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April 17, 2014 / 17 Nisan, 5774
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Indonesian Muslims Rejects Ban on Female Circumcision

The government is unable to make good on a ban that's been on the books since 2006.
Female circumcision

Female circumcision

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One of Indonesia’s largest Islamic organizations is causing a controversy by objecting to a UN plan to ban female circumcision, ABC News reported.

The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) says female circumcision is part of Islamic teachings and that it is their constitutional right.

MUI chairman Ma’ruf Amin has called on hospital and clinics to provide the service to people who would want their daughters circumcised.

“What we reject is the ban. If there is a request … don’t turn [the parents] away,” Ma’ruf was quoted as saying.

Ma’ruf’s comments were made in response to the approval last month of a non-binding resolution calling on UN members to enforce laws against female genital mutilation (as well as pass such laws, if they’re not already on the books).

The practice of female circumcision was officially banned by the Indonesian Ministry of Health back in 2006, because it is “potentially harmful.”

In 2010, however, the Indonesian Government issued a ministerial regulation outlining how the practice should be carried out by medical doctors. That initiative confused many.

Justina Rostiawati, from the National Commission on Violence Against Women, said that the regulation was an acknowledgement that the earlier ban on female circumcision was not working.

“When the hospital or the health services in that area refused to carry out the circumcision, the mother would take the female baby to the midwife, or just to a traditional healer, or birth attendant – where it’s even more dangerous,” Rostiawati said.

Professor Terry Hull of the Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute at the Australian National University said female circumcision is increasing in Indonesia and the practice is becoming more brutal.

“Over the past two decades, there’s been an increasing ‘medicalization’ of the practice, where medical personnel are taking part in what they interpret as Islamic rituals, and they are drawing blood and sometimes cutting away skin from the clitoris and sometimes from the labia.”

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30 Responses to “Indonesian Muslims Rejects Ban on Female Circumcision”

  1. Hadar Israel says:


  2. Just another example of stone-age thinking from Islamic nutters!

  3. Charlie Hall says:

    Abdurrahman Wahid, who before his untimely death was the leader of Nadhlatul Ulama, the largest Islamic organization in Indonesia (and, for that matter, the world), opposed female genital mutilation. Of particular note is that he was also a democratically elected President of Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim country.

  4. Michelle Alexandrov says:

    Great. glad to know they didn't bend over to Feminists backed up UN.
    it's actually a good thing to let them to practice their cultural and religious practices. beside some of people whine it should be banned yet they openly advocate for male circumcision. how ironic. people have a right to practice their tradition and violate their right is against the human ethics. that's because you found something wrong doesn't make it wrong.

    we obviously know the prevalence of male circumcision. and how people and medical fields defend that practice by the name of helath benefits. well so if Male circumcision is allowed because it has a lot of health benefits and benefits outweigh the risks why female circumcision isn't allowed because of the same theory? ah I forgot people whine female circumcision doesn't have any benefit. that's what you believe right? then
    let's see the advantages and the myths about Female Circumcision.

    Female Circumcision turns the woman into an eunuch thus deprives her sexual sensation.
    It doesn't and Circumcised women can still achieve the Orgasm.
    Group of 137 women, affected by different types of female circumcision.
    - 86% have orgasms.
    - 69.23% always have orgasms.
    - 91.23% of the younger women have orgasms.
    - 14 out of 15 infibulated report orgasms.
    - Infibulated women showed the same desire, arousal, & satisfaction.
    - No differences observed between circumcised and not regarding pain.

    Female Circumcision is a barbaric practice and many women die , bleed to die, suffer from various kind of pain later in her life.
    It doesn't if it's practiced under a trained surgeon like the Male Circumcision is practiced.beside if African men are given medical equipments to practice their circumcision rituals why African women can't be given in the same way. African women die because of circumcision because no one gives them medical equipment to practice their rituals. so they are forced to use home made tools to cut themselves.

    Female Circumcision doesn't have any health benefit.
    It reduces the risk of contracting HIV by 50%.
    4.Stallings RY, Karugendo E (2005) Female circumcision and HIV infection in Tanzania: For better or for worse? [poster] 3rd International AIDS Society Conference; 2005 24 July–27 July; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. International AIDS Society. Available: http://www.hiv-knowledge.org/iasmaps/i10.htm. Accessed 13 December 2005.

    The passage says like this.
    "Stallings et al. (2005) reported that, in Tanzanian women,
    the risk of HIV among women who had undergone FGC.
    was roughly half that of women who had not; the association.
    remained significant after adjusting for region, household.
    wealth, age, lifetime partners, union status, and recent ulcer."

    So Female Circumcision indeed has health benefits and it doesn't deprive the female's sexual sensation. women who have undergone Female Circumcision can still achieve orgasm.

    So let them to practice it as long as it's done under the guidance of a trained surgeon. if female circumcision is proposed to ban. then male circumcision needs to be banned too. because both are identically same. so don't be so sexism.

    I am a Feminist , woman and also a MRA. equality for everyone.

  5. Michelle Alexandrov says:

    hmm I wonder why it says BS Detection. lol

  6. Anonymous says:

    My only issue is that the ban on circumcision doesn't include boys as well. I know both are important to some for religious reasons, but why can't we just allow the person to decide for themselves at the age of consent? Why would that be such a horrible thing?

