Rebbetzin Sarah Korn is the co-director of Chabad House Bowery. She runs a student center for downtown Manhattan universities including New York University (NYU), Baruch, Cooper Union, and Hunter College as their main schools, but they also have attendees from other schools too.

Rebbetzin Sarah shares with us some of the challenges that Jewish students are currently facing on college campuses, and gives us concrete strategies on how they can counter anti-semitism and pro-Palestinian propaganda.


Some important takeaways from our conversation:
–Jews are not vengeful; we are people of justice.
–Those who do acts of injustice must be held responsible for their actions.
If there are professors who speak out against Israel, in favor of Hamas terrorism, they need to be reported (to the school administration and/or to the police.)
–Jewish people are different sparks of one soul (we are all parts of the same soul, in different bodies.) When you shift your consciousness, you shift the consciousness of all the Jewish people. In other words, your thoughts and actions affect others. The things that we think about affect the way we feel. The way we feel affects the way we behave. We have to be a strong force of light to dispel the darkness. Rebbetzin Sarah shares with us exactly how to do this.

Rebbetzin Sarah also tells a story about the power of lighting shabbos candles. Shabbos candles are neshek–weapons; spiritual weapons. At this time, in addition to fighting evil on a physical level, we need to fight it on a spiritual level. Shabbos candles are just one of the many spiritual weapons that we must use in this war.

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