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August 28, 2016 / 24 Av, 5776
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Turkey Exposed 10 Israeli Agents in Iran

Yet Erdogan remains among Obama’s key confidants.

Turkish spy chief Hakan Fidan is basically an Iranian agent.

Turkish spy chief Hakan Fidan is basically an Iranian agent.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan revealed to Iranian intelligence the identities of as many as 10 Iranians who had been meeting with their Mossad case officers in Turkey, The Washington Post’s David Ignatius reported Thursday.

The move was described by “knowledgeable sources” as causing a “significant” loss of intelligence and “an effort to slap the Israelis.” A Turkish Embassy spokesman had no comment.

Ignatius thinks this was the reason Netanyahu was waiting for so long to apologize to Turkey for the 2010 Gaza flotilla fiasco – he was furious. For more than a year, Bibi had resisted appeals from Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to say I’m sorry to the Turks and bring the feud to an end.

But regardless of the apology, there’s no love lost between Erdogan and Israel. In fact, Israeli intelligence sources have no doubt that Turkish intelligence chief, Hakan Fidan, is basically an Iranian agent. They’ve described Fidan to CIA officials as “the MOIS (Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security) station chief in Ankara.”

Nevertheless, the United States is still dealing with Fidan on sensitive matters, Ignatius reports. U.S. officials were so sorry to see ten good men die as a result of Erdogan’s treachery, but they didn’t protest to Turkish officials. Turkish-American relations continued warming last year, writes Ignatius, to the point that Erdogan was among Obama’s key confidants.

The practice of separating intelligence issues from policy issues is supposedly a long-standing U.S. approach. We keep our friends far and our enemies up close. It all makes sense when you think global.

Israeli intelligence had apparently run part of its Iranian spy network through Turkey, Ignatius speculates, saying Turkey has relatively easy movement back and forth across its border with Iran. The Turkish intelligence service, the Milli Istihbarat Teskilati, or MIT, was probably monitoring Israeli-Iranian covert meetings.

The Mossad is probably to blame here, say the Americans, who believe that after more than 50 years of cooperation with Turkey, the Mossad simply couldn’t imagine the Turks would “shop” Israeli agents to a hostile power. So, it turns out the Mossad can also be naïve.

If anyone deserves to find a special surprise in his car one morning, it’s Fidan, the Turkish spy chief. He is a key Erdogan man, who was handed him the MIT in 2010, after serving as a noncommissioned officer in the Turkish army and getting a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland and a doctorate in Ankara. After Fidan took over the Turkish service, “he rattled Turkey’s allies by allegedly passing to Iran sensitive intelligence collected by the U.S. and Israel,” according to a profile in the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ also mentioned that Fidan was arming jihadist rebels in Syria.

Yori Yanover

About the Author: Yori Yanover has been a working journalist since age 17, before he enlisted and worked for Ba'Machane Nachal. Since then he has worked for Israel Shelanu, the US supplement of Yedioth, JCN18.com, USAJewish.com, Lubavitch News Service, Arutz 7 (as DJ on the high seas), and the Grand Street News. He has published Dancing and Crying, a colorful and intimate portrait of the last two years in the life of the late Lubavitch Rebbe, (in Hebrew), and two fun books in English: The Cabalist's Daughter: A Novel of Practical Messianic Redemption, and How Would God REALLY Vote.

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106 Responses to “Turkey Exposed 10 Israeli Agents in Iran”

  1. muhauahua what did this reporter idiot take? PCP?

  2. The US now considers Iran as the biggest prize! No wonder why Israeli government is so nervous. Is this part of a new regional game!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Turkey is a traitor. They will sell their soul for pennies.

  4. Yechiel Baum says:

    The turks soul is valueless so pennies are too much.
    why is Israel sharing with the USA and Turkey? This is not the basis of allies but one of foes

  5. Alan Kardon says:

    As always we and alone.

