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Two shuls on Rabbi Tarfon street in Ramat Beit Shemesh B were broken into overnight, according to a report in Hadarei Hadarim.

In the “Beit Aharon” synagogue, Torah scroll covers and accouterments, as well as the shofars were stolen.


In the synagogue near “Leah Imeinu”, the Torah was stolen.

The Torah was found later, dumped in the nearby woods, but stripped of its cover and silver accouterments.

While robbing the shuls of their gold and silver, the thieves damaged the shul.

Photos from the scene can be found on the Hadarei Hadarim website.



  1. You seek to honor the Word by adorning it with things that are precious to men. But a simple scroll of vellum and ink and wood, unadorned, is more satisfying to Hashem. It is but His Word only, with no distracting embellishments added to it, which are insisted upon by men.

    Of course they will try to steal it. They do not value it for what it is. They only want to take what was carried out of Egypt, not what was carved out in the Sinai. The Word, to them, is meaningless.

    Keep it simple, and you will have no need to guard it. And if they take it then; well, at least they know it for its true value.

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