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October 28, 2016 / 26 Tishri, 5777
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Ohio University Student’s Epic BDS/Bucket Challenge Fail

A Trifecta: Ohio University student manages to insult sufferers of an incurable disease, falsely claim to represent her fellow students, and urges her university to boycott and divest from Israel in a tasteless video.

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Megan Marzec of Ohio University posts one of the most insulting and idiotic videos in support of BDS ever.

Megan Marzec of Ohio University posts one of the most insulting and idiotic videos in support of BDS ever.
Photo Credit: Vimeo screen capture

Okay, we get it that many college students yearn to be relevant and often believe the best way to be seen and heard is by being provocative. But when trying to claim a small space on the global public relations stage, it helps to actually know at least some of the facts about which you think you are seeking attention. And knowing the difference between “complacent” and “complicit” is useful if the meaning you want is for the second word, but you use the first, both in the audio and in the written narrative.

Case in point: Ohio University’s student senate president Megan Marzec tried to wed the current popularity of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with her misguided belief that the Gaza war was still continuing. She attempted to combine the two to promote her personal goal of  the university’s divestment from and boycott of Israel.

About the only thing Marzec’s stunt achieved was near unanimity in a rejection of her method and in daring to imply her stunt was undertaken on behalf of the school’s student senate.

Her university president rebuked her, the fellow members of her student senate publicly apologized for her, the school paper denounced her and, according to local media reports, many Ohio University students spoke out against her. Several students and student organizations even called on Marzec to resign her position as student senate president.

Marzec’s stunt was not only gauche and unendorsed, but it was an abuse of what has been an incredibly popular means of fundraising for a very horrible and thus far incurable disease, ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Either best or worst of all, Israel happens to be the place where the closest thing to a cure for ALS is being developed. If Marzec actually succeeded in her goal to get people to boycott and divest from Israel, the cure for ALS would be even further away than it is now.

So how about that for figuring out a way to make enemies with the 450,000 people who are currently afflicted with ALS, plus all their family members, infuriate your fellow students and school administration and all the people who care about Israel in less than one minute?

Marzec used her university’s president ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to her and other student leaders as a springboard to promote her BDS goal. BDS is the movement seeking the Boycott of, Divestment from and Sanctions against Israel.

Wedding the social media ploy of making a “dramatic” video (a good way to relieve potential followers from actually reading reasoned arguments), with the popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Marzec opens the video by thanking Ohio University’s Roderick McDavis for issuing the ALS bucket challenge,

Thanks [Ohio University] President Roderick McDavis for giving me, Megan Marzec, the Bucket Challenge. As student senate president, I’m sending a message of student concern about the genocide in Gaza and the occupation of Palestine by the Israeli state.I’m urging you, and OU [Ohio University] to divest and cut all ties, academic and other Israeli businesses and institutions.

This bucket of blood symbolizes the thousands of displaced and murdered Palestinians, atrocities which OU is directly complacent [SIC] in, with cultural and economic support of the Israeli state.

Marzec then picks up and pours the bucket of  “blood” (tomato juice, water  and red paint) over her head and the video ends with the statement supporting the Palestinian Arabs and encouraging anyone interested in “bringing BDS to Ohio University, contact Megan Marzec, MM590410@Ohio.edu.”

Marzec tied her university’s alleged support for the Jewish state to the maintenance of a study abroad program at Tel Aviv University. The student is so lacking in knowledge about the situation in the Middle East, that she apparently was either not aware that the summer war had ended, or thought that Israel regularly murders Arabs in Gaza and demolishes their homes.

Perhaps a reasonable response to Marzec’s immature act would be to have the university hire a knowledgeable scholar to teach courses on ancient and modern history of the Middle East. That would be making lemonade out of lemon. Or a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Or something like that. And while the university considers how to respond to Marzec, perhaps she should have to spend time with people who have ALS. Maybe that would cause her to grow up. What a cruel and thoughtless and selfish stunt all the way around.

Rabbi Danielle Leshaw, director of Hillel at Ohio University, responded Marzec’s video Wednesday evening: “Tonight: the Jews of OU feel sad, betrayed, and angry. It’s possible this has never happened before in the history of this campus.  fail.” At least that.

Lori Lowenthal Marcus

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the U.S. correspondent for The Jewish Press. A graduate of Harvard Law School, she previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools. You can reach her by email: Lori@JewishPressOnline.com

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  1. Daniel Grant Broidy says:

    This is OU, not OSU. Different schools.

  2. Joyce Myers says:

    you are uber GROSS

  3. Art Wells says:

    This article’s title is displayed on Facebook as “Ohio State University” (Columbus, Ohio, est. 1870), when in the article and in fact this is a student at “Ohio University” (Athens, Ohio, est. 1804).

  4. She is just an Anti Semite …she was raised that way…
    Period…Good it backfired …

  5. Miki Bacsi says:

    Not too surprising. Maybe she should be sent to Afghanistan or Pakistan where she can learn about the beuty of Islam, specially for a woman.


