Photo Credit: Screenshot
Gazan singer/comic Adel al-Meshoukhi

Military police on Wednesday arrested popular Gazan singer/comic Adel al-Meshoukhi for criticizing the ruling government of Hamas, according to an Arab Sensor report.


Al- Meshoukhi, 32, posted on his Facebook page a minute-plus videologue attacking Hamas for the harsh living conditions in the Gaza Strip, particularly the frequent power interruptions (the result of a chronic electricity shortage which has worsened this winter). Meshoukhi also bewailed the heavy unemployment, saying: “No work, no crossings [to Israel and Egypt], no food … Hamas, enough! We want electricity! We want electricity!”

The clip has received more than 258,000 views and can still be found online.

According to Arab Sensor, al-Meshoukhi used to work in security for a Hamas group, but three years ago he was shot in the leg from friendly fire during training and had to retire. He continues to receive a partial salary.

In recent months, he has become popular around the Gaza Strip for comical and lyrical videos he’s been posting to the social networks, and which received a wide following. His videos express a kind of homespun protest, with which many in Gaza identify. He talks about people’s day-to-day difficulties and criticizes the Hamas government – for which he has seen the inside of a jail cell more than once.

A source inside the Hamas Interior Ministry stated this week that al-Meshoukhi had been arrested for disciplinary violations, for breaking promises he had made about obeying the rules. His case is being reviewed by a military court.