  6. Joseph Colen says:

    Obama will always reveal anything to the destruction of non-muslims. Israelis and Jews have to wake up there and here. Christians are waking up but Jews still want to play the friendly game with muslims here and there.

  7. Evren Elveren says:

    Tango 1 never dies! 😉

  8. John Mathew says:

    Prophecy is very much correct, the end time Turkey and Iran will join together to come Israel for fight

  9. How will Israel's MOSSAD operatives fare?

  10. vivgolda says:

    How will the 10 from MOSSAD fare?

  11. Mustafa Özdoğan says:

    Abdül Hamit Hanın yaraları hala taptaze duruyor..! adam gibi duramıyorsanız, durdurmasını da biliriz akıllı olun . Yoksa sizi tükrüğümüz bile boğmaya yeter…!!!

  12. Mehmet Tahir says:

    hakan fidanı yedirmeyiz

  13. Yavuz Gümüş says:

    Hakan Fidan never dies !!!!

  14. Yavuz Gümüş says:

    Hakan Fidan never dies !!!!

  15. Turkay Çankaya says:

    Ölümüszz 😀

  16. Coming back to the ottoman empire! But do not worry! Will bring justice and peace to you, too!

  17. Struggling for peace.

  18. 'Tamer TroubleindaHouse says:

    get ur asses out of the middle east, folks. And yori, watch out for crack loving bimbos while traveling in New Jewsey…

  19. Kerim Macit says:

    The comment below picture is : "Turkish spy chief Hakan Fidan is basically an Iranian agent." ahahaha very funny. He is not spy chief, he is chief of National Intelligence Organization. and the writer of this article is basically idiot. 🙂

  20. Birileri rahatsız olduğuna göre istediklerini alamadıkları bir MİT müsteşarımız var arkasında durmalıyız.

  21. Ilker Yapıcı says:

    Briefly, they say "Mamma mia gli turchi"

  22. Karatekinkebap Özkan says:

    keep in mind that you are not promises, and still continues to bleed the land promised to you in the event who comes upon you very quickly. who tells you exactly what it will be in this for a second deviation from the Turks to olmayacaktır.ve armies. grandchildren, grandchildren görmesenizde you will certainly do it .

  23. Karatekinkebap Özkan says:

    şunu hiç bir zaman unutmayın size vaad edilmeyen topraklarda siz kan akıtmaya devam ettikçe ve yine vaad edilen kaçınılmaz sonun üzerinize hızla yaklaştığını bilin. ve bu hadise kuran ve sünnet ne söylerse harfien ve saniye saniye gerçekleşecektir bundan kimse kaçamaz. ve yine bu sizin sonunuz olan orduların içinde türklerde olacaktır bunu siz belki göremeyebilirsiniz ama bizim torunlarımız sizin torunlarınıza yaşatacaktır bunuda sizin ruhlarınız bizzat idrak edecektir….

  24. Ysf Cyrn says:

    Bizimkilere söyleyelimde bu siteyi bi yoklasınlar.Bunlar haddi aşmışlar aldığım duyumlara göre…H@ck(tht)

  25. Andy Fiztviz says:

    Lamere bak hele ya, siz gidin bir oyun parkında oynayın.Neyin gösterisinin peşindesin, boş insan.Diğerleri icraat yapar siz laf!

  26. Ali Aydoğan says:

    רק לצחוק

  27. Yakup Yigit says:

    Who's surprised? It's the way Israel deals with its opponents anyway. Remember the way of killing ahmed yasin who was a disabled and 76 years old palestinian leader, on his way home just after getting out of the mosque his brain was blown up by an israeli rocket.

  28. Oğuz Kiraz says:

    We have a lot of hero, like hakan fidan, in turkish people…if you want to special surprise in a car one morning, ALLAH do that…

  29. Arda Karabey says:

    Turks Force..Are you afraid?

  30. Erdem Eralp says:

    Have u ever tihnk that why ?

