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September 20, 2014 / 25 Elul, 5774
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Anti- Anti-Israel Group Lists Anti-Israel Professors on N.American Campuses

American college students have been given a gift by the AMCHA Initiative: a tool to see if a certain professor is biased against Israel.

The AMCHA Initiative's map of US college professors who signed anti-Israel Boycott petition dated Aug. 6, 2014.

The AMCHA Initiative's map of US college professors who signed anti-Israel Boycott petition dated Aug. 6, 2014.
Photo Credit: AMCHAInitiative.org

The AMCHA Initiative, an organization created to help protect students on North American campuses from the ever-increasing numbers and severity of attacks – physical and verbal – of anti-Semitism, has just provided a useful self-defense tool for students returning to campus for the 2014-15 academic year.

That tool is a comprehensive listing of the more than 200 self-identified Middle East scholars, who signed a petition dated August 6, 2014, calling on their colleagues “to boycott Israeli academic institutions,” and who pledged “not to collaborate on projects and events involving Israeli academic institutions, not to teach at or to attend conferences and other events at such institutions, and not to publish in academic journals based in Israel.”

“How can professors who are so biased against the Jewish state accurately or fairly teach students about Israel or the Arab-Israel conflict?” asked Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, AMCHA Initiative co-founder and faculty at the University of California Santa Cruz.

“Students who wish to become better educated without subjecting themselves to anti-Israel bias, or possibly even anti-Semitic rhetoric, may want to check which faculty members from their university to see whether they are signatories, before registering,” Rossman-Benjamin explained.

“It’s bad enough that these professors have revealed themselves to be wildly biased against one, and only one, Middle Eastern country. Even more troubling, however, is the fact that many of these patently biased boycotters of Israel are affiliated with government-designated, taxpayer-funded National Resource Centers (NRC) on their campuses,” stated Leila Beckwith, AMCHA Initiative cofounder and UCLA emeritus professor.

“Clearly NRC-affiliated faculty who have publicly vilified Israel and committed themselves to refusing ‘to collaborate on projects and events involving Israeli institutions’ have violated both the letter and spirit of the federal law which funds their teaching and research,” Beckwith said.

Established by Congress under Title VI of the Higher Education Act and administered by the U.S. Department of Education, university-hosted NRCs nationwide receive more than 30 million dollars annually for the purpose of equipping students with a full and unbiased understanding of the regions and countries of the world that are vital to U.S. security interests. These Centers are also required by law to maintain linkages with overseas institutions of higher education that “contribute to the teaching and research of the Center.”

Of the 20 universities which received federal funding to support Middle East Studies NRCs in the 2010 – 2014 grant cycle, faculty affiliated with 16 of them have shown their unambiguous anti-Israel bias by signing the petition to boycott Israeli universities and scholars: Columbia University, Duke University, Georgetown University, George Washington University, Harvard University, New York University, Princeton University, University of California Berkeley, University of California Los Angeles, University of Chicago, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of Pennsylvania, University of Texas at Austin, University of Washington Seattle, and Yale University.

The single school with the largest number of boycott petition signers is Georgetown University. Thirteen members of the Georgetown faculty signed the Aug. 6 Israel boycott petition. In a close second place is Columbia University, which has 11 faculty signers.

Tiny Brown University in Rhode Island has three faculty members who signed the Israel boycott petition. Harvard University has two faculty members who signed the Israel Boycott petition, Princeton has three (all of whom appear to be Jewish), two signers are from Yale, one faculty member from Stanford University signed the Boycott Israel petition, and nine faculty members from the University of California at Berkeley signed the petition.

A full list of professors who have signed the petition at each U.S. college and university can be found HERE.

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the US correspondent for The Jewish Press. She is a recovered lawyer who previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools.

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79 Responses to “Anti- Anti-Israel Group Lists Anti-Israel Professors on N.American Campuses”

  1. GOD WIL

  2. Great service. I know who I would choose.

  3. =less money for colleges that harbor these dogs.

  4. Nathan Katz says:

    This is very old stuff.

  5. good, professors are idiots

  6. most of the profs were muslim

  7. Gary Berry says:

    They should be fired on the spot.

  8. Filip Černe says:

    That’s a great idea, it should be expanded all over the world and also include public figures and other known haters!

  9. Reem Abed says:

    Since this is happening in the US, why not detecting anti-Palestinians? It’s a free country, isn’t it?

  10. Fran Chernowsky says:

    I love it. Boycott the Boycotting Professors. .

  11. Anything but higher education. The Very Dumb teaching the Unlearned. I call it “Manufacturing Imbeciles”, in “honor” of Noam Chomsky. He might just approve ;) and you can quote me.

