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"Destroying Israel is non-negotiable." says Mohammad Reza Naqdi, head of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards Corps.

Iran and the P5+1 powers announced a final agreement shortly after noon (Israeli time) on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. It will take a year to understand if the deal actually stops helps Iran get its hands on a nuclear weapon.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned yesterday that Israel’s failure to prevent a “bad deal” does not change its determination to use whatever means necessary to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power.


French Foreign minister Laurent Fabius said the nuclear deal will sufficient for “at least for the period of the first 10 years.”

Congress has 60 days to review the bill, but it will not be able to torpedo it unless there is a wholesale rebellion of Democrats that would prevent a presidential veto of non-approval by legislators.

Rouhani has provided plenty of ammunition for opponents to the deal, having said that Iran still will consider the United States an enemy country.



  1. As the deal is done, PM Netanyahu, Israeli intelligence and the IDF must ensure Iran does not actually produce a nuclear device and the means to unleash it. That red line Netanyahu once drew must not be crossed…..ever!

  2. And…….Obama will not go down as the Greatest President of all time, but………………..will go down as the Traitor President who sold his country down the river and will be the Worst President of all time. But then….wasn't that his plan all the time? Help the other countries make Israel, (the country of G-d's Chosen People) extinct? PM Netanyahu my country Canada, and Canada's PM Stephen Harper will be standing with you. Obama is giving Iran, a terrorist country billions of dollars when his own country is near financial ruin. What country is he trying to destroy. Rhetorical question as we know the answer.

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