  31. contunue to push turks! than.. we put that candlestick to your ass… sons of a bitches..

  32. contunue to push turks! than.. we put that candlestick to your ass… sons of a bitches..

  33. Osman Aygün says:

    As soon as it's over you'll be smart in this country s speed Hakan Fidan, Israel

  34. if he encounters a surprise, a big surprise waiting for you to make sure.he isnt hiram abbas,we re remember how hiram abbas was killed.your hands bloodstained

  35. Selen Kırkaylı says:

    Lol, this is just the beginning, just let wait and see, we never ever forgot killed 9 Turks by your forces!

  36. Good for Israel. The Turks are son of bitches.

  37. You era an idiot kerim

  38. Hangi barış için ulan Tazmanya canavarı!

  39. Temel Demir says:


  40. Turkish spy chief??? Only this term reveals the inadequacy of this so-called journalist.

  41. Ercan Elibol says:

    Birileri rahatsız oldu !!! – Someone was offended!

  42. Alper Akasya says:

    One night, suddenly 82 Jarusalem, 83 Haifa, 84 Tel Aviv!!!11!!11!1!! lol :{

  43. Turan Dmrts says:

    sıkıyosa deneyin yahudi piçleri

  44. Turan Dmrts says:

    sıkıyosa deneyin yahudi piçleri

  45. Turan Dmrts says:

    sıkıyosa deneyin yahudi piçleri

  46. well done hakan fidan.Good job!congratulations.

  47. iranian agent?Yori, are you joking?

  48. if special surprise happens in the car one morning no problem for us, next who goes on his duty and mission, and on, and on, and on………..

  49. peterjohnprincz says:

    What a loathful article from propositus person, ‘ spy chief’?? It is utterly preposterous idea from an opinionated person. Iranian spy? Who are you trying to convince?

  50. Hüsrev Ağa says:

    A surprise for israel.All gharqad tree ll be burned one day:))

  51. What happened to the family interests is to pot?
    not something cursed race…

  52. Gunes Asik says:

    Shame on you Yori Yanover for allegedly inviting for murder! "If anyone deserves to find a special surprise in his car one morning, it’s Fidan, the Turkish spy chief" Too much action movies or what?

  53. Necati Mete says:

    Maybe too much Agatha Christie?

  54. Sinan Mustafa Gürün says:

    arkadaşlar bizler bar bar değil Müslüman türkleriz bizlerin atalarının bir sözü vardır ısıracak köpek diş göstermez diye global dünyada herkes üstüne düşeni yapar hakan fidanda üstüne düşeni yapar ve sonuç ortada hazım problemi olan dünyalı arkadaş varsa soda içsin gazını alır hakan fidanı ve ülkemi hatda dünyayı seviyorum düşünüyorumda dünyaya yeniden hakim olmak çok güzelmiş sevgilerimle 😉

  55. vivgolda says:

    peterjohnprincz couldn’t understand a word you’ve written other than employing a number of billion dollar words.  Just so I’ve got this straight, has Turkey not devolved into a Sharia State in the last 10 years?  Does Turkey not ally herself to Iran?  Did Israel not try to be allies with Turkey?  So what does this prove about Turkey as all through history from the inception of the Ottoman Empire Turks are the most barbaric killers, highly dishonest and with somewhat dubious sexual inclinations among some of the older generation.  How long will it be Turkey before you become fully Sharia run.  The one thing the EU has managed to get right is to prevent Turkey from joining the EU, the Turkish trojan horse you might say.  Turkey has always wanted a big foot in Europe.

  56. "He is not spy chief, he is chief of National Intelligence Organization"

    Gee, thanks for that "clarification".

    Kerim: You are not idiot, you are moron.