  12. I think we should let the market decide. Now that there are tools like this, students can make it known to the universities why they choose not to attend those classes. The universities can then take appropriate action. If this happens often enough, and it will, the system should work itself out.

  13. Need to publish their home addresses.

  14. Kathy Kupfer says:

    So many are prejudiced. Had tons of them at Brooklyn College.

  15. Gary Berry says:

    Anti-semitism has nothing to do with the market. But maybe you are right about that. If I were teaching the same bias in our school system here I would be fired.

  16. Don’t take any courses from these destroyers of university-level education. Free and open discussion without propaganda from professors and students is what academic freedom is about. It doesn’t mean the freedom to propagandize and lie to students.

  17. JoAnn Morris says:

    Look at the list (at bottom of article) and see how many professors have middle eastern names!! Maybe that’s the problem….

  18. Shula Conley says:

    Love it!

  19. Lydia Lieberman Streiter says:

    Now,these antisemitism professors might get even more students enrolled

  20. Chana Perl says:

    Boycott their classes!

  21. Chana Perl says:

    Boycott their classes!

  22. Chana Perl says:

    Boycott their classes!

  23. Cacao Blanc says:

    monkey can’t not change to donkey ………….. Same for the Islamist but they always be Musluman …Sadique and barbarise.. ect…

  24. great help for college kids and their paying parents

  25. where can we see this list. thanks

  26. Chaiya Eitan says:

    Forget going to university in the States. Come to Israel and study. There are plenty of programs here in English.

  27. Albert Holan says:

    God had choised Israel not

  28. Albert Holan says:

    God choice Israel not US

  29. Jennifer Badani says:

    Amazing how people think that all Jews are white skinned & come from Poland & Russia. Jewish people lived in the Middle East long before Islam. So many of those anti-Israel people view us as the white colonist. Perhaps more programing on history on the Jews from the Middle East might help in the long run.

  30. Hmmmm. Keeping lists of people who do not agree with your core beliefs. Where have I seen this before…?

  31. Steven Plaut says:

    The analogue about anti-Israel professors in Israel can be found at http://www.isracampus.org.il

  32. Jeffrey Panish says:

    About Half the names on the List of "Educators " are Arab sounding names So I can understand their brain washed Hate and Bias against Israel as far as the Non Arabic names I am willing to take a bet on their Political Leanings ..
    The Far Left in America has now found a new group of fellow Haters to join with ,Since both really Hate America and it's society as a whole which they view as Racist ,Sexist and unfair to minority's so ,why not Hate Israel as well ..
    …But the Joke is that they have no problem in taking Money from the same society's they want to destroy ..They are in Fact Phony and Hypocritical in refusing to ever speak about Left wing dictators ..

  33. Students have every right to know the names of the professors on their campus who are anti-Israel.

  34. Some of the names sound 'Jewish' to me. Explain that one.

  35. Jessica Langston
    There are many self-hating Jews, who somehow have internalized the INCORRECT message that if so many people hate us, there must be a good reason for it.

  36. As a math professor, I would surely want my students (current and future) to avoid teachers who were teaching them incorrect mathematics.

    Similarly, when my children and their classmates learn about Middle Eastern history, politics, religion, etc, I want them to avoid faculty who clearly hold a very biased, one-sided view.

    I prefer that students be presented with accurate information, and be allowed to draw their own conclusions, not get a grossly one-sided view, with foregone conclusions.

    These professors have made their feelings on the issue of Israel very clear – it is hard to imagine that any of them could teach the subject in an unbiased fashion.

  37. Eran Spiro says:

    Please publish the list of all anti-Israeli "professors" with their university/college affiliation …. it will help in fund raising ….

  38. Miriam Harris-Botzum, so if there were a list of "Pro-Israel" professors, would you say that they would be biased as well?

  39. Miriam Harris-Botzum, are you saying there is no good reason for an American Jew to not support Israel? Furthermore, does that mean that an American Jew (or any Jew for that matter) should support Israel no matter what? And what would the 'correct' message be?

  40. Jessica Langston
    If there were an equivalent group, yes I would. However, I see no Jewish groups calling for an academic boycott of Arab countries, no matter how awful their human rights records are. I think there should be other types of boycotts or sanctions against many of these countries, but calling to shut down academic communication and cooperation is counterproductive.

  41. Talk about hypocrisy! I hope these BDS professors are boycotting cell phones, ALS treatments and all the other technical and medical advances developed in Israel!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Jessica Langston one of the reasons for America's steep decline is the steep decline of its universities.
    Keep up the good work.
    China and India and Japan and Korea will inherit .

  43. Jessica Langston
    At the present time, there is no good reason for an American Jew, or any Jew, or any non-Jew who is not an Antisemite, to not support Israel.

    Israel is one of the best countries on this planet, in every way! Their citizens have more freedom and opportunity than almost anyone else on earth.

