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Anti-Semites have a message for Jews in the Diaspora, but some people just don't understand it.

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev announced Sunday that a student dance troupe that was scheduled to perform next week at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland. According to a statement released by the Univeristy, the decision was taken in light of the intentions of anti-Israel protesters to demonstrate against Operation Protective Edge and at the urging of the venue’s operator.

“The personal safety of the members of the dance company is the most important factor and we will certainly not compromise on that in any way. We received warnings that their participation could endanger the dancers, therefore, in consultation with the relevant parties, we made the hard decision not to send the company to the planned performances in Edinburgh,” explained BGU President Prof. Rivka Carmi.


“It is a shame that this is the state of affairs – where artistic freedom of expression is being sorely tested. The company has no connection to politics, but everything has become highly politicized. Considering the quality of the company, its withdrawal from the festival is a loss to all art lovers and we are dismayed at the necessity, Carmi adeded.


AntiIsrael protesters threatened to burn down a shop and kill the staff of a cosmetics store in Manchester that sells Israeli cosmetics.

According to a report in the Jewish Chronicle and noted in a JTA report, local police are investigating the ongoing threats of the shop called Kedem. Anti-Israel protesters have disturbed business at the shop since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge,  and six people have been arrested.

In addition, pro-Palestinian protesters also have posted threatening messages on the store’s Facebook page.

Also in Manchester, two 13-year-olds were charged last week with damaging for vandalizing gravestones last month at a Jewish cemetery. The gravestones at the Rochdale Road cemetery were painted with swastikas and anti-Semitic graffiti, and about 40 markers were toppled.



JTA reported that Israeli tourists in the Maldives had to be evacuated from the island nation after an Israeli surfer removed an anti-Israel sign placed outside a guest house.

The tourists were evacuated earlier this week from Kaafu Thulusdhoo Island by security services after protesters on the island called for their removal and protesters from other places began converging on the island, according to

The sign, outside a guest house owned by Mohamed Hashim, featured a swastika next to an Israeli flag. The tourist ripped it in half, according to the report. Hashim told the news service that about 60 percent of the bookings in his guest house are Israelis.

Following the evacuation of the tourists, a protest was held in the Maldives capital of Male, during which an Israeli flag was burned. The protest follows a pro-Palestinian protest held earlier this month in Male, attended by about 13,000 people.

Maldives, which resumed diplomatic relations with Israel in 2009, last week annulled all cooperation agreements signed with Israel and announced a boycott of Israeli products.





  1. Now attack in Jerusalem … We just can not live together it is impossible to feel safe in the country because of them thay are than animals, those who do not value his life and his children can not live in peace with humans … it’s time to tell the truth

  2. Badmouthing Israel and the Jewish People increases Antisemitic Incidences. (This is statistically true and instead of “arguing” with me, I recommend you research it yourself!) Hate is hate regardless of how it is “delivered!” We stand with Israel and the IDF. Always and Forever. Am Yisrael Chai!

  3. This is so sad!! Suppose how the world would view the Jewish community if they did this exact same thing? Christian or Muslim graves, churches or mosques, would the world be angered toward them? YES, YES, YES!!! Where is the anger for those guilty of this crime? The Jewish nation survived Hitler and his death camps. They will survive this, also!!!

  4. Susan Sandborn, you should research for yourself all the Terrorist attacks on Israel ffom Gaza and all the measures Israel takes to avoid civilian casualties. Hamas and friends do all they can to maximize the deaths of their own people in order to make Israel look bad. That’s the true War Crime: firing rockets from civilian facilities and preventing people from leaving whrn they are warned. Don’t be such a sheep.

  5. Why do they invite a war by sending thousands of rockets to kill Israeli civilians.Hamas hides behind women and children. Used millions of dollars to dig tunnels used children who died digging Never built a land . Just terror

  6. If you care about your citizens, you fire fom commercial or agricultural areas. Maybe they could fire from the areas of the greenhouses Hamas destroyed when Israel unilaterally vacated Gaza. As to where to go when warned, around any corner should work. Wh err n Israel hits a building it usually implodes, so they would be safe if Hamas doesn’t prevent them from leaving.

    Another point is read tge article. Graves of deceased people and uninvolved tourists are not legitimate targets.

  7. Susan – calling Gaza one of the most densely populated places on Earth is ignorant and incorrect. It ranks somewhere in the 50s for densely populated cities, and even lower if you count it as an actual state. And Hamas seems to do just fine when it comes to picking up rockets, guns, and bombs to fight Israel. As the leaders of Hamas and Fatah sit in comfy hotels and villas in other countries or in safe bunkers, they send out notices to their people, demanding civilians die for the cause. Oh, and one more thing – both the UN and Al Jazeera have confirmed that the majority of people who died were combatant-age adults, and that the Hamas-run ministry of health in Gaza flat-out lied. Stop being a sheep.

  8. Nazeer Mohamed, it has already been confirmed thar Hamas tries to make the civilian casualties as high as possible and Israel tries to minimize it. Israel, by attacking Terrorist targets !after warning tgd civilians) and by building bomb shelters and Iron Dome is the party most protective of civilians. They also have committed hundreds of executions of civilians without trial for supposed collaboration with Israel. You have the unenviable tsj of defending thugs who murder innocent civilians. You cn only do that by lying. Fortunately, most people on this website know better.

  9. A former 10-year-old Lebanese girl used as a human shield by Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon told Fox News “Kelly File” last week, “The Palestinians have perfected using children to win the world’s sympathy, and this goes back 30 years. The Palestinians have perfected the propaganda war.”

    “My mother begged the Palestinian leader who used to park their rocket launchers in front of our homes, launch Israel fully knowing that when Israel retaliates, we will make the evening news,” she told Kelly File.

    Gabriel added, “They would move their rocket launcher from home to home, fire one rocket and move away. When Israel retaliated,…guess what was on Lebanese television that night? People wounded because of Israel, and Lebanon television was saying look how horrible Israelis are. They are killing children.

    “The Palestinians…cannot win militarily against Israel so they use their own children as disposable collateral in order to win the war of public opinion against Israel.”

    Gabriel, an American journalist and activist, was born as Nour Saman in Lebanon. She has said that her life was saved by Israeli soldiers in the Litani maneuver in 1978, when she had been warned by someone of an Islamic attack on Christians.

    Her constant condemnation of Islam has made her bait for criticism not only by Muslims but also by The New York Times. In an article by Deborah Solomon in 2008 its magazine, she called Gabriel a “radical Islamophobe,” a label that was protested by 250 people.

    In 2007, she told Christians United for Israel annual conference, “The difference, my friends, between Israel and the Arab world is the difference between civilization and barbarism. It’s the difference between good and evil… They have no soul, they are dead set on killing and destruction. And in the name of something they call ‘Allah’, which is very different from the God we believe….”

  10. It IS wrong but it IS war… Hiding weapons in schools and hiding out in hospitals and schools is for cowards. Israel warned the people to leave… my guess is Hamas won’t allow them. Israel has always supported us… And don’t forget, it was 3 Israeli teens who were killed before this started and Israel kept it’s cool. Most, if not all cease fires were broken by Hamas…

  11. We’ve come so far since Biblical time yet one thing remains the same… God’s people have always been hated. “If God be for us who can be against us?” Lots from the looks of it! But in the end, GOD’S PEOPLE will prevail. Always have. Always will…

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