  57. you do, however, get up we can talk about acts coming back the Ottoman Israel

  58. you do, however, get up we can talk about acts coming back the Ottoman Israel

  59. The Jewish Press says:

    Türk Ziyaretçiler Sevgili
    Web sitemizi ziyaret ettiğiniz için teşekkür ederiz.
    Türkiye bölgede önemli bir müttefik olması için kullanılır. Türkiye, İsrail için bir arkadaş olmak için kullanılır.
    İsrail Türkiye’nin turizm endüstrisi destekli.
    İsrail ile iyi bir ilişki olmalarından ileri gelmektedir – Türkiye kazanmıştır.
    Ne yazık ki, Başbakan Erdoğan, o senin gururlu ülke almıştır, o senin özgür ülke alınır ve bir düşük ve karanlık bir yere getirdi. Bu son olay bunun en son örneği olmak.
    Sitemizde ölüm tehditleri ayrılmadan önce, Erdoğan seçildi önce ülke ne kadar düşünmek. Türkiye’de İran bir uydu ülke olmak istiyor musunuz?
    Eğer olmak istiyorsanız, başka bir, üçüncü dünya, İslam devleti mi?
    İran’ın nükleer silah alır sonra – onlar bir imparatorluk inşa edilecektir. Ama yapılandırırlar imparatorluk bir Osmanlı imparatorluk olmayacaktır. Ve Türkiye bir yeni bir efendisi boyun eğen olacak
    Bunu bir düşün.

  60. Mehmet Abdullah Pazarbaşı says:

    You are going to be alone. Do you see? “The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews , when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, (a certain kind of tree) would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews.”

  61. It s a miracle! Hitler soaps are writing! Wowww…. 🙂

  62. Hey jews! No one pay you money for your replies! Don t waste your time!

  63. I hear that Obama wants Yori Yanover to call Erdogan and apologize.

  64. I hear that your mum called tou and said you have many fathers!

  65. Don t shame ıt s not your mistake! Life! 😉

  66. Turks has too many sons from bitches! Don t forget! You was under control of turks for an hundered years!

  67. by the way! "bonnie" is dog name in turkey! Now ı understant why! 😉

  68. Ahahahaaaa… seriously!? :))) ing idiot!! :))

  69. Yessss… israil killing kids very friendy… yavşak!

  70. Sorry but! Jews burn world for fifty sent! And all world know this! 🙂

  71. Ulan dil biliyosan konuş bilmiyosan sus salak! Dalga geçip duruyolar!

  72. Your maturity level speaks for itself. How old are you, 8? Or are you an anti-Turkish troll trying to make all Turks look like juvenile idiots? If you are, then you're doing a good job. Congratulations.

  73. If anyone deserves to find a special surprise in his car one morning, "yori" you are terrorist!

  74. Kerim Macit says:

    Bonnie Loranger i can not see any idiot except you

  75. Kerim Macit says:

    Moshe Z. Matitya as i see from your comments you are an ultra-moron 🙂

  76. '' They say'' çüşşşş donkeys have to stop. Note that this concept yakışır.şunu you a lot of water under the bridge. Hakan Fidan, and Israel will come to the united states will be responsible for a small loss. In most people in this country is to put the bill in front of someone.

  77. Hakan Fidan was super successful responses understood. Hakan Fidan, a congratulations

  78. Hakan Fidan was super successful responses understood. Hakan Fidan, a congratulations

  79. ı lowe hakan fidan and recep tayyip ERDOĞAN ha ha ha

  80. Deniz Karadeniz says:

    For all radical Jews.
    Israel is surrounded by Muslim countries. They should be careful with your policy, then eventually all has no more patience. Then you can not even save your Moses gave you. Do not be so arrogant you are only 8 million radical Jews(Jaws). With haunt you will drowned there. CAUTION!!!

