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May 27, 2015 / 9 Sivan, 5775
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The Murderers?

Alleged Kidnappers

Arab social media networks are forwarding the attached photo, claiming these are the 2 people who kidnapped and murdered Mohammed Abu Khdeir of Shuafat in Jerusalem.

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40 Responses to “The Murderers?”

  1. They are beyond desperate for propaganda now.

  2. It is outrageous to think we would stoop as low as they are and do such a heinous thing. The Israeli government is doing an active investigation as to what happened. Where was the other side investigating what happened to our boys?

  3. Wilma Durbin says:

    Look like kids to me !

  4. Muslims, Sick People.

  5. They murdered that boy themselves because they said he was gay. Unforgivable, and to blame Israelis for their crime. Don’t they know that they should love ALL of their children regardless of gay, or not gay! Shame on them all, and I hope they get worse then the death that they gave that poor boy.

  6. Arab squatters are very desperate.

  7. It was a set up by the terrorists, false propaganda, as always.

  8. It was a set up by the terrorists, false propaganda, as always.

  9. How can you tell the difference between Jew,Christian,Buddhist,Hindu,Pagan or Arab Radical or not in this picture?….they may be the kidnappers but they could have any belief the world has conjured up….you simply can not come to a conclusion of who is guilty based on a photo with no obvious sign of following a certain teaching……

  10. Of what ethnicity are these 2kids-they look about 13 years old. The Arabs have a “Pinocchio Syndrome” It is a generic trait inherited from Ishmael and handed down for thousands of years until it became part of their mental state.

  11. Are you kidding me? These look like 12 year old kids. The Arab propaganda machine strikes again. NEVER believe anything that comes from Arab Social Media networks. The wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the ass.

  12. Ken Man says:

    They are trying to obscure the possibility it was a gay hate crime committed by their own

  13. You mean the Islam social media. The fact that the majority of Arabs are Muslim does not make all Muslims Arab and all Muslims count where this is concerned. Not all Arabs are Muslim thus not all Arabs are Jihad, but all Muslim are Jihad, it is in their Law.

  14. JD Méndez says:

    How convenient! They had uber focused cameras in the exact place all happened. Right? And of course children walking is the same as killing and burning alive.

  15. Look like local Arabs. So it seems they killed one of their own children as well :(

  16. I don’t believe it. They just picking any one on the streets just to cause a big mess

  17. Diane Hudson says:

    Nonsense they do not kno2w

  18. Anyone notice the shadows? This is not at night. So when did the uncle who initially claimed the perpetrators were “settlers” (whatever that is, btw since we can’t be “settlers” on our own land) connect this photo with a middle of the night abduction? We need facts. Hopefully the Israeli police will get a confession. I only pray it was an Arab who murdered the Arab boy!!!!

  19. Gary Berry says:

    If they are they should be treated and tried as the murderers they are just as the ones on the other side who killed the Jewish teens. Murder is murder. The public can not and should not act like judge and jury. If this keeps going society will loose its ability to work and chaos will come.


  21. I still think one of their own killed the child in order to blame the Jews.

  22. Unbelievable b.s.

  23. We do not believe in Arab midia. They are living in the 6 century…

  24. How do they know those two are not Arabs?

  25. No matter what the outcome of the inquiry is, even worst, if that inquiry proves that the boy was murdered by fellow Arabs because he was gay, then the generalized hypocrisy will say that Zionists stop at nothing and now are trying to vilify the memory of a good Arab boy (actually, being gay is not detrimental of the youth being a good person, but for an Arab that is a great offense). Israel should find the truth, of course, but give a damn about the ensuing outcry and convenient before-camera-outrage of Arabs and continue with its retaliation against Hamas and all of the Arab Muslim world that is trying to destroy Israel and, in a parabolla shot, the world jewry.

  26. Definitely Pallies-NOT Israelis.

  27. I still think the terrorists killed him. This kind of cruelty (burning someone alive) is an anathema to Jews. If the terrorists did this, they should be destroyed without all the extra drama. If an Israeli did this, he, or they, deserve to be executed for treason.

  28. they only open their mouths to lie

  29. Dwaine Stir says:

    Arab honor killing.

  30. To a muzzie any lie is a good lie.

  31. To a muzzie any lie is a good lie.

  32. More Islamanazi propaganda!

  33. I thought they pulled up in a car and forced him in…

  34. Deborah Vogt says:

    Great, now where’s their photo of the murders that killed the 3 Jewish boys?

  35. Rodger Bodle says:

    There seems to be double standards here regarding the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir. A few days before this killing a young girl was killed by her own father for refusing to marry a man her parents had arranged, an honour killing. Surprisingly no demonstrations and no international press outrage. Yet this school boy was found murdered, said to be by two Israelis and the media cover demonstrations in the streets of Gaza and Jerusalem. Why the difference between these two murders, surely Double Standards?

  36. They are so desperate for attention. Why are they not assisting in the kidnaping of the three Israeli boys

  37. Lynne Horner says:

    Get real Lie like there’s no tomorrow.Arab networks.

  38. Ken Man says:

    Says a person who wants to know the truth and if it was a gay hate crime it be acknowledged as such and not be swept under the carpet

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