    Those who oppose Israel either don't understand the reality that the goal of the "Palestinians", as a group, is the destruction of Israel, not just the creation of the 23rd Arab state, or else they are Antisemites (closet or up-front), who don't mind the destruction of the world's only Jewish state, and don't care that the Jews have every right to that land, historically and by modern laws.

  44. Jessica Langston
    And that does not mean blind support – If Israel were really to turn into the monstrous place that it is WRONGLY accused of being, it would not deserve that support.

    But opposing Israel based on one of those twisted fantasies where the bad guy becomes the good guy, and vice-versa, is insane. And that is what the Anti-Israel narrative is – a sick, twisted, evil fantasy.

  45. Jimy Piha says:

    Jessica Langston It's Ok to criticize Israel, but to boycott the only free nation in the entire region is ridiculous.
    There are so many dictatorship in the world, specially in Africa and Asia, but those "humanists" simply don't care at all. Not one single word…
    Ain't easy to explain the self hating Jews
    They aren't many, but they make a big noise
    You can find the precedent in the Bible.
    Israelites that prefer to serve Pharo as slaves and not become a free nation in the land of Israel.

  46. Lori Lowenthal Marcus says:

    The link to the list of professors who signed the BDS petition is in the article.

  47. Lori Lowenthal Marcus says:

    Jessica Langston It appears you did not even read the article. Because if you had, you would have seen that the list is not a subjective grouping of what someone considers "anti-Semitic," it is a completely objective listing of those professors who signed a very strong BDS petition. The list contains the names and affiliations of those who signed the petition. So suck back your excitement about "catching" anyone in hypocrisy and read an article before attempting to claim the moral high ground. You'll look less ridiculous that way.

  48. Elmo Glick says:

    Jessica Langston I've seen many lists like this, and I'm struck by how small it is. I usually see a lot more Jewish names. Jewish academics, especially in disciplines related to the Middle East, tend to often be hostile to or at least very critical of Israel, and they often come to their outlook through leftwing and philo-Arab eyes. When I see the lists, I also notice that they are overwhelmingly made up of people who are Arab or Islamic, or both. One name that is not on the list that I would not be surprised to see is that of Noam Chomsky. I don't see either Walt or Mearsheimer, although I don't know if they are prone to sign such statements. Georgetown has been a problem since at least the mid-1970s, when the school got a bundle of money to set up its Center for Contemporary Arab Studies. The Jewish community in Washington was very concerned and I remember the ADL, when it was a live organization, set up a special task force to address the problem There were administrators who were hostile, as I remember, and I believe some effort was made to counter the Arab Studies center by setting up a Jewish studies program. There have always been Arabists at Georgetown–in the School of Foreign Studies and other liberal arts departments, in addition to the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies. In the 1970's, there was a pretty good organization called the American Professors for Peace in the Middle East, or the American Academic Association for Peace in the Middle East. I think it gradually disappeared. It was a membership organization of pro-Israel professors around the country. It had some good people in it and ran, as I recall, some good programs. I wish it would be restarted. I was happy to see that no one signed from Cornell University, since that university now has a joint innovation institute with the Technion. It is a degree-granting program, and is being buit now on Roosevelt Island in NYC.

  49. Elmo Glick says:

    Ms. Langston: Do you have a relative named Berta?

  50. Elmo Glick says:

    Jessica Langston No. There is no good reason for a Jew to not support Israel. Only bad reasons.

  51. Elmo, not that I know of.

  52. Cody Flecker says:

    Jessica Langston Some Jews simply enjoy the misery that they can place on other Jews. This self hatred of Jews is well known in Liberal circles. On the other hand, over 71% of eligible Jewish voters voted for a known anti semite not once, but twice, plus donated hundreds of millions of dollars to his campaign and to other Democratic campaigns, knowing full well that these Democrats hate The State of Israel and other Jewish People.

  53. Tom Goins says:

    I felt fortunate that the two colleges I attended were not listed. Many anti-semites have used the Israel-Gaza conflict as a platform to continue showcasing their hate. It is an act of cowardice, and although we are entitled to various opinions, some opinions and thought systems are dangerous. Anti-semitism is extremely dangerous.

  54. Adam Charney says:

    Just as there is a national sex offender registry, there should also be a national Jew-hater registry.

  55. Daniel Levy says:

    When such actions against any other minority (African American, Hispanic, Asian) or religion would NEVER be tolerated on those same campuses, it's hard to comprehend those universities' ignoring/cooperating with their faculties unless there's a much wider problem. I do, which is why I'd never support such latrines of lower education.

  56. John Kinory says:

    Jessica Langston – you don't seem to understand the difference between 'not supporting' and 'hatefully demonising'.

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