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Far right motivated antisemitic tweet, January 2016 / Photo credit: CST

CST recorded ten incidents of mass-produced or mass-emailed anti-Semitic literature, double the five incidents recorded in this category during the first half of 2015.



  1. I suspect that their media portrays a steady stream of Palestinian propaganda, instead of the facts. Also I believe their government does not support Israel. They do so at their own risk. I never thought that Canada would turn its back on Israel, then Canadians elected Justin Trudeau as leader, and he does not seem to support Israel. I hope I am wrong.

  2. The British government in the 1930's leading up to W W ll refused to allow into the country Jews trying to flee Europe to safety, none were too many. The influx of millions of Muslims has only made matters worse. The English have always loved Arabs and have always hated Jews. In 1947 to 1948 they did everything possible to prevent the establishment of Israel. The rest is history.

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