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Hundreds of Arabs attacked police with stones following Friday prayers on the Temple Mount.

In response, more police then entered the Temple Mount via the Mughrabi Gate (the bridge to the right of the Kotel) and tried to disperse the mob with stun grenades. No one was injured, or arrested, but the police have said they will find and arrest the stone throwers.


Arabs have been rioting, assaulting Jews, and threatening larger scale violence and attacks over the past week on the Temple Mount.

During past holidays, Arabs have thrown stones down onto the Jewish worshipers praying at the Kotel below the Temple Mount.


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  1. I see, Jews are supposed to stand by and actually invite to a holy place those who would deny Jews the right to pray.
    Sorry, but about time to put a halt to anyone to enter if they continue to behave in a manner of hate even when they express themselves as a pseudo-religion of peace. I know too blunt but how else am I to feel when a sacred place is allowed to be desecrated by evil acts.

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