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Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç told reporters after a cabinet meeting on Monday that Turkey will observe three days of mourning. The mourning period is intended as a show of support for Gaza’s resistance against Israel. The three day period begins Tuesday, July 22.

Arınç, who is also the government spokesman, said Ankara “curses the massacre” and ruthless mass punishment by Israel against the Palestinian Arab people.


Turkey is one of the most outspoken critics of Israel over the war in Gaza.  Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Israel of “barbarism surpassing Hitler.”

Erdogan also pledged that Turkey would remain hostile to Israel so long as he was in office.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has sought in the last days to portray himself as the leading global defender of the Palestinian cause, slamming Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip as a “genocide” of the Palestinians, according to the Daily Star.




  1. Back in 1974, Erdogan wrote, directed, and played the leading part in an anti-semitic play titled Maskomya. Maskomya translates to Masons-Communists-Jews and the play focused on how Free Masons, Communists and Jews were united by a common conspiracy centered on Judaism, implying that Erdogan has held anti-semitic views throughout almost his entire career. He’s hated Jews his whole life and definitely won’t stop now.

  2. Erdogan you are such a hypocrite. Why don’t you mourn the deaths of the Syrians slaughtered and chemical gas used on them for the past two years ?? Three days national mourning for the palestians in Gaza???
    What are you trying to prove??? The poor Turkish people will have to live like the Iranians under khomeni .
    You will ruin turkey bit by bit.
    To make the Turkish Jews apologize for Israel defending itself is really disgusting. You are disgusting. You killed or imprisoned all your opponents and the journalists who don’t agree with you.
    May the day come when you are thrown to the dogs. Obama will not be there all the time – thank G-D !!!nor will you.

  3. Screw Turkey. They stopped being are friends back in 2003 when the renegged on thier promise to allow the 4thID to invade Iraq from their borders. We (the U.S.A) should reward are freinds (the Kurds) and punish those who double crossed us (Turkey) by recognizinag Kurdistan as a soverign Nation State. If we can, we should also kick Turkey out of NATO.

  4. Erdogan is Obamas best friend in the Middle East and probably in the world. We should all start a total boycott of Turkey – stop going there, stop buying their products, stop flying Turkish Airline, expose them and their sponsor Obama for what they realy are – supporters of Islamic terror.

  5. Boycott turkey and their products
    They r not our friends and I fear for the Jews there
    This guy is ok w Syria and gassing it’s people
    The world is a sad place
    Israel must b stronger than ever
    Germany should watch their haters too

  6. Erdogan is a , a Pathetic Rediculious, Islam Charia TURD.
    Even more degenerated than Kahled Meshaal, or Haneya, ,,Just put him in the same basket as all the Muslim and Western Jew Haters,,and dispose of them in the Bermuda triangle.,,, I hear There is a “Great Disappearing act” happening there . 😉 😉

  7. Erdogan is only symptomatic of Turks who like many countries have a growing conservative, nationalist, with a tinge of imperialism (as this was Turkey’s glorious past) population. That’s a worse problem–he is representing and following, not leading, that growing fundamentalist and radicalizing factions of Turkey’s population.

  8. i have declared several years of mourning and prayer for Israel.I am grieived at any deaths but who is grieving for Isralies cant seem to resume a life of normalsie because their constantly under attack.They have lost bus loads of school children and a miriad of other women and children.Yes i grieve for the Palistinians but this didnt have to be happening.May the Messiah return soon and put this all to rest

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