Photo Credit: CNN
US Senator John McCain.

In a strongly worded interview on Sundays’s CNN’s “State of the Union“, Senator John McCain said that President Obama should “get over his temper tantrum” following Netanyahu’s victory.

McCain said, “The President has his priorities so screwed up that it’s unbelievable.”


McCain made it clear that if President Obama didn’t use his veto at the UN against a resolution for a Palestinian State, then Congress would reexamine its funding of the UN in response.

McCain discussed the real regional problems, such as ISIS and Iran, and said the President’s personal issues with Netanyahu are getting in the way of important policy issues.



  1. It’s not because we Hate Barack Hussein Obama that we constantly post negative things about him, it’s because we are terrified of Barack Hussein Obama and what he is doing to our country and world that we constantly post the truth about him.

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