The Hamas regime in Gaza now is welcoming the announcement by Israel to build new homes for Jews in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem, convinced that Arabs will take them over the property as they did in Gaza after the expulsion of Jews from the region in 2005.

Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar said the Jewish homes to be built “will be homes for Palestinian refugees after liberation, “according to the terrorist organization’s website.


After the Sharon government expelled Jews from Gaza, Israeli security forces destroyed the homes but turned over greenhouses and public facilities to Hamas, which turned them into training grounds for terrorists.



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    They shout “Israel buildings threaten peace talks” But they say not a word about the the Jihadist PLO-PA organised & coordinated massive Lands Grab & Illegal Construtions over Area C under Israel Jurisdiction & Control.

  2. Frankly why Israel gave up Gaza for peace was such a stupid move, Gazans have been nothing but trouble, so have the so called Palestinians. As before I guess Israel will give up the properties she is building to Arabs for peace. How long, Israel will this last? The kids are already indoctrinated, give 10 max 20 years and Israel will be where she is today haggling over bits of land for Peace. The f….g Arabs haggle because they enjoy humiliating Israel, just get rid of them. Typical Arabs can't be bothered to do the work themselves they just want to take what is Israels for themselves. Bless you Israel I am not your PM because these lazy snakes would have been expelled long ago despite world opinion. Israel was given to Israel in 1948 the same outfit as the UN then the League of Nations handed it to you. Israel was right to fight for her land in 49 67 and 73. There are fewer of them deport them back to Araby, where they can practice Sharia Law till the cows come home.

  3. Poor people the people who don't love to work for themselves (and for other people too)! They are welcoming the announcement of Israel to build new homes because they continue ignoring what is natural. Today they say whatever they say and tomorrow they will 'fail through their own incapacity,' and 'blame circumstances.''

    And this is Aesop’s 'sour grapes':

    'A hungry fox tried to reach some clusters of grapes which he saw hanging from a vine trained on a tree, but they were too high. So he went off and comforted himself by saying: 'They weren't ripe anyhow.'

    'Clusters of grapes' then, and 'houses in Judea and Samaria' today, in any possible or probable future, have similar meanings . . . They are unable to think with their own heads: “Once bitten, twice shy.”


  4. Unfortunately the Arabs have shown time and time again the unwillingness to live in any form of harmony with their Jewish cousins. They know only death and destruction and have not succeeded in building anything of value. Coexistence is but a dream.

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