Israel’s Chief Rabbinate is hoping to lower the cost of kashrut by approving more foreign kashrut certification organizations. The initiative comes in context of a general move by the Finance Ministry to lower the cost of living in the Jewish State.

In addition, it was announced Tuesday that the Chief Rabbinate will create a committee to explore new ways to supervise the kashrut and quality foreign dairies. The agency said itis hoping to use enhanced technology to reduce the price of dairy imports while improving competition in the field.


Data presented at a ministerial meeting on Tuesday indicated a wide disparity between the price of imported dairy products and those produced in Israel.



  1. How the world treats Israel is bizarre, and backwards, most of the "right wingers" and "hawks" of Israel are the ones pushing for a higher minimim wage, more money to the poor, a society with more equality, and ALL of the pro Nazi filth that make up the "left" are elitist anti poor creeps. Israel is judged by one lense, which is how much insanity can it do for its state ithin a state hich belives the Jews have no history, and all should be killed. Has their in human history ever been a bigger lie, and injustice?

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