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President Barack Obama. Dec. 3, 2015.

U.S. President Barack Obama gave a press conference on Thursday morning, Dec. 3, about the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California which took place the day before.

The President, after having been briefed by numerous security officials, ventured to say that the assault might have been an act of terrorism, or it might just be workplace related. He also said that no one yet knows the motivations of the two perpetrators who murdered 14 people and critically wounded more than a dozen others.


“At this stage we do not yet know why this terrible event occurred,” he said during a nationally televised press briefing. “We don’t know at this point the extent of their plans … or their motivations.”

“It is possible that this is terrorist related but we don’t know,” Obama added. “It is also possible that it was workplace related.”

The President also took the opportunity to once again call on the country to take “basic steps” to make it harder for people to gain access to weapons.

“We see the prevalence of these kinds of mass shooting in this country, and I think so many Americans sometimes feel as if there is nothing we can do,” Obama said.

“We can’t just leave it to our professionals to deal with the problem of these kinds of horrible killings — we all have a part to play. And I do think that as the investigation moves forward, it’s going to be important for all of us — including the legislatures — to see what we can do to make sure that when individuals decide that they want to do somebody harm, we’re making it a little harder for them to do it because right now it’s just too easy.”

The Associated Press, citing the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said two of the weapons — two assault rifles and two handguns — were purchased by someone who is now under investigation.

The shooters, identified as Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, a U.S. citizen whose family is from Pakistan, and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, 27, were both killed in the shootout with police following the mass shooting on Wednesday.

In a statement the President made shortly after he learned about the shootings, he repeated a message he previously uttered in Paris on Monday, just two weeks after the horrific Nov.13 massacres in Paris. Yesterday, Obama said, “The one thing we do know is that we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world.

Responding to a question about a shooting at Planned Parenthood after his talk at the international Climate Change Conference on Monday, the President responded that mass shootings “just doesn’t happen in other countries.”

The people who were sprayed with bullets in Parisian cafes and at the Bataclan theater on Nov. 13 – at least the ones who survived – were probably surprised to hear that, let alone the folks in many South American and Middle Eastern countries such as oh, Syria.

Farook worked in the building where the San Bernadino shootings took place, and he was even at the Christmas party shortly before he began blowing away his colleagues – some of whom had thrown him and his wife/accomplice a baby shower earlier this year.

The number of guns and ammunition and the body armor and explosive devices used in the mass shooting could not possibly have been set up in the short amount of time it took for Farook to leave the party and return with guns blazing. A workplace incident? Hard to see that. Terrorism? Not so hard.


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  2. we KNOW it IS islam always………………Here’s Y what we now so far: Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik met in Saudi Arabia. Farook was described as a devoutly religious Muslim (most likely Sunni). The third suspect, Tayyeep Bin Ardogan, is a 28-year-old native of Qatar. Only Farook was employed by the agency hosting the Christmas party. Multiple explosive devices were discovered at the scene of the massacre. IEDs (improvised explosive devices) are illegal in the State of California. IEDs take time to build. Obviously, there was some planning involved. IEDs are mass-casualty weapons that kill indiscriminately. They’re not something you use when you’re concerned about casualty mitigation and innocent bystanders. A coworker stated that Farook had grown out his beard over the last several months. The geniuses in the DOJ (namely the FBI) are trying to ascertain a motive. That’s nice. Let’s see how long it takes them to put the pieces together.remember the clock kid what was his dad building ? they want this ass refugee s cumm on

  3. My opinion about everything since earlier this year all us Jews need to start watching out for each other here in America. That’s including self defense classes and also firearm training. Yes there is laws against violence, but there is also laws on defending ones family and neighbor. I for one will not stand by to let anyone harm me or my family or neighbors.

  4. yep, the score board says there have been more work place mass shootings than the number of calender days thus far for 2015 …. a large part due to smucks in leadership positions in the U.S that are suppose to be representative of human values

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  7. A newscaster made an interesting observation…How could an ordinary guy with an ordinary job be able to afford all the expensive equipment he used in the attack? Guns, ammo, car, protective equipment, fancy camera ..etc….?? Not a lone-guy jahadist.

  8. Wouldn't Obama love it if the killings were work related. That would get him off the hook. The man just won't ever say Islamic terrorists. He must love to watch CNN because CNN held back the name of the Islamic terrorist for 2 hours after the Islamic terrorist was named.

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