Photo Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash90
IDF soldiers train ahead of combat in Gaza, July 22, 2014.

As a middle-aged Israeli woman, Ruthie, a resident of central Israel, has known her share of wars. But with a son currently fighting Hamas terrorists in Gaza as a member of the IDF Golani Brigade,the current IDF operation has brought a “totally different feeling.”

Ruthie told the Hebrew-language 0404 news website Tuesday that “well-meaning neighbors have bombarded me over the past week with questions about ‘how I’m holding up’ and ‘how I’m feeling,’ but the truth of the matter is that with a son in the midst of the battle, I’ve never known a feeling like this.”


“People who know me know how much support I’ve given to the IDF… how much I embrace them, care about them, worry about them.

“Like all mothers of soldiers who are in that accursed place called Gaza, I pray that this ends peacefully. I pray that all the boys come home safe-and-sound.  Yesterday, I heard the voice of my beloved son, after his commander had been badly wounded and after several of his fellow soldiers had been killed. It’s like the scene out of somebody else’s movie.

“From here, I want to thank everyone who is worried (about me) and who has called to check up on me, and I want to ask forgiveness from all those who I haven’t answered. I am busy trying to bring necessary items to our soldiers who are ‘there’, and I’m going to make sure that they have everything they need when they get out for a little ‘time out’,” Ruthie said.



  1. I have a suggestion for your leaders….The next time you are on CNN in an interview with Wolf Blitzer ask him why he is against his own people and cares more for Israels enemies that started this terror attack on Israel. Better yet just stop giving CNN interviews.

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