  6. Alan Kardon says:

    This is the leadership of Ohio University. I have lost all respect for allowing this to happen. I hope some day I can meet you Marzec so I can spit in your face and put you in a dumpster with the rest of the trash. I would do this to raise money for ALS. I am sure my response will be well received and raise millions for the cause.

  7. Edward Lobel says:

    Alan Kardon, I am almost with you on this one, but I think I have one better, report her to Homeland Security as raising money (which is illegal) to support a Terrorist Organization (Hamas!) Hopefully it would teach this ignorant idiot you can't just do something because you feel like it and that actions have consequences.

  8. Edward Lobel says:

    Miki Bacsi very good idea, but (I think) better still would be to send her to Gaza and she how she would be treated there and how much that the Palestinians of Gaza get from Israel.

  9. Alan Kardon says:

    So do it. Great idea.

  10. Aryeh Sax says:

    Hamas, could teach her how to wear a suicide bomb.

  11. Alan Kardon says:

    Don't give her the idea. She might do it in a classroom.

  12. Aryeh Sax says:

    Alan Kardon How right you are.

  13. It's true. Israel is fighting for survival and also fighting for the rest of the world threatened by radical Islamic jihadists no matter what they call themselves. EU and America wake up and help Israel in any way we canThis child is extremely ignorent

  14. Sientje Seinen says:

    Edward Lobel what is she doing in a university anyway she seems brainless

  15. The very obvious way that her video draws on blood-libel tropes, and her allegations of the University's investment in Israel (like, "secret" financial manipulation?) play on ancient and ugly anti-Jewish hate speech should be pointed out to University administrators. Her hate speech should be grounds for serious recrimination as a member of the student body and its representative.

  16. Miki Bacsi says:

    Edward Lobel, I don't think this idiot would care. Hatred is blind.

  17. Edward Lobel says:

    Miki Bacsi, you may be correct.

  18. Mary Crowley says:

    You people are sick.

  19. Sam Johnson says:

    why didn't anybody tell her how dumb she is for that before this video went viral or even public

  20. Abed Alruheim says:

    I am glad the too that the younger generation cares enough to do such a challenge. More people are becoming aware of how the state of Israel is "genocidal, warmongering and blood thirsty state" I call this a win not a failure

  21. David Cohen says:

    That statement just shows how deluded she is and you are. I am in favor of Peace, but the Palestinian leaders won't even acknowledge Israel's right to exist. Israel has given up land they captured in wars started by their enemies in an attempt to establish Peace.

    The Jews have been in the Holy Land for over 3,200 years as proven by archeological and historical evidence. The Arabs have only been there since the Seventh Century. Israel has two official languages; Hebrew and Arabic. Israeli Arabs have full civil rights and have even served in the Israeli Government and Army.

  22. Abed Alruheim says:

    I am not denying the fact that Jews never existed in Palestine in fact they have every right to be there of course I am talking about the Arab Jews not the ones that came from all around the world just to take land from there original owners I have no problems with the Jews just the Zionist Pigs That Are there. Israel as a Jewish state can not exist there many Muslims and Christians there and it's in the heart of the Arab world. Peace was never in the Israeli governments agenda nor will it ever be. The whole 3200 year thing is just a stupid claim and should not be used. Israel just keeps taking land without regard to whom is living there. Just open up your eyes and god damn the Zionist Pigs

  23. Abed Alruheim says:

    David Cohen I am not denying the fact that Jews never existed in Palestine in fact they have every right to be there of course I am talking about the Arab Jews not the ones that came from all around the world just to take land from there original owners I have no problems with the Jews just the Zionist Pigs That Are there. Israel as a Jewish state can not exist there many Muslims and Christians there and it's in the heart of the Arab world. Peace was never in the Israeli governments agenda nor will it ever be. The whole 3200 year thing is just a stupid claim and should not be used. Israel just keeps taking land without regard to whom is living there. Just open up your eyes and god damn the Zionist Pigs

  24. Abed Alruheim says:

    Israel as it stands now is like that bad neighbor you once had they take your mail on your porch vandalize what you own and when you confront them they get defensive and make you out to be the bad guy; however is much worse than that they take land kill kids and destroy homes test their new weapons on civilians. the world does need to wake and see whats really going on

  25. Abed Alruheim says:

    Aryeh Sax suicide bombers was a product of Israel once they left you with nothing to live for and no hope why bother staying in this god forsaken world. your a sick old relic of the past so when people like you are long gone we can look forward to a brighter future 🙂

  26. Aryeh Sax says:

    Abed Alruheim Evan the Koran puts them their, Jews was given the land by the creator. It could have been a peaceful, place at the end of the 1948 division, but no, Arabs could not leave it alone. Jews, Israelis of Arab decent, Druz, Christians, and any religious background live their and defend it against its enemies.

  27. Aryeh Sax says:

    Sorry, you people who wish to fly this flag, couldn't even live in these places with you nice clothes and pet dogs. think.

  28. Aryeh Sax says:

    Abed Alruheim What happened to the Singapore of the Mideast, Israel pulled out, the USA, UK, UN and even Israel dumped money in, building material ect, Hamas took over and it was the end.

  29. Aryeh Sax says:

    Abed Alruheim Unfortunately, for you threats are not allowed.

