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May 23, 2015 / 5 Sivan, 5775
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Arab Riots Escalates to Guns and Automatic Weapons

Special police forces have been brought to the neighborhood of SHuafat in Jerusalem after pistols and rifles were seen at the funeral for Muhammed Abu Khdeir, according to News 0404.co.il.

Hundred of stones and bottles were thrown at police during the funeral.

Citizens of Jerusalem have reported hearing sporadic gunfire since the rioting began. Arabs have also used fireworks as weapons against the police.

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12 Responses to “Arab Riots Escalates to Guns and Automatic Weapons”

  1. Paul W. Howe says:

    Even if its replicas, dont wait to test it… aimed at u shoot…

  2. God be with you and bless you Israel

  3. Adou Abel says:

    Well done, do not leave peace AT ALL…!!!

  4. Clint Siegle says:

    Dear Editor and reader:
    I would like to request the following please asked of reads of their senators and house of representatives:
    Immediate defunding of Hamas through UN funds, through US budget and requesting the funding be used to transport Zimbabwe political refugees.
    Immediate defunding of transportation of illegal aliens in the United States and requesting the funding be used to transport Zimbabwe political refugees.
    The United States did nothing for Rwanda, the United States needs to do something immediately for Zimbabwe’s political refugees.
    Immediate defunding requested for Syria 500 million through US budget and requesting the funding be used for health insurance for those not able to afford insurance.
    Immediate defunding requested for war in Afghanistan 78 billion through US budget and requesting the funding go to fund US college public college students.
    Immediate defunding 1.5 billion for European Common Market member Turkey, Jordan, and Egypt and requesting 1.5 billion be spent on unemployment extension for military veterans.
    Requesting immediate defunding of Saudi Arabia 3 billion dollars and requesting 3 billion dollars be spent on food stamp program.
    The money is better spent here on United States citizens than on causing war and destruction in other countries.
    Requesting Social Security tax moves from 110k to 1 million dollars to fund social security. You may phone the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121

  5. I am shocked. I thought we were dealing the religion of peace!

  6. I am shocked. I thought we were dealing the religion of peace!

  7. David Pitch says:

    Careful out there

  8. Did you see any riots at the funeral of the 3 Israeli boys? What about guns? The muslims have no respect – even at a funeral.

  9. Jesus is the only Peace. Shalom


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