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( Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Aerospace Force, announced this week Iran’s plans to replace its solid and liquid fuel long-range missiles with a new generation next year, FARS reported. Hajizadeh said on Wednesday that “a new and advanced generation of liquid and solid fuel long-range missiles will replace the current productions next year.”

Hajizadeh said that Iran is now designing and building different types of long-range, mid-range and short-range missiles, adding, “We are not concerned even an iota about the enemies’ new and most advanced generation of satellites and espionage and offensive devices and equipment.”


“The missiles in various ranges are mounted on the launchers in all bases and [are] ready to be launched,” Hajizadeh said, while the FARS video showed an underground facility which, according to Hajizadeh, was only one of “numerous missile bases” scattered across the country.

Noting that all US military bases in the Middle East are within the range of the IRGC’s missiles, Hajizadeh insisted that Iran will never initiate a war, but warned that “any mistake by the enemies will trigger eruption of missiles from bases deep under the ground like eruptions of volcano which will destroy the enemy.”

The release of the new footage came a few days after Iran reported test-firing a new generation of long-range ballistic missiles. The test was in violation of the UNSC sanctions, but not, as the US Administration insisted, in violation of the nuclear agreement.

Iran’s new generation missile


  1. Where's the ventilation fans? elevators? how will they get these missiles up top side asap, all together? 1500 feet down under is deep and hot – when they start the engines on the trucks, that a lot of fumes and toxic gasses. and those trucks and missiles are heavy – WHAT kind of elevators exist to bring 20 to the surface at once?

    Not buying this.

  2. The Russians, the Chinese and Iran are splitting themselves into an anti-Western bloc. Israel is playing along to get along. And they are going to bring a lot of other players along with them. Economically, this is going to hurt all of us. This could be a good thing if it would get the Jews off the back of America.

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