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Hezbollah fighter in Syria

( Following the killing of senior Hezbollah leader Hussein al Hajj, who was among the founders of the military wing of the organization in Lebanon, and who in 1996 won an MP’s seat on the Hezbollah electoral list in the general election, internal sources in the organization are reporting high tension and recriminations due to recent losses in combat zones in Syria. Dissent in Hezbollah is growing as a result of the many losses of high ranking leaders, who have been dropping lately “like dominoes.”

Sources in the organization have told a Saudi newspaper that the most recent death of a senior Hezbollah commander culminated in a loud argument among members of the leadership, who held an emergency meeting Wednesday afternoon, in which they discussed whether the organization should continue to fight alongside the Assad regime in Syria.


The same sources also say that in the meeting some of the leading Hezbollah members claimed that the war in Syria has only tarnished the image of Hezbollah, which until now used to be loved all over the world. Another reason cited in that emergency meeting for the need to retreat from Syria was the ever increasing number of Hezbollah casualties.

According to the Saudi paper’s sources, Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah Secretary General and spiritual leader, was very surprised by the position of his top officers, stressing that the decision to support the Syria forces had been made after consultation with all of the organization’s leaders and after receiving their agreement on the move, reminding them that it was not his personal decision.

One of the leader’s opponents at the meeting rejected Nasrallah’s claim, causing great chaos in the meeting and the departure of several leaders. One Hezbollah leader argued at the meeting that due to the ever increasing number of fatalities in Syria, and the elimination of several organization leaders and senior field commanders, there was a serious concern that the number of deserters will increase significantly.

Meanwhile, Abu Mohamed al-Golani, leader of Syria’s Al-Qaida affiliate Al-Nusra, has issued bounties worth millions of dollars for the killing of Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and Syrian President Bashar Assad, Naharnet reported Thursday. Al-Golani issued a voice recording released late Monday, saying he would pay “three million euros ($3.4 million) to anyone who can kill Bashar Assad and end his story.”

“How long must Muslims delay their rights and shed their blood for a man who loves his power?” al-Golani asked.



  1. Mr Mostofsky I think it would be more accurate to say that Hizbollah is cannon fodder for the Iranians. If they don't succeed at least they died softening up the enemy. It's not not too far removed from 1979-81 when they had young teens walk through mine fields to clear them.

  2. A couple of their leaders die, and right away, Hezbollah gets cold feet? What did you think, that there are casualties only on one side, in a war?

    Cowards, that's what their leadership is. All cowards.

    Just die, for your beliefs. For, you will all die, anyway…

    So, you might as well do it like men.

    You stepped into this mess; now, take the heat. There is no way out, for you. You are all destined to die, one way or another, some day, or another, for your participation.

    Hashem has been watching…

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