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Jerusalem Arabs in court for charges of assaulting Jews.

This is the news that the establishment media don’t want you to read because it interferes with their hate-fest against religious Jews and “settlers.”

Indictments have been filed against six Jerusalem Arabs whom police arrested for assaulting a Hareidi man and a religious couple in the Talpiot neighborhood.


The Hareidi Kikar Shabbat website published the report, but Israel’s left-leaning media, which like to wear their bleeding hearts on the public’s shoulders, were silent.

They continue to berate the entire religious community and the “settler movement” for last week’s arson-murder that everyone assumes was carried out by “hilltop youth” because the word “revenge” was scribbled in Hebrew on the wall of one of two houses in the heart of the Samarian village of Duma, that were attacked with Molotov cocktails and set on fire.

The same media were not interested in reporting that six Arabs, including three minors, used brass knuckles, a knife and a club to assault religious Jews. The language of the Hareidi website that reported the attack used a Hebrew expression that might have been “clean language” for sexual molestation of the young woman, but this has not been confirmed.

Three Jerusalem Arabs with the same last name and ages 19, 20 and 22, along with three minors aged 16 and 17, were indicted for two separate attacks.

They appeared at the Armon NaNatziv walkway in Talpiot and spotted a man, who appeared to be Hareidi, looking towards the Temple Mount.

They mocked him and then struck him with brass knuckles and a knife, leaving him bleeding.  The man was hospitalized and required stitches.

The next day, the attackers appeared at the same spot and started up a conversation with a young religious couple.

They told the man to stay where he was and that the girl should go with them, saying they would give her back to him after 10 minutes.

The Arab attackers stopped the women from trying to call the police and assaulted her and the young man. They knocked his kippa off his head and attacked them both with brass knuckles. The girl began reciting the “shema” prayer that Jews say when facing probable death.

The man was knocked on the ground and lost consciousness momentarily. He suffered a broken nose, and the woman suffered cuts and bruises on her head and shoulders.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. Correct me if I am wrong – the Shema prayer is said by Jews who may be going to their death – it was also the prayer that the Jews of the Red Army had the people of Berlin say if they said that they were Jews – “The Last Jews In Berlin” author Leonard Gross.

  2. Most Gazans are innocent victims, desperately afraid of Hamas. What we're dealing with here are criminal jihadis having what Muslims call "fun." None of this has anything to do with Christianity, a Greek religion codified by Rome.

  3. We embolden this type of terrorist activity.
    How long before we hear of a hunger strike
    or a local town square named after them.
    Let's not forget to show how tough we
    are and arrest a few Jews for moving their lips.
    The first stone that went unanswered was the
    beginning of this madness

  4. Leia Sokolov No, most Gazans voted for Hamas when given the chance. No one knew who voted for whom, so they would've faced no danger had they not voted for Hamas. Have you not seen hundreds of thousands of them gather to chant about the destruction of Israel. How many do they represent? It would seem that a fair representation of Gaza is that the population is overwhelmingly genocidal. has loads of material that show why.

  5. more and more doubts rise wether the Duma arson was really set by a Settler, it is assumed it rather had to do with a year long dispute between clans –
    The so called arsonist – wich Arab witnesses saw commit the crime ,appears to be in jail since last december!!!! ………
    Still there was immediate condemnation on the side of the left – but how come we never heard them rage over these incidents ???

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