Photo Credit: IDF spokesman
A Gazan rocket hit a home in the Metropolitan Tel Aviv area, and miraculously did not explode.

JERUSALEM – For the first time a rocket has been fired from Gaza at the northern town of Hadera, which is situated 100 km (62 miles) away from the Gaza Strip. Hadera is north of Netanya and Tel Aviv, and south of Zichron Yaakov and Haifa.


A short while before that a rocket fired from Gaza hit Israel’s capital city, Jerusalem. A rock concert with some 6,000 participants was surprised by the attack, the concert was immediately stopped and all were dispersed.

Tel Aviv was also attacked by rockets, and within the three hours, the sirens sounded multiple times in Tel Aviv. As a result of the attack the US embassy in Tel Aviv has issued a warning to US citizens in Israel.

The US Embassy will operate at minimal staffing until further notice.

US Embassy personnel will not be allowed to travel south of Tel Aviv without prior approval.

Embassy families living in Tel Aviv are being advised to remain at home and in close contact with one another. “Recent events underscore the importance of situational awareness. We remind you to be aware of your surroundings at all times, to monitor the media, and to follow directions of emergency responders,” the notice stated. Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, about 160 rockets have been fired at Israel. 116 of them hit Israel and 29 were intercepted.

During the previous day Gaza terrorists fired approximately 80 rockets at Israel. The IDF has targeted 270 terror sites across the Gaza Strip. 5 senior Hamas operatives, 10 terror tunnels, 98 concealed rocket launchers, and 18 weapon storage and manufacturing facilities have been targeted. Of the weapon storage facilities, 5 of them were located inside mosques.



  1. They are against western education yet they forgot the cameras and social media gadgets they use are all western oriented ideas.the phones and the cars they drive were all invented by the western world.there is little they offer to the world but only destroy.

  2. Both Hamas and the PA must be 100% destroyed…People and property…and families property.
    In Gaza Jerusalem and West Bank..
    No appeasement no concessions no prisoner releases…no more Muslim enclaves…demolish the dome of the rock…

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