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April 18, 2015 / 29 Nisan, 5775
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Netanyahu: Our Boys Were Kidnapped by a Terrorist Organization

PM Netanyahu, DM Ya'alon and an IDF officer reviewing maps in search of the kidnapped boys.

PM Netanyahu, DM Ya'alon and an IDF officer reviewing maps in search of the kidnapped boys.
Photo Credit: Haim Zach/GPO/Flash90

At a special press conference on Saturday night, Prime Minister Netanyahu stated unequivocally, “Our boys were kidnapped by a terrorist organization.”

Netanyahu said,

“We see Abbas and the PA as responsible for all attacks that come from their territory, either Gaza or the West Bank… The claim that they are not responsible because it was in Area C is baseless. The responsible party is the one who controls the area from whence the terrorists came… All terror organizations, Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, are dedicated to the destruction of Israel… There is no possibility of talking about peace with Israel while having a government with Hams which is dedicated to the destruction of Israel.”

On Friday, Netanyahu spoke with US Secretary of State John Kerry and told him that Abu Mazen was responsible for the well-being of the missing boys. The Prime Minister added that what has been happening on the ground since Hamas’ entry into the Palestinian government is destructive and the result of the entry of a murderous terrorist organization into the Palestinian Authority government.

The three boys have been identified as Eyal Yifrach (19) from Elad, Naftali Frankel (16) from Nof Ayalon and Gil-ad Sheyar (16) from Talmon.

Netanyahu spoke with the families and told them Israel is doing everything to find them.

For those that want to say a prayer for the boys, their Hebrew names are:

Yaacov Naftali ben Rachel יעקב נפתלי בן רחל

Gilad Michael ben Bat Galim גילעד מיכאל בן בת גלים

Ayal ben Iris Tshura אייל בן איריס תשורה

Netanyahu Speaking

Translated from Hebrew:

We are in the midst of an extensive operation to locate and return the missing three boys. Three young students that were on their way home: Eyal Yifrach, Gil-Ad Sha’er, and Naftali Frenkel.

I spoke with their parents before Shabbat. I told them that we are doing everything that Israel can do, and more than that, to bring home their children, they are our children. I must say these parents showed restraint and mental strength are admirable. These difficult times the heart of the entire nation is with the boys and their families.

IDF, Shin Bet and all security forces are now engaged in intensive to locate the missing. I thank them for their actions, they do it night and day. Naturally I can not tell all we know, not right now, but I can say this: Our boys were kidnapped by a terrorist organization. Plain and simple, there’s no doubt about it. They were kidnapped, they were kidnapped by a terrorist organization.

In consultation with the Minister of Defense, Public Security Minister, Chief of Staff and head of the GSS, I directed the following guidelines:

First, deploy all the tools at our disposal to locate the hostages.

Second, avoid the possibility of them being transferred to the Gaza Strip or anywhere else.

Third, prepare forces for any possible scenario.

Fourth, demand that the Palestinian Authority and its leader Abu Mazen, from whose areas the kidnappers came from, do whatever it takes to help return the hostages safely. It is the responsibility of the Palestinian Authority. We hold Abu Mazen and the PA responsible for any attacks against Israel coming out of their territory, whether it is from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The claim that the PA is not responsible for the incident because the kidnapping happened in an Israeli-controlled area is a baseless claim. Even when they carried out attacks, and we all remember them, in the center of the country – who was responsible is the governing authority from whence the terrorists came. This is exactly the case. The terrorists came from the Palestinian Authority’s areas.

This event demonstrates unfortunately what we have been saying – I, the Defense Minister and the Israeli government – for months: the alliance with Hamas brings the most worst results, results that are completely opposite to promote peace with the Palestinians.

All terrorist organizations – Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups – are committed to the destruction of Israel and they are encouraged by this agreement. Their people are always trying to kill, maim and kidnap Israeli citizens wherever they are – women, youth and children. They do not avoiding any target and they do not need any excuse, for any reason or no incentive to try to do so. And they did try it. For decades they try to abduct [our citizens], and unfortunately they sometimes succeed. Just last year, have thwarted dozens of such attempts.

My friends, we saw all the terrorist bases generated in the Gaza Strip when Hamas and other terrorist organizations took over. Now the agreement between Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas has opened the door to the Hamas takeover of the Palestinian Authority areas in Judea and Samaria.

I’ve said and I’ll say it again tonight: There is no way they can talk about peace with Israel at the same time form a unity government with Hamas, a terrorist organization seeking to destroy Israel. The same sources from the international community that said the Hamas-Palestinian Authority agreement will promote peace, we are now seeing the real consequences of this agreement.

Israeli citizens, in our region, countries are collapsing and imploding under the murderous attacks of radical Islam and terrorist organizations. Just standing firm and united, the entire nation has prevented and will continue to prevent their victory here. Again and again we find that we can only rely on ourselves – the IDF, the Shin Bet, the security forces, and your courage – soldiers and Israeli citizens.

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35 Responses to “Netanyahu: Our Boys Were Kidnapped by a Terrorist Organization”

  1. Israel, please can you erase this people?

  2. Mircea Vulpe says:

    Israel, please can you erase this people?..

  3. Carolin Knox says:

    Terrorist Organization: Hamas and PA. Quit letting them pretend it is someone else!

  4. We can only rely on G-d. Pray that the terrorists will be confused and the boys will walk out and arrive home safely. G-d fights our battles!


  6. meanwhile the vicious anti semite muslim in the white house does everything to be sure they get "funded". do not hold back. wipe out the arab sewer effluence once and for all.