  81. Hayrullah Güven says:

    "If anyone deserves to find a special surprise in his car one morning, it’s Fidan"

    ypu think u canscare us with that crap…one FİDAN goes thosands…millions..FİDAN comes after that .Jews have to thankful to TURK's because WE SAVED THE JEWS ASS FROM SPANİSH HOLY OFFİCE'S MASSACRE BİTCES YOU HAVE TO RESPECT US….AND YOU WİLL

  82. Yeah Yeah says:

    Mosssad and bibi propaganda continues. Israeli government behind these news 
    They have so many puppets in media

  83. Yeah Yeah says:

    Ignatius stated that US officials assessed the incident as a problem of misplaced trust, rather than bad tradecraft. He cited one source describing the justification of US officials as saying that Mossad, after more than 50 years of cooperation with Turkey, never imagined that the Turks would “shop” Israeli agents to a hostile power. Here is how Israeli government works.If you or your country criticize Israeli government. Guess what will happen next. Israelis will use media to attack you or your country. Basically they will try to link you with some type organization such as terrorist group pro Nazi groups and they so many puppet in USA do that.

  84. Ozlem Karatas Arli says:

    wthat kind of author are you how can you point the people it is a shame they sould put you in a teorrist list God Bless HAKAN FIDAN…

  85. My maturity level is enough for understant your mum was too bad woman! She not born you ı guess! She !

  86. Seriosly! Why do you reply? No one will pay money! Go and do porn pages… your grandfathers experiments! They were selling grandmoms in europe… they exper in thıs job!

  87. Elvan Katmer says:

    @The Jewish Press I literally had to burn my brain to understand what you have written in Turkish, it is my first language by the way. If you really want to address to Turkish people, you may easily hire a professional linguist / journalist to help out with translations.. I am ready for interview.

  88. Salih Turan says:

    If anyone deserves to see a special surprise in your web site one morning, it's jewishpress . Hacked by Turkish hackers and a palestine message :)) have some fun :))

  89. Erhan Eryılmaz says:

    Tarihte asla bizim kadar cesur adaletli namuslu şerefli bir ırk olamadığınız için köpek gibi her koldan saldırıyorsunuz bizde hep size cevaben şunu söyleriz '' Havlayan Köpek Isırmaz'' ''İt ürür Kervan Yürür'' siz şerefsizliğe devam edin kahpenin dölleri size son bir sözümüz daha var bizim atlarımız derlerdiki '' Ayı' dan Post Gavur' dan Dost Olmaz ''aslan dostunuz olmadık olmayacağızda bunu böyle bilin …

  90. Who loves @moshe. Matitya mum?

  91. MOSHE! Are you idiot? If younfather die you are accept to your own mum! I mean your relagion accept that!
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    Make 7jew happy in same time?
    Very creative!

  93. Serdar Mir says:

    God blees all muslim people,

  94. Hilmi Kaçar says:

    Yori Yanover resembles Nero who played violin while Rome was burning.. The best remedy for ignorance (that brings one's downfall) is reading and knowledge. Perhaps you can start with these: Moise Franco, Essai sur l’histoire des Israelites des l’Empire Ottoman depuis les origines jusqu’a nos jours (Paris, 1897); Harry Ojalvo, Ottoman Sultans and their Jewish Subjects; Abraham Galanté, Histoire des Juifs d'Istanbul, depuis la prise de cette ville en 1453 par Fatih Mehmet II jusqu’a nos jours, vol. 1 (Istanbul, 1941).

  95. Adil Keskin says:

    "If anyone deserves to find a special surprise in his car one morning, it’s Fidan, the Turkish spy chief". Did you (Israel agents) kill Ugur Mumcu like this way?

  96. you hit the nail on the head.

  97. Isa Göç says:

    Israel backs of the world to kill blood-sucking mites are very fond of Israel

  98. Isa Göç says:

    kan emici israil hakan fidadan dan korkuyor

  99. israel is a murder ha this is true and you maybe afraid

  100. Yusuf Sevim says:


  101. Bülent çağlar says:

    Moshe u are a and ugly jewish gay:))

  102. Bülent çağlar says:

    Moshe u are a and ugly jewish gay:))

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