    God gave us free will, we should at least let children also have free will to make their own decisions about such things as adults.

  7. sarcasmon on* MGM or FGM (TYP 1A) as long it is from Religion or Health/ Hygiene (antismegma) and to both girl and boy it's ok. Equality in mutilation for all! Indonesia is great. *sarcasm of — Knowledge over embryonic development to fetus is basic knowledge and explains the comparability between the prepuce and clitoris hood.

  8. Ron Low says:

    Wy the outrage, Jewish Press? Medicalized excision of some of the female hood as they do there is EXACTLY analogous to male circumcision, although less harmful.

  9. Oh but it is a beautiful and loving ceremony, like the bris! o.O

  10. Tess Fish says:

    While I agree that genital mutilation should be phased out in places where it occurs, enforcing a legal ban would only push it underground, making it impossible to implement any safety regulations or ensure proper post-operative care. Also, I find the common Jewish stance on the issue to be a little ironic: Jews have pleaded for a religious exemption from recent proposed bills to ban male child circumcision; yet Jews are outraged that some Muslims are pleading for a religious exemption from a bill to ban female child circumcision, something equally essential to their religion. Interesting to find this article in the Jewish Press. Also interesting to read other comments and see where people’s cultural sensitivities are.

  11. Female "circumcision" is a glaring example of when people of good will must do all they can to oppose a religious practice.

    Freedom of religion should never extend to allowing great harm.

    There is no credible benefit to the person involved.

  12. Amit Melamed says:

    Male circumcision mutilates the male penis by removing 75% of the sexually sensitive nerve cells plus it obstructs the natural glide mechanis of intercourse. Shame on you for supporting it.

  13. Yeoman Roman says:

    Hadar Israel, You clearly are in denial.

    FGM and MGM are essentially the same thing. Sexual modification of children by adults that insist it must be done. It is assault.

    It affects the sexual life, it is traumatic, unnecessary and a violation of one's basic right to liberty and safety.

    Some people think God demands this.

    If they can get you to harm your children, they can get you to do anything. Think about it.

    I grew up Jewish. Infant circumcision is bad, and wrong. Cut your adults, I'll be fine with that.

  14. Yeoman Roman says:

    Jews who support Bris Milah and oppose Female Circumcision have a hypocrite problem.

  15. David J. Bernstein says:

    **** RELIGION.

    That's right. **** RELIGION. **** A RELIGION that enforces this pointless bull**** unto innocent children in the name of some god who most likely doesn't exist and WOULD NEVER ORDER THIS SICK BARBARIC BULL**** IN THE FIRST PLACE – because he/she gave it to us for a reason. It's there for a reason.

    **** RELIGION. **** CIRCUMCISION. **** IT ALL.

  16. Jessica Tirado says:

    I don't know how anyone could think of child circumcision with anything but disgust, or as far as feeling ENTITLED to doing that to their own children :(

  17. Jessica Tirado says:

    I don't know how anyone could think of child circumcision with anything but disgust, or as far as feeling ENTITLED to doing that to their own children :(

  18. David J. Bernstein says:

    The thought of a religion "demanding" this be performed on a baby/child is simply revolting. This is the reason why I am so anti-religion. God didn't command this sick bull****, perverted and disgusting humans did ("in the name of the lord") to further their own agendas, whatever they may have been.

  19. Daryl Christensen says:

    That's a nice double standard you have there, Jewish Press. Those mean Muslims don't protect girls. Meanwhile your own children are expendable because someone told you that YOUR god commanded it.

  20. Daryl Christensen says:


  21. Daryl Christensen says:

    Would you expend those words to your own religion and male infants? Or are they just words applied to an outside group?

  22. Syl Via says:

    If they are held down by trusted people (parents), it teaches those kids (boys or girls) that it somehow is okay to harm someone else. It keeps the violence going in such a culture.

  23. Interesting that a JEWISH page has issue with this. Jewish people circumcise their boys all the time for religious reasons at the bequest of the PARENTS. Most of the time those circumcisions are performed NOT by a medical professional, but by a mohel. NOT in a sterile operating room, but in a mosque, or hall. Hypocritical much?

    Neither culture or religion is taking into account the rights OF THE CHILD.

  24. Serene Intactosaurus Johnson says:

    The Muslims do it to girls and you are outraged. But you do it to boys every day for the SAME REASONS and its OK?

  25. Jude Lee says:

    Yes, shame on anyone who would condone or support any type of infant/child circumcision, regardless of gender!

  26. Jude Lee says:

    Ugh, that photo is awful, and so is the person slicing up that child's genitals. Be it girl or boy, this is horrendous and needs to be stopped!

  27. If it's legal to cut one gender, it is also legal to cut the other. End of story. Ban female circ and male circ… end of controversy. How is this truly that hard to process?

  28. Ashley K Edwards says:

    Allah said, " I made man perfect, his body is not to be modified in life or death." The devil spoke & said, "I will have man pierce livestock & modify his body against allah's will." So, which part of the Quran says that allah stated oh, & when I mean perfect, I keant for him to endure a painful circumcision. Again, if u cant tattoo ur body due to being haram. Tyen what makes it ok to modify the penis?

  29. Jessica Lee says:

    i cant help but notice u r very obssesed with infant's penis's….. do u have anything else in your head besides that??

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