reported yesterday on the husband that shot in the air to save his wife from an Arab attack in Jerusalem’s Old City.

More details have become available, as a grandson posted some more of the details on Facebook.


The man, an 80 year old grandfather, was with his family when the attack happened.

The Arabs began cursing them, and violently hit one of the children. At which point the grandfather pulled out his gun and fired in the air, scaring them away.

Police arrived, and then arrested the Jewish family and opened criminal charges against them. The police also confiscated the grandfather’s gun.

The grandfather was then taken to the hospital, apparently from the shock.



  1. Apparently,the police know the rule throughout the world for 2000 years”Jews are not supposed to fight back or even defend themselves” That rule became invalid in May 1948. In the very least ,the police in Israel should know 5that.

  2. For Israelis who can’t figure out why American Jews won’t even consider aliyah, just read this article.

    When I took a self defense course at Front Sight in 2012, we were presented with a four-assailant situation. We were also taught, and I got the same thing from a legal self-defense course at a local community college, that disparity of force, which consists of numerically superior and/or stronger UNARMED assailants, constitutes deadly physical force. If they are throwing missiles, of course, their case is even worse. ( for disparity of force; the writer is a law enforcement instructor. Also This is United States law, but it is reasonable to hope Israeli law is the same.

    The response consists of two rounds to the thoracic cavity for each assailant–or just one apiece if there is a question of running out of
    ammunition. For a single assailant, the Front Sight doctrine is two to
    the thoracic cavity, followed by one to the head if the assailant still
    won’t stop his violent assault. One to the thoracic cavity with the .45 ACP cartridge is, however, likely to work; it was designed to knock down crazed Islamists in the Philippines.

    Furthermore, you do NOT fire a warning shot regardless of what Shotgun Joe Biden said. If you are justified in shooting, you are justified in shooting to stop. If you are not justified in killing the assailants, or sending them to the intensive care ward, you are not justified in firing the weapon.

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