Guys
    Take a leaf out of Sussex Friends of Israel . A group of dedicated pro Israel grass roots activists based in Brighton UK . BDS thought they would close the Soda Stream shop in a matter of months . They reckoned without this amazing group comprising local Jewish community , Christian Friends of Israel and others who refuse to countenance BDS bigotry on Brighton streets .
    Please look in on their amazing Face book wall and like and share .

  28. why not read Carol Zabar’s response before jumping to conclusions

  29. Ronnie Pleet says:

    She deserves it and is a shameful crud

  30. Their lack of concern for the very people they propert to be championing is evedent

  31. Molly Ratner says:

    I say it is best to corroborate all these rumors before taking action on whether or not to boycott Zabar's.
    Just because Carol carries the Zabar name doesn't mean the store management is guilty of anti Israel hate. She is an individual with her own opinions.
    It would be nice, tho, if Zabar's came out with a statement disassociating itself with any anti-Israel activity by any family member.

  32. Carole Zabar says:

    i guess you didn't read my post yesterday.

  33. Carole Zabar says:

    I would suggest you read by post yesterday before you recommend Nail Therapy

  34. Dan Silagi says:

    I went to this ****** Richard Allen's website, and it took me a few milliseconds to see that this guy is a right-wing nutjob. Both he and the reporter who wrote this are guilty of defamation.

  35. i bought our soda stream at zabar's, a true gem for new york food lovers. i will time my purchase of a replacement carbonator for 5 pm today at the storee to let the bds anti semites what i think of them i bought our soda stream at zabar's, a true gem for new york food lovers. i will time my purchase of a replacement carbonator for 5 pm today to let the bds anti semites what i think of them and do my small part for the planet

  36. Carole Zabar says:

    As the target of this defamation I am glad that there are some readers who are not knee jerk racists who believe anything they read. I will talk t o the Jewish Press tomorrow to aprise them that their reporter has defamed me

  37. Carole Zabar says:

    It would be nice if you looked on the JCC website to see that I am not the director and to find out that I have been victim of the boycott apparently Truth is not one of Ms. Marcus' concerns

  38. Carole Zabar says:

    I am glad you think I have always been a left wing radical. How exactly do you know this as you have never met me

  39. Dan Silagi says:

    Carole Zabar There was a guy named Richard Allen who played major league baseball for the Phillies (and others) in the 1960's and 1970's. He was also a ******, but a 5-tool schmuck who could hit for average, hit with power, run, throw, and field. Many say he was the greatest ballplayer not yet in the Hall of Fame (my vote's for A-Rod who'll probably not be enshrined during my lifetime, and I'm not that old).

    On the other hand, Richard Allen the Right-Wing Kook who fulminates each year over who's invited to the Salute to Israel Parade, and his apparatchik, Lori Marcus, are both 1-tool ******s. Or just tools.

  40. Lori Lowenthal Marcus says:

    Carole Zabar I suggest you think very carefully and perhaps consult an attorney before you accuse me of defamation. Your statement may actually state a cause of action for defamation, while nothing that I wrote does. This is not the first time you have sneeringly accused me of sloppy journalism, and the last time you were also proven wrong – in print. I am in possession of the latest 990 tax document filed by the NY JCC which identifies you as a member of the board of the JCC. The fact that some Arab directors refuse to have their films shown at your "Other Israel Film Festival" does nothing to diminish anything you have done which in the view of many does harm to the Jewish State. You are entitled to your own opinions but you are not entitled to your own facts.

  41. Lori Lowenthal Marcus says:

    Carole Zabar Now it's in print and it has been screen captured. You are listed on an official tax document filed with a federal government agency as a board member of the Manhattan JCC. You are aware that a board member means that you are A director of the board of the JCCs, are you not?

  42. Lori Lowenthal Marcus says:

    Folks, to clarify, Zabar's sells SodaStream – for that it is to be commended, and people should buy that product there, if they want to show support for Israel. Carole Zabar is the wife of one of the owners and she is the one who promotes those who support BDS.

  43. Ephraim Allen says:

    Ms. Zabar must be having a senior moment; her own website states she is a director of the JCC in Manhattan, the New Israel Fund and Meretz. The Partners for Progressive Israel says they changed their name from Meretz. See Here: http://www.otherisrael.org/about-us

  44. Sodastream stock continues to go up.

  45. Dan Silagi says:

    Lori Lowenthal Marcus I see you haven't "fully recovered" from being an attorney. Nor have you even partially recovered from being a jerk.

  46. Lori Lowenthal Marcus says:

    Dan Silagi That's true, Dan, I haven't fully recovered from being an attorney. And First Amendment law, including defamation, was what I practiced. As far as the rest, I'll leave you to continue your name-calling. It reflects so well on you.

  47. Dan Silagi says:

    Lori Lowenthal Marcus I, at least, don't engage in such vile McCarthyite tactics of using "guilt by association" to accuse people of evil-doing. I'll leave those tactics to the likes of Glenn Beck, Michele Bachmann, and you. As for Carole Zabar, I never met the woman, although I've done plenty of business with Zabar's over the years. But your accusations of calling her a supporter of BDS because she is, or once was, a member of some Jewish organization which isn't right-wing enough for your taste goes beyond despicable.

  48. Carole Zabar is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. She is a full board member of the New Israel Fund. This organization funded the initial structure for the International BDS campaign against Israel. This is a horror for the Jewish people and Carole Zabar should be held accountable.

  49. Frankly, if my wife were protesting or funding protests against a business owned by me we'd be having a royal row!…

    Protesting or funding the protest of a business that your husband owns is the quintessential sawing of the branch you're string…

    Well, I guess that the old adage of stupid is as stupid does is, once more, proven correct…

  50. Dan Silagi says:

    Got any proof of that?

  51. Dan Silagi says:

    And your evidence, Donald, for that is what?

  52. Sarah Williams says:

    Carole Zabar He knows it because you are a public figure whose actions are reported in public forums which are available to readers who are capable of doing their own research on people like you.

  53. Dan Silagi says:

    Another right-wing fanatic, who believes that women who wear tallises and tefillin at the Western Wall should be arrested by the "Jewish" ayatollahs who run the place, has spoken.

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