  30. Alan Kardon says:

    Abed Alruheim I am alive. Why wait, come tell me to my face.

  31. Alan Kardon says:

    Abed Alruheim Please show me what land was taken and from whom? Show me facts, not just lip service.

  32. Ok, there's plenty of legitimate reasons to be upset with this video, but don't just make stuff up. At no point did she express support for Hamas, or suggest that donations should be made to Hamas.

  33. Mark McCall says:

    Abed Alruheim – How is suicide bombers a "product of Israel"? Did Israel send their 8 year olds to Gaza with bombs strapped on?? NO, that was Palestine that sent their 8 year olds into Israeli markets in order to kill Jews. When the Palestinians love their children more than they love to kill Jews, there may be peace in that region.

  34. David Cohen says:

    All Jews are from the same original gene pool, with some additions. You are trying to facilitate divisions between different Jeqs. It won't work. The discrimination you talk about has been over for decades. My last girlfriend was Sephardic and my friend is Sephardic. I am Ashkenazi.

  35. Daniel Howard Browdy says:

    Abed i am a Zionist. I am a Jew… remember anybody who declares war or pursues violence against us does not win…. Your stupidity is hilarious… we will always prevail. Your peaceful religion is executing itself i am glad and prepared to help when it comes here my magazines are loaded and ready. I have a 308 for each one

  36. Edward Lobel Well, no, she doesn't even mention raising money for anything, and even if she did Hamas isn't representative of all Palestinians, there are certainly organizations one could donate to without supporting Hamas, although that's besides the point because she doesn't mention raising money at all. You could certainly be upset with support for the BDS movement, which you could certainly argue is a misguided, possibly anti-semitic campaign, but to claim that supporting BDS means you're supporting Hamas is wrong.

  37. Edward Lobel says:

    Benjamin, No matter how wrong you are, you are entitled to your opinion. The article says she was raising money in support of the BDS boycott! Whatever money she raised she wants to give to Palestinians and while you may be partially correct that Hamas does not represent all Palestinians It is difficult to get money to Palestinians without going through Hamas.

  38. Edward Lobel Well first of all, read it again, nowhere does the article say she's raising money in support for the BDS boycott, nowhere does it say she's raising money for anything. Besides, why would anyone raise money for a boycott? The point of a boycott is to divest all money going towards a certain group, in this case Israel, why would she want to raise money to stop sending money?

  39. Ok her shirt says divest from Israel. Divest means end all financial support/other connections. Now I'm wondering what she would need to raise money for and who she would be donating the money to if her goal is to get OU to fully disconnect from Israel financially. If you are convinced she is raising money (for Hamas apparently) can you use your powers of interpretation to tell me where she is asking people to send their money.

  40. Edward Lobel says:

    By supporting the boycott and raising money for Palestinians, she is indeed raising money for Hamas!

  41. Edward Lobel says:

    Benjamin, YOU look at the article again! Try looking at what is says on her shirt. Use your mind to interpret what that means. The "ice bucket challenge" is a way to raise money, she just decided to raise money for a different cause than the Ice Bucket Challenge was intended for. Now that I have interpreted the article for you it is your turn to think about it!

  42. Edward Lobel says:

    Benjamin, OMG, I did not see what was right in front of my nose! you are right and everyone else is wrong! Only you can see the truth. She is not raising money for anyone, she does not want he University to divest itself from the BDS, she is only fooling and never said anything about anything. She doesn't exist, the bucket she dumped on her head doesn't exist. the entire story as posted on the Jewish Press doesn't mean anything other than, well nothing! and that is why the story appeared. Hope that makes you feel better!

  43. Edward Lobel What are you talking about? Of course she wants the University to divest and supports the BDS movement. My point is the the BDS movement is not really a fundraising thing. She's not trying to raise money, she's trying to convince people not to send money to Israel. I clearly said that there's a lot to be upset about with this video, and there's a lot to disagree with in regards to the BDS movement. I'm simply saying it's inaccurate to say she's raising money for Hamas. She's not raising money for anything. I'm not sure why you feel the need to get so aggressive and facetious.

  44. Len Weiss says:


    Your writing betrays that you are seething with hate which will forever filter out the facts you don't want to hear. Only if you listen and hear will you realize your denials go beyond even those of Hamas. Facts don't change. There has been a Jewish presence on that land for thousands of years. There was no Palestinian presence – or Palestinian people for that matter – until after the birth of Israel. Your blinders allow you to ignore that the people who label themselves Palestinians are from all over the Middle East including Syria, Egypt, Jordan and yes the formerly Ottoman ruled land which is now and G-d willing will forever be the State of Israel. Enough of that. Now let's hear how wonderful for mankind it will be if the Israelis invent the ALS cure. When you answer try to set aside your view that non – Arab jews are pigs.

  45. Bryna Anton says:

    Abed Alruheim what do you suppose the people of Gaza could have accomplished by now if they worked as hard at producing something useful as they did to make destruction? Probably as much as Israel has.

  46. Jason Hoffman says:

    brave? it's a video on her phone. yeah. so brave

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