  7. He is 100% correct. Israel must depend only on itself. The american government is is now on the other side. It is even funding Hamas via the "unity" government. The state dept answering only to Obama, has stated it will continue to fund Hamas– – PA,no matter what it does to Israel. Obama's America is no longer a friend of Israel. To you "members of the tribe" that voted for Obama, just smile and sing Yankee Doodle as you pay your taxes to support Hamas.

  8. I too pray for their release and hope that they are not suffering. Who are these people that would have their own daughters killed by their brothers. They are filling up Europe and soon they will take over western Europe. I cannot express my sentiments or else I would be blocked out of this message. I am an old women now and so I will not live to see what is happening as more countries let them in They are the most miserable people on this earth and use their power in the name of their religon. They cannot even live with their own as to who is a ****te or a Sunny. All 'they know is killing and more killing. I send my love to the parents. I hope they will stay strong .

  9. Edward Lobel says:

    Stop talking about it and take some action! Send in the IDF and take 3,000 arab children (that's 1,000 arabs for each Jew!) Harm any Jewish child and retaliate by harming 1,000 arab children. This will get their attention and let them know what will happen if they ever take another Jewish child!

  10. I am praying for boys release!

  11. Bring them home at all cost

  12. Bring them home at all cost

  13. Bring them home at all cost

  14. Bring them home at all cost

  15. Bring them home at all cost

  16. Steve Klein says:

    The Americans dropped two atomic bombs on Japanese cities for Peal Harbor. An eye for an eye….

  17. Netanyahu is schizophrenic, put someone else on the job.

  18. Netanyahu is schizophrenic, put someone else on the job.

  19. Netanyahu is schizophrenic, put someone else on the job.

  20. Netanyahu is schizophrenic, put someone else on the job.

  21. Netanyahu is schizophrenic, put someone else on the job.

  22. Truly sad. I pray for their safety & quick return

  23. Truly sad. I pray for their safety & quick return

  24. Truly sad. I pray for their safety & quick return

  25. Truly sad. I pray for their safety & quick return

  26. Gene Strong says:

    STOP releasing prisoners. STOP negotiations with.terrorists.

  27. My Prayers for a safe return

  28. Teresa Yonts Mackey says:

    Praying for these children and for beloved Israel!

  29. Teresa Yonts Mackey says:

    Did you know 2/3 of the US Senators sent Obumma a letter stating their outrage at his agreeing to work with this terrorist "unity government?" Our president and his joke of an administration may not care about Israel, but there are MANY American Jews and gentiles who LOVE Israel and support her. I am one. I am COUNTING the days until the elections and a new president! I'd love to borrow Netanyahu, but my friends in Israel say "no!!"

  30. Jack Nichols says:

    I pray with Israel for the safe release of these three boys, These terrorists must be routed out and dispatched with prejudice. What monster preys on children? I have learned all I need to know about these Palestinian animals. Bibi is right to bring shame on these sick bastards, never deal with people that will stoop to this level to further their cause. The Jewish people have a right to their ancestral homeland given to them by the eternal God Jehovah. The Palestinian Authority has show the world their intentions. Pay attention Mr. Obama these are the wrong people to spend my tax dollars on. I stand with Israel


  32. Moishe Sachs says:

    Israelis haven't cared for the hundreds of thousands of innocents murdered, maimed, & dispossessed and this is just another in hundreds of thousands of cases since 1967. If they cared, they'd demand in unison loudly and daily the repatriation to Jordan & Egypt of the overwhelmingly genocidal Arab Muslims, PERIOD, END OF STORY. All governments since 1967 are responsible for this atrocity. They know it's going to happen & fail to respond in the ONLY effective AND compassionate way for both sides, by repatriating the overwhelmingly genocidal Arab Muslims. Choosing to empower an overwhelmingly genocidal population has made them correspondingly increasingly genocidal by the day for 47 years. The lack of comprehension of reality about this unique situation, the first in history, where a country empowers in every way it's existential enemy at the expense of hundreds of thousands of its citizens with no end in sight is evil, evil, evil. Shame on you, Netanyahu. Meetings, proclamations, & commiserating every time there's another outrage is just damn evil. YOU are their partner, not the partner of your people. I see through you. I've watched you genuflect for decades, not to the abiding beliefs of your nation, but to your bitter enemy you insist on misrepresenting in order to narrate a deadly lie. You know they're highest aspiration expressed daily is your country's annihilation, yet you PRETEND. You pretend that it's somehow possible to accommodate them on the splinter of land west of the Jordan, safely for all. NONSENSE. You pretend that they aren't a threat. Tell that to hundreds of thousands of innocent people murdered, maimed, & dispossessed. You pretend, they act. You condescend, they kidnap. You release terrorists who perpetrate atrocities, they plan & commit more. You sign papers, they teach genocidal hatred all throughout their entire so-called society, from birth to death, in mosques, on children's t.v., in pre-schools, & in naming everything they can after mass-murderers of innocents. SHAME ON YOU, COWARD. ANYTHING LESS THAT REPATRIATION WILL CONTINUE TO KILL, MAIM, TORTURE, & DISPOSSESS INNOCENT PEOPLE, SOMETIMES SLOWLY, SOMETIMES MANY AT A TIME, GOD FORBID. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR NOT DOING WHAT IT REALLY TAKES TO PROTECT INNOCENT LIFE!!!!!!!

  33. The evils of islam, and all islam has shown itself to be truly evil in every respect, continue un challenged with their depredations upon the Jewish community…whatever else is said, ultimately: "They Must Go!"

  34. Messiah will come just when all seems to be lost. Be strong Israel x

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