Photo Credit: Issam Rimawi/Flash90
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah.

Palestinian Authority journalists accused bodyguards of visiting Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper of assaulting them during coverage of his trip the Church of the nativity in Bethlehem on Monday.

An agreement had been made that the media would follow Harper into the church, according to  the Bethlehem-based Ma’an News Agency.


A cameraman said that the after Harper went inside, the bodyguards blocked the Palestinian Authority journalists, punching one journalists in the face and hitting another with a metal object.

The Palestinian Union of Journalists urged its members to boycott the rest of Harper’s visit.

No confirmation of the alleged assault was reported by any other news outlet.



  1. I totally agree with what Prime Minister Harper had to say, and has anyone checked out the land size needed for Israel to exist, compared to the massive size of the existing Arab lands? The Arab motive is to have Israel
    off "the earth"! I am pro Israel!

  2. A simple google search to verify the above claim that "no confirmation of the alleged assault was reported by any other news outlet" Revealed no less than JPOST, UPI and others. No wonder informed Canadians revile Harper, Baird etc.

  3. Seems to me Canada is doing VERY well under Harper's wise stewardship. Was just up there last summer and it was beautiful. Toronto sure is in a lot better shape than Chicago, or most other major American cities. Talk about living proof of 'bless the Jews and be blessed…' Wish we had half the man that he is running the U.S., instead of that snotty, narcissist left-wing punk.

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