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August 5, 2015 / 20 Av, 5775
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Syrian Rebels Stone Girl to Death for Using Facebook

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) heroic warriors took a Syrian girl named Fatoum Al-Jassem to the Al-Reqqa religious court, where the judge ruled that membership in Facebook is tantamount to adultery and sentenced her to death by stoning, Al-Rai Al-Youm reported.

Dawla al-Islāmiyya fi al-‘Irāq wa-sh-Shām, abbreviated ISIS, is an armed group active in Iraq and Syria, established in the early years of the Iraq War, which pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda in 2004, becoming “al-Qaeda in Iraq.” The group aims to establish a caliphate in the Sunni majority populated regions of Iraq, later expanding this to include Syria.

According to Internet sources, in February 2014 al-Qaeda cut off all ties to the ISIS.

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24 Responses to “Syrian Rebels Stone Girl to Death for Using Facebook”

  1. used facebook
    and give the right information to guve knowledge to everyone.

  2. How wicked is that damn them

  3. Where’s the outrage from the world

  4. It must be Israel’s fault for being the only one to report it!

  5. The islam is a total stupidity!

  6. Cathy Wright says:

    Oh Lord open Islams eyes and ears to the truth.

  7. Where is the world bunch of hypocrites . But Israel is building some houses the whole world is dancing

  8. That is absolutely barbaric and something that you only see in the Islamic society

  9. Where is the UN to punish these beasts, who wish to eliminate Israel because this country is the sole bastion of freedom and respect for human rights in the whole Middle East? One question: what do they do with a man who is a member of Facebook or, as is usual in these uncivilized countries, only women are gulty of being women?

  10. Les Le Gear says:

    Typical savage action.

  11. We need to eliminate these ‘people’ from the face of the Earth.

  12. Where are the Hypocrites that Condemned Phil Robertson for his Words. If Words show Bigotry what does Murder Show??

  13. Yvonne GOD Will do that in HIS Time!

  14. And my country, the USA, is supporting these people?

  15. Rivka Miller says:

    why is there no public outcry? Why doesn't Obama come out and condemn these extreme Islamists?

  16. Ralph Moran says:

    And we let these animals into our country and even give them special privilege

  17. Hayim Curiel says:

    According to Internet sources, in February 2014 al-Qaeda cut off all ties to the ISIS.

    Read more at: http://www.jewishpress.com/news/breaking-news/syrian-rebels-stone-girl-to-death-for-using-facebook/2014/02/16/

  18. I'm sure the UN will immediately condemn…Oh wait – never mind. This just in from the United Nations – UN General Assembly issues condemnation of the NFL Washington football team and their use of the "Redskins" mascot…

  19. These are the rebels that Obama wants to arm and support? Evil personified.

  20. There are NO WORDS to describe this. Even animals act better. My only satisfaction thinking about that girls lonely terror and fright is there is a special place in eternity for cruel men like that. "When you do it to the least of MINE, you do it to ME". Look out fellas, here HE comes.

  21. If a girl gets raped, they stone the girl. If a guy blows himself up, he gets all the sex he wants. Islam is a religion literally ruled by pricks.

  22. Corey Murtagh says:

    This is what you get from religion. Pain, suffering and death. Way to go, guys.

  23. Rosman Majid says:

    i m a muslim,this is not an islamis law..to those who condemn islam,study islam,then u can make your judgment..

  24. Marilyn Duarte Carleno says:

    I just don't understand! the government just opened up access to social networks. So, why would they open up access to these networks if they are going to stone anyone who opens up an account?????

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