Photo Credit: Edi Israel/FLASH90
Minister Yair Lapid visits a Sderot home hit by a rocket from Gaza.

Channel 2 reports that Israel threatened Gaza to stop shooting rockets at Israel, or else… apparently Israel will say stop again.

The report said Israel gave Gaza an ultimatum of 48 hours to comply.


One can assume from the barrage of Gazan rockets and mortars that hit Israel in just over the past half hour alone, that the message was received loud and clear.

Approximately 50 rockets and mortars have been launched since noon.

Some of those rockets this evening landed inside towns in Israel’s south.

At least one person has been injured from one of the mortars that was launched at Israel from Gaza.

Around 100 Sderot resident came out Thursday afternoon to protest the lack of strong and effectual government response to the constant shelling.

To be honest, either these people are incredibly brave, incredibly angry, incredibly desperate or incredibly blasé to be standing out in the open like that while rockets could be falling.

And shortly after the protest ended, rockets fell again, setting off fires in the city.



  1. I think that only a ground offensive with reoccupation of Gaza will stop the attacks on Jewish civilians. It is the only option. The US will join the rest of the world condemning us but so what. The US is paying for Hamas with my taxes as an American Jew. Israel now is alone. We can't show weakness or the attacks will get worse. The UN will condemn a ground offensive. "Jews are not supposed to fight back."

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