Photo Credit: IDF
UNRWA School in Gaza

On July 24, reported that both Hamas and the IDF hit a UNRWA school during heavy fighting between the two sides. Hamas were firing anti-tank missiles at IDF troops, and a Hamas rocket reportedly also hit the school grounds.

Some 20%-30% of Hamas rockets crash within Gaza’s borders.


16 Gazans were killed, apparently during the course of the battle.

Following an IDF investigation of the event, the IDF released the footage of an errant IDF shell landing in an open courtyard.

The IDF claims it confirmed that their shell hit an empty school courtyard and rejects the claim that they killed anyone.

Hamas has been using schools for storing weapons, and for their human shield value when attacking the IDF or launching rockets at Israel.




  1. The latest “ceasefire” that Israel and Hamas agreed on was a total flop. Israel through out history did not and will not stick to its ceasefire agreements.
    As soon as my family in Gaza got electricity they updated me on this “ceasefire.” My cousin told me “When they announced the ceasefire for 24 hours. We left our homes to buy our needs. Then we went to Al-Shaja’ya (area of the previous massacre in Gaza) to help the injured.”
    He continued, “when we arrived to Al-Shaja’ya, Israeli airplanes were actually heard in the sky. Thinking that we were under a “ceasefire” we continued our tasks. After a couple of minutes, Israeli airforce started dropping bombs and attacking the area! Everyone started rushing for cover and many were injured.”
    That was no cease-fire, that was a cease-media.

  2. Go worry about 30,000 kids dead in Syria…but you won’t. You don’t give a sh… about them. You only care about hating Jews… Looked at your posts and not one mention of Syrian kids… Hypocrite!

  3. Disproportionate military response is not a war crime. Fact.
    Putting civilians in harm by conducting military operations near civilian areas is a war crime. Fact
    Firing rockets with intent to injure civilians is a war crime. Fact.

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