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The European Union issued an astounding press release on Wednesday, May 28. At a time when a wide swath of its members are in dire financial condition, the EU Commission boasted about its latest €200 million infusion into the Palestinian Authority and the Potemkin Village Agency, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

Although the EU claimed that its largesse helps provide “vital basic services to the Palestinian people (such as education, health relief and social services)” the funds the fill the PA coffers also provide blood money to the families of  “martyrs” who died killing Jews, and to imprisoned murderers of Jews.

Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy, Štefan Füle, commented: “The EU intends, through its contributions to the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA, to help sustain key Palestinian institutions and to provide a social safety net for refugees.”

The Commissioner added: “The PEGASE mechanism is open for contributions to Member States and other donors wishing to deliver their support to the Palestinian Authority through a rapid, well-functioning and transparent system.”

PEGASE (which stands for the ‘Mécanisme Palestino-Européen de Gestion de l’Aide Socio-Economique’) is the mechanism through which the EU helps the Palestinian Authority build the institutions of the future independent Palestinian State. Through the payment of salaries of civil servants and pensioners it ensures that essential public services keep operating; in addition PEGASE provides for social allowances to those Palestinian households living in extreme poverty. As was the case in 2013, the EU PEGASE contribution for 2014 includes a component of €13 million to alleviate the debts of East Jerusalem hospitals and promote the reform of the health referral system.


The EU statement went on to explain that it provides funds, through UNRWA, to “Palestine refugees in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.”

Referring to itself as a “major donor and a reliable partner to both the PA and UNRWA,” the EU has been “providing over €300 million each year to the Palestinian people.”

Between 1994 and 2006, the European Union provided more than €2.7 billion in support to the Palestinian Arabs.

But just bragging about its own hemorrhaging of funds into the ever-widening vortex of Palestinian Arab need, the EU statement also extols the moral virtues of a government which promotes genocidal murderers as national heroes.

Since its establishment in early 2008, the PEGASE mechanism has sustained the Palestinian Authority (PA) in its effort to pursue the fundamental values of human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

The EU Commission statement ends on an ominous note. It mentions that both the PA and UNRWA are in “an extremely deep financial crisis” presumably that is why those two entities require the vast amounts of aid. But the EU explains that the crises are “aggravated by uncertainty over the transfer of revenues from Israel and diminished donors contributions.”

In other words, some donors have grown wise to the fact that the PA’s continued adherence to a corrupt political system and a goal of destroying its Jewish neighbor instead of improving the lives of its own people. Perhaps this information was included to prepare the people who actually pay for the vast sums being sent from the EU to the PA and its nanny UN agency that still more will be required of them.



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  1. Geoffrey Rogg , the new equipment cannot handle too much speed or vibration from keyboard artists. Gentle does it along with a lot of patience. Good luck. I am learning too. Had to figure it out the slow way. Error and error until I am getting it right. Takes one to know one. Good luck! Happy fingering!

  2. You said that the US is probably better off then we are. You could be right. Are we speaking that the US is better financially. Probably correct there. We are just a fledgling country with about 40 million people from coast to coast and from the Arctic Circle to the US Border. Pretty tiny people wise.

  3. You would think these brain dead bastards at the EU will think twice before funding these terrorists, after the failed peace talk and Abbas refusal to recognize Israel as the Jewish State we know where the money goes, never to improve their lives but for terror only

  4. The EU is blind to what Moslems are trying to do all over Europe (well, everywhere, actually). Whenever they get a large concentration of them, in cities, they try to establish Sharia law. As soon as someone says that they want Sharia law, that 'person' should immediately lose their citizenship and be given a one-way trip to Saudi Arabia.

  5. Sadly, they hate G–d so much, they want to possess what He has given His people. Jealousy? Maybe, I don't know, but it continues through the centuries…on and on.

  6. The E.U. is nearly as corrupted as the parties they donate money to. And the bureaucrats in Brussels tend not to understand why national parties with an anti-union stance won the new election? Generally Brussels generous stance towards the Moslems are heavy criticized among the general public – the British party UKIP and France’s Front National have waved at the Unionist with a wagon-stick.

  7. You are so right Mr. Driesen. Europeans will never learn. Unfortunately "Eurabia" is upon us, it can only be prevented if the conservative/nationalist parties will gain a large support in the next local/national elections. the downside of that might be that the gains of those parties could bring with them gains of the nazi/anti-Israel parties. We over here in Europe have been so naive the last three to four decades about Islam that we are blind for the risk this totalitarian religion brings upon us. I will give you an example I personaly encountered years ago when I was a little boy of about eleven. I was in a fight with a Moroccan boy of my age when suddenly he pulled out a knife. I got a scare of course and walked away but from a short distance from the boy I shouted at him that there would come a time we ( Dutch people) would throw them out of our country. He replied: "In the future We ( He meant Moroccans) will take over this country and throw you out. I never forgot this in over fourty years now. I'm afraid he 's gonna be right unless we (Europeans) stand up now before it's too late. Unfortunately most of us don't understand that we could have a great ally in Israel because Israel is fighting right in the frontline in the war against Islamic Extremism. I'm hoping that God or The Great Creator or whatever His Name is will open our eyes in time and that we will forge an alliance with God's Chosen People just in time to defeat our biggest enemy. ISLAM!

  8. Judith Dowla What the devil are you talking about? Being in a 'union' does not guarantee making good decisions. In fact, in letting all those Muslims who hate you into your countries, you have chosen to commit suicide. If you hold your breath and what for the Muslims to change, then you will be long gone. They have to bring themselves up fourteen CENTURIES. That is going to take a verrrrry long time to do, if it can be done at all. By the time your 'union' gets everything together, you will be dead or slaves. You, apparently are an antisemite and a fool.

  9. Jacob, you said that I must be a fool and an anti-Semite. I am neither. I am a Jew first and a follower and a believer in Moshiach ben David. And your comment is only about the discussion on Muslims and the European Union. Many members of the European Union are looking for countries and people who can bail them out of their financial troubles. Perhaps they are seeking for Islamic nations represented by a large Muslim population of wealth that they can associate with and trade with. Europe always wanted the Israeli connection but due to some of the nations aligned with them having many Muslims for members, unfortunately the weight for Israel is not easily accessible. Mind you not all Muslims are radicals or terrorists. So go figure why you called me a fool and an anti-Semite. Are you an Orthodox Jew, Ultra Orthodox Jew, Reform Jew, Conservative Jew, Liberal Jew, Ashkenazi or Sephardic or none of the ones I have mentioned. Perhaps you are a Christian. Is that it? We already know as being Messianic Jews that not only the Jews do not like us, nor do the Muslims let alone the Christians so why not go after us? You might as well. I am ready to do battle with you. So come on Jacob, hit it with your best shot. Fire away!!! Meet your Lethal Weapon right now!!! Come and get me…..:) 🙂

  10. Hi Jacob, thank you for the compliment, thank you for calling me a fool and an anti-Semite. You are dead wrong! I am no body's fool and especially not your fool and I am not an anti-Semite. Can you not tell that I am a Jewish Koala Bear.

  11. Are you aware that the EU is looking for a financial bail out? Possibly turning to the wealthy Muslim nations for a quick fix. And there are no doubt very wealthy Muslim nations on planet earth. Mind you with every financial bail out it is a Catch 22 being, “I scratch your back and you scratch mine.“ “Now this is the way I want my back scratched.“ 'As the world turns, as the stomach churns.' Go figure that one out!! :):):)

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