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Arab about the kick a baby in the Old City of Jerusalem

Arab violence continues in the Old City of Jerusalem as they harass and even attack Jewish babies and children in the Old City, as the videos show.

Video #1: Arab kicks Jewish baby in a baby carriage (give it a minute to load):


Video #2: Arabs harass Jewish family and children as they walk back from the Kotel:

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  1. This is the end result of successive Israeli Governments turning their backs on and forsaking the Temple Mount since the victory of 1967, when Moshe Dayan in an act of supreme idiocy let the Muslim Waqf retain control of this most holy of Jewish sites, where both Jewish Temples once stood but now dominated by the Dome of the Rock mosque. Now Jews act like beggars in their own land being abused and cursed for stepping on property which belonged to them since time immemorial. And let's get one thing clear. Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran even once. The Temple Mount is not a holy site to Islam but as usual, only because it is rightfully Jewish property, the Muslims want it. The tragedy is that one Israeli Government after the other was weak and forever accommodating to Arab demands, now they demand the lot. Netanyahu the current Israeli "leader" is one of the weakest in living memory, a man who is all talk but no action, who in reality makes one concession after the other, one goodwill gesture after the other to a relentless enemy. A man who allows the Attorney General and Supreme Court to shackle the IDF's operations in clearing out this rabble on the Temple Mount but also fighting terrorism effectively. On the contrary he authorises the Israeli police to virtually work for the Waqf in ensuring the Temple Mount become Judenfrei. This is the status quo he keeps babbling on about and presents to the world. Soon there will be no more concessions or goodwill gestures to make, the Arabs will have wrested total control and then God help Israel because no one else will. Never once has Netanyahu even spoken about the Temple Mount's Jewish heritage, put the historical claim into perspective from the first Temple's construction in 960BCE (constructed by King Solomon) to the second Temple's construction in 520BCE and subsequent destruction by Titus in 70AD. Never once has Netanyahu made any attempt to debunk the entire fictitious "Palestinian" narrative. Israel today under Netanyahu is headed for suicide unless there is an immediate 180 degree turnaround on most issues confronting the nation.

  2. I put ALL of my hope and confidence only in HaShem! Since Sharon gave away Gush Katif to these monsters, I don't trust any human leader…ONLY HASHEM! How do expect Bibi to speak about our Temple Mount's Jewish heritage when he is secular? Does he believe this himself? Is he too embarassed to voice this?

  3. Marlene Josephs,
    So in the meantime you're quite OK with the fact that your fellow Jews are harrassed, attacked, kicked and spat on while walking on property that was theirs since time immemorial. You're quite OK with the fact that Israel just takes this as normal? The nation of Israel has to get up off its knees and take action now or all will be lost.

  4. Amazing how insecure muslims are about their religion. How is this even possible in Jerusalem? Why isn't the Hebrew Hammer putting a hurt on these people? Why do 'we' allow this to happen. Why aren't Jews lining the streets to provent this. Why isn't Private Joker stomping private Pyles guts out? Hey Bibi, stop being a pussy and stop this.

  5. Can we just look at the state of Israel. If it's in Israel it belongs to Israel. Arabs and noone else should be allowed to claim anything in Israel. I do not allow anyone to say any part of the US belongs to any Muslim or anyone else. It belongs to the American people. Frankly i care less about your color or reliigion. I only care that you are American. Israel should only care that you are Israelli. There just isn't room for others who want to take away our home and our country.And kick my babies stroller and this Texan is going to wake up.Why allow animals like that to remain in your country and torture your children.

  6. We never learn! One of the reasons of persecutions in our past was our capacity to bear any humiliation. It simply was breeding more hatred and dispise! To continue this attitude now in Israel is intollerable. We convince the Fakestinians or, in another name, the Pa lies stinians that they are in the right and we are rubbish who could not even defend themselves. Personally, I am not at all afraid of the world, I am terrified of the anger of ha-Shem who gives us the great power we need and continuously told us not to be afraid! For only one moment consider what He can feel !!!!!

  7. My heart breaks for the jewish people, how can one human being treat another so cruelly. The Lord will never forsake His people, Wake up western world and see what is happening around you,cry out on behalf of God's chosen ones. We love you Israel, God will deliver you.

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