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August 30, 2015 / 15 Elul, 5775
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Israel Names the 26 Terrorists to be Released First

Palestinian terrorists who were picked up by the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) arrive at the Jerusalem District Court (illustration image).

Palestinian terrorists who were picked up by the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) arrive at the Jerusalem District Court (illustration image).
Photo Credit: Kobi Gideon / Flash90

The Israel Prison Service has released the names of the first batch of terrorists that Israel will be releasing due to US pressure, in exchange for the Palestinian Authority to agree to talk to Israel. The captured terrorists are expected to be released in the very near future.

Here is a translated version of the list.

  # The Terrorists Arrest Date
Charge The Victims
1 Kur Mitwa Hamad Faiz November 1, 1985
Attempted Murder, Murder Solomon Abuksis and

Menachem Dadon
2 Tzalach Abrahim Achmad Mugdad June 14, 1993
Murder Yisrael Tannenbaum
3 Nanish Naif Abdal Jafer Samir March 5, 1989
Murder Binyamin Meisner
4 Arshid A’ Hamid Yosef Yosef March 5, 1993
Attempted Murder, Murder Nadal Rabu Jaab,

Adnan Agaad Dib,

Mufid Canaan,

Taufik Jradat,
Abrahim Said
5 Al-Haj Otman Amar Mustefa June 20, 1989
Murder Fredrick Rosenfeld
6 Matzlach Abdallah Salama Salama October 9, 1993
Murder David Reuven
7 Abu-Musa Salam Ali Atia March 30, 1994
Murder Isaac Rottenberg
8 Miklad Mahmoud Zaid Salach July 14, 1993
Accessory to Murder Yehoshua Deutch
9 Tzualacha Bad Almajid Mahmad Mahmad December 2, 1990
Attempted Murder, Murder Baruch Heizler
10 Shat Azat Shaban Aataf March 15, 1993
Accessory to Murder Simcha Levi
11 Abdal-Al Said Uda Yosef February 20, 1994
Bombthrowing, Accessory to Murder Ian Feinberg,

Sami Ramadan
12 Barbach Faiz Regev Madhat January 21, 1994
Murder Moshe Becker
13 Raai Abrahim Salam Ali April 9, 1994
Murder Morris Eisenstaat
14 Nashbat Jaber Yosef Mahmad September 21, 1990
Accessory to Murder Amnon Pomerantz
15 Mortaja Hasin Ganan Samir October 29, 1993
Kidnapping, Murder Samir Alsilawi,

Halad Malca,
Natzer Akila,

Ali Al Zabut
16 Tzualacha Faza Ahmad Hussani December 2, 1990
Attempted Murder, Murder Baruch Heizler
17 Ramachi Salach Abdallah Farj July 14, 1992
Murder Avraham Kinsler
18 Abu-Sata Ahmad Said Aladin January 3, 1994
Murder David Dadi,

Haim Weizman
19 Abu Sita Taleb Mahmad Iman January 24, 1994
Murder David Dadi,

Haim Weizman
20 Mazour Omer Abdel Hafiz Asmat October 29, 1993
Accessory to Murder Haim Mizrachi
21 Asajra Mahmad Ahmad Halad May 1, 1991
Murder Anne Lee
22 Jendia Yosef Reduan Nahad July 14, 1989
Murder Zalman Shlein
23 Hemdia Machmud Awad Muchmad July 14, 1989
Murder Zalman Shlein
24 Abdel-Nebi a’ Wahab Gamal Jamil December 15, 1992
Accessory to Murder Shmuel Geresh
25 Zived Muchmad Tahar Tahar February 6, 1993
Murder Avraham Cohen
26 Tzaviach Abad Hamad Burhan February 18, 2001
Murder Jameel Mahmad,

Naim Tzaviach,

Aisha Abdallah

Haradi Marwach

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25 Responses to “Israel Names the 26 Terrorists to be Released First”

  1. Disgusting that their allowing this.

  2. Michael Klein says:

    I cant believe how the israeli govt can release killers of Jews and watch they will try to do it again.

  3. Barry Organ says:

    everyone has a price..including the Israeli gov't…sad but true

  4. Rivka Olenick says:

    the government should be sued by the families. the sentencing of these prisoners was just – are we saying now that the gov't of Israel is corrupt?

  5. Lou Weiss says:

    This government made promises never to release terrorist murderers with blood on their hands. I used to support Netanyahu. Never again.

  6. Benjamin Sherr says:


  7. Why should I continue to support a country that doesn't stand up for itself. Israel does not make it easy for people to back them precisely for these types of ass backwards decisions. I see to the right a poll asking what the most urgent issue facing the Jewish nation right now? The answer to this question is easy, Israel destroying itself. The Arabs don't have to worry about destroying Israel. When Israel will do it for them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The only way this murdering psychopaths should be released is at 20,000 feet into the Mediterranean.

  9. Sheera Scherman says:

    note where the article says "due to US PRESSURE" . Israel does not do these things of their own accord

  10. Yona Morgenstern says:

    And we shouldn't get guns? Yeah right.

  11. I can only help and believe that there must be a reason for this craziness, without european and US pressure for sure Israel would not have initiated such a move. I personally would be very happy with having them all blown away.

  12. Disgusting, despicable, shameful, dishonoring the nation of Israel by the government of Israel, self defeatism and will only get Israel into more concessions and more loss of respect. Everything in Israel is for grab!

  13. release the criminals '' SHAMEFULL ''.
    today more and more criminals free for Y… tomorrow
    no more security for JEWS in Israel , dear BIBI.

  14. Jerry Aloof says:

    May God avenge the blood of their victims.

  15. Benjamin Fox says:

    Why are these animals still alive? Should have hung them like any terrorist should be when they commit these crimes against a Holy God. Wake up world, murders should be put to death by the governments they attack period.

  16. Odette Jones says:

    roll on the day when Islam goes back to the pit of hell , where it cam from .

  17. Big mouth, lier, scoundrel Netanyahu and they leckayers, "Ali Baba and the 40 diebs", almost the same, a dishonor, humiliation for the Isrelities, there are not more words to say, it is a shame, Israel will dispear with the time, the Palestinian are right.

  18. what is the point in releasing these murderers just for the Arabs to come back to the table to talk peace, when we all know the Arabs don't want peace, they don't know the meaning of peace.

  19. actually Islam comes from Ishmael, the illegitimate son of Abraham and Hagar, and Ishmael then did make life miserable for Isaac the son of the promise, and G-d spoke these words. "the son of the bond woman shall not inherit with the son of the promise Isaac and his descendants.

  20. benjamin Fox Would it not be a miracle if these prisoners set free, would now love Israel for giving them back their lives and offered to fight for Israel, pray G-d it would happen if bibi does release them.

  21. "Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, I will repay."

  22. lawrence keep the faith, it has been prophesied that the Lord G-d will gather all nations against Israel, and He Himself will fight for Israel, so that all the earth will behold His glory. G-d bless shalom.

  23. Isnt there something written in the Torah that when a person murders someone innocent that the angel of the Lord will pursue him? So leave it in G-d's hand, as His eye is over all. and pray for Israel and its people

  24. Benjamin Fox says:

    Sientje I like your knowledge of Gods Word but, your living in a dream world if you think these murders will ever love Israel, it is not in their nature and will consider it weakness on Israels part. Someday their god will be in the lake of fire and many such as these will be with him. God Bless Friend:

Comments are closed.

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