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December 21, 2014 / 29 Kislev, 5775
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Navy Fired Warning Shots at Gaza Boat Nearing Prohibited Waters

Hamas would love nothing more than to be able to attack Israel on the premise that the IDF broke the ceasefire.
Israeli Navy ships opened fire on a boat from Gaza that was trying to break the maritime embargo.

Israeli Navy ships opened fire on a boat from Gaza that was trying to break the maritime embargo.
Photo Credit: IDF

Hamas accused Israel of breaking the ceasefire Tuesday morning by firing on Gaza, but the IDF said the gunfire was a warning to a boat that was crossing the permitted area of three nautical miles from shore.

“The warning shots were in the air, over the boat, and it then turned around and headed towards shore,” an IDF spokeswoman told The Jewish Press.

The incident reportedly took place off the southern Gaza coast, near Rafah (Rafiah).

The Gaza fisherman’s union accused Israel of having broken the ceasefire, claiming that the boat was within the “authorized fishing zone.”

The IDF said to could not determine if the boat was manned by fishermen.

Israel has placed a maritime embargo, determined by the United Nations as being legal, to prevent the smuggling of explosives, terrorists and weapons.

About the Author: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.

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7 Responses to “Navy Fired Warning Shots at Gaza Boat Nearing Prohibited Waters”

  1. Ben Sismai says:


    “My people Israel, I have called you such because it is the land that is holy,
    My name that is holy, My hill that is holy, and My righteousness that is holy…

    I AM HOLY!

    You are a people that has despised Me over the years.
    You abused My grace and My goodness unto you.
    You sought to change Me always; who I am,
    and who I always was meant to be to you.

    You have forsaken My law, and therefore forsaken My justice.
    It is My judgments that you have known over the years, and even now you are sustained only by My grace for the people of My choosing, My Remnant.

    I am coming My people, and you know Me not.
    I am coming at an hour when you least expect it,…
    a day when you will lament.
    I have called and called to you, and you refuse to listen,…
    you refuse to know Me.

    Listen now to My voice, O people of My choosing.
    Listen, and you will hear it plainly as I speak.

    I am speaking to you My children… Do you hear Me?
    My Spirit is like a wind inside you My children… Do you feel Me?

    Respond My children.
    Rise up and know what is holy within you,-
    for it is not of yourself that it is holy, but of Me alone!


    I am within you, and you are in Me.
    Rise up and hear Me now.

    Renegades and rebels are reviled in My sight.
    I will have a people humble and holy unto Me.
    My Remnant Israel unto the ages.”

  2. Albert Ku AN says:

    Hamas deserve to die from now on because of they are not kind on any others.

  3. David Cohen says:

    Hey, Khan Gul, wash your mouth out with soap.

  4. That’s your goat that is doing that to you. Or are you licking his.

  5. Wow, Khan, what a productive, positive contribution to the conversation. I’m impressed. NOT

  6. you rendered a broke truce you fire landed on Israel. You fools such a bizared mosquito. hamas got a virus brains

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Tekuma MKs Uri Ariel, Orit Strook and Zevulun Kalfa at a meeting Saturday night.

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