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September 17, 2014 / 22 Elul, 5774
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Netanyahu Orders Return of Jews to “Patriarch House” in Hebron

Muhammad Abu Shahala sold the Machpelah House in Hebron to Jews. For this violation of PA law he was sentenced to death.

Muhammad Abu Shahala sold the Machpelah House in Hebron to Jews. For this violation of PA law he was sentenced to death.
Photo Credit: Stephen Leavitt / JewishPress.com

In response to the murder of IDF soldier Gabriel Kobi on Sunday, in Hebron, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given orders to act immediately and permit the return of Jewish residents to the “Patriarch House” in Hebron.

Netanyahu said, “Whoever tries to uproot us from the city of our forefathers will achieve the opposite. With one hand we will fight terror, and hurt the terrorists, and we will continue with the other hand to strengthen the settlements.”

Under the previous government, former Defense Minister Ehud Barak evicted the Jewish residents of the “Patriarch House”, with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s tacit approval. A court determined that the sale of the “Patriarch House” to the Jews of Hebron was legal, but they required the Defense Minister’s signature, which wasn’t forthcoming.

The Hebron Jewish community blessed the Prime Minister’s decision to restore Jewish residency in the legally purchased property. The community added that the government is fulfilling their historical and moral duty to return Jews to the city of our forefathers, and should take all necessary steps. Security should be increased so that Sgt. Gabriel Kobi is the last victim.

If and when Jewish residents are actually allowed back into “Patriarch House”, we’ll let you know.

Only one question remains, why did a soldier need to be killed for Netanyahu to finally correct this injustice he permitted in his previous government?

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21 Responses to “Netanyahu Orders Return of Jews to “Patriarch House” in Hebron”

  1. Ruth Seliger says:

    Nu. About time.

  2. Melody Caine Bier says:

    It’s about time!!

  3. Melody Caine Bier says:

    Well…it’s about time!!

  4. come to the land of your forefathers we are doing the same in muslim lands taken by force of arms not table talk

  5. Kimberly Novick Moll says:


  6. I do not know who is more morally depraved, the Arab Muslims who kill our children or our Israeli leaders who meet with them. Peace talks = absolute surrender.

  7. The Guardian says:

    A rather weak and tepid response (as usual) from Netanyahu. A better response would be to “return” the Arabs of Hevron to the Arabian peninsula from which they came. We need a new “piece process”. Every act of murder, violence, or anti-Semetic incitement by Arabs should be met by the retaking of the Jewish land they seized as part of the Muslim Conquest and which they are illegally occupying as colonial invaders and to “return” them to their ethnic homelands in Arabia.

  8. Let Israel reclaim ALL territories and anybody who is not willing to live by our laws, they can always exercise their G=d given right to get the hell out…and let our children grow in peace…if the Muslims could take control…they would do worse to us…do not give them a finger…because would take the arm

  9. Nabach, This is what it takes for Jews to get what is there's by right in Chevron. Just like in 1980 it took the 2nd Chevron Massacre to allow yes to return to Beit Hadassah.

  10. Netanyahu, as usual, will come back on his decision in two days…Kerry will press him…he has no balls to say no to Laurel and Hardy.

  11. Small scent of justice…and another beginning!



  14. MyriamO says:

    I never understood why Netanyahu gave so much to Ehud Barak in the 1st place. I agree with most of the comments. After all, the vast majority of Arabs in Judea-Samaria, came on the tracks of the Jordanian army in 49 and have been squattering the land confiscated to Jews. I say let’s a) remind the UN that Abbas and Aniyeh have denounced and refused to comply the Oslo Agreements repeatedly and that Israel is therefore no longer obliged to terms of the agreement and follow through by immediately annexing Judea-Samaria and Gaza . b) give the choice to the “Palestinians”, Bedouins, Israeli-Arabs, etc. the choice to pledge allegiance to Israel or return home to Jordain, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Saudi-Arabia. c) buy a few Tupolevs from Russia and fly those who refuse home. d) Remind the US that they do demand that immigrants do pledge allegiance to the US before granting them citizenship and that they do deport illegal immigrants,including the children born to them in the US.

  15. Good, wise PM must have known something of the order of events would arise, now Israel may officially fight back and eventually with the confidence and backing of the rest of the world. As for the EU now Angela Merkel is back in power Israel will see a few changes in admin of EU. Ashton struck knowing German elections were coming up and she got away with it. Even Cameron is having to review his attitude. G-d Bless Israel

  16. Md Arif Hussain says:

    “When a small section of illiterate extremists keeps fueling anti-Islam feelings in the world with senseless killings, the peace-loving majority of Muslims find it very hard to convince the international community what Islam really stands for. We urge all Muslim countries to have zero tolerance on those who preach extremism. Muslims and their places of worships have suffered more at the hands of these brutes than at the hands of anyone else and none has tarnished the image of this noble religion, Islam, like these idiots have done. There is no time to waste and we urge Muslim governments and organizations to act now, before things get totally out of control!”

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