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January 22, 2017 / 24 Tevet, 5777
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UN Chief Ban Ki-moon Equates Kidnapping to Israeli Defense

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U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
Photo Credit: VOA

UN Chief Ban Ki-moon compared the Israeli air strike against an active Hamas/Salafi Jihad terrorist to the kidnapping of 3 Israeli children.

Following repeated missile launches from Gaza into Israel, as well as a plot to take down a helicopter, the IAF struck back, taking out Hamas policeman and rocket terrorist Mohammed Awar last Wednesday. Also injured in the strike was Awar’s human shield, his 7 year old nephew, who died on Saturday.

Unlike Ban Ki-moon’s unequivocal condemnation of the kidnapping of Turkish diplomats in Iraq last week where he said, “this is totally unacceptable” and he was “shocked” to learn of the kidnapping by “terrorists”, Ki-moon felt, in the case of Israel, the need to compare, in his boilerplate statement, the deliberate kidnapping of three Israeli children, to the strike against an active terrorist, which also killed a human shield the terrorist thought would protect him from an Israeli strike, as he continues his terror attacks.

Ban Ki-moon expressed, “deep concern on the trend toward violence on the ground and attendant loss of life, including today of a child in Gaza as a result of a recent Israeli airstrike.” Ban urged all parties to “exercise restraint and lend urgent support for the release and safe return of the three youths.”

Ban Hi-moon should have pulled an Obama, and just kept his mouth shut.

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  1. The United Nazis speak. Who cares.

  2. The United Nazis speak. Who cares.

  3. Excuse my language but he can go f himself

  4. Excuse my language but he can go f himself

  5. Excuse my language but he can go f himself

  6. Gene Strong says:

    The UN is a corrupt bunch of thugs and thieves.

  7. Gene Strong says:

    The UN is a corrupt bunch of thugs and thieves.

  8. useless anti semitic nations

  9. useless anti semitic nations

  10. not a problem for me here are the ‘uck’

  11. not a problem for me here are the ‘uck’

  12. Lisa Herzog says:

    He represents the most useless and corrupt international waste of resources….the UN!

  13. We’ve always known that Israel stands on her own. She has no friends so why she tries to appease the rest of the world I have no idea.

  14. Useless bunch when it comes to Israel

  15. Dani Katz says:

    Bankrupt Moon and Obama, both from the same school of Goebbel’s Institute for Antisemitic Propaganda and Training.

  16. Joseph Dan says:

    Les condamnations des vipères internationales
    On se les met au C.

  17. Pam Wong says:

    again UN=United Nothing!

  18. Jay Grosflam says:

    @The Jewish Press – you did not have to denigrate my Pres. Obama with your last sentence. It was uncalled for. One more like this and I will unlike this page.

  19. What is the matter with the U.N. These days? They have lost their minds.

  20. Simon Lawati says:

    JAY if you unlike this page does it really make defferent. Go ahead!

  21. Haim Kohen says:

    I don’t Give a sheet.
    Excuse my english

  22. Haim Kohen says:

    I don’t Give a sheet.
    Excuse my english

  23. UN is run by One world government freaks, terrorists, dictators, and Israel haters. What it spews forth I don’t hear and is not worth listening to. Just something to scrape off my shoes.

  24. Jay Grosflam says:

    You wanted Romney to be president and you are Nepalese, and chose to move away from your religion.

  25. Simon Lawati says:

    Yea, I am Nepalese and I don’t think it is hard to become American, I am wondering Nepal is a free country for religion, what you mean by move away my religion? Which religion?

  26. Sounds like Jewish press indirectly complimented Obama for doing the right thing.

  27. Ken Man says:

    The goons a mohammadist stooge we all know that

  28. Jay Grosflam says:

    I am almost sure there is back channel communications.

  29. He has a love relationship with Hamas. Strong IDF and IAF and Navy is Israel’s security.

  30. These leaders are all antisemitic = anti Israel . This is not new and we must to do what is good for Israel and f… all are enemies declared or not

  31. Beth S Brock says:

    Jay , I’m glad Barry has 1 fan. Bye bye. You can write him in prison !

  32. Jay Grosflam says:

    You are an useful idiot.

  33. Roman Druker says:

    Should be impeached

  34. Zhan van Wyk says:

    definte Anti Semite scum

  35. The words of the UN are as inconsequential as most of its actions. Had you not made the effort to listen, you would not know that Mr. Moon had said anything at all.

    Now, that said, the UN merely continues to live down to its usual standard here, particularly with regard to Israel.

  36. Jay Grosflam Truth hurts doesn’t it?

  37. David Shaffer says:

    Well, he has an excuse this time – he's stoned out of his mind: http://www.buenosairesherald.com/article/162054/bolivian-president-gives-un-ban-kimoon-coca-birthday-cake

  38. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    Reminds me of a saying my mom used to say…birds of a feather stick together..

  39. Rosetta Cole says:

    Israel is protected by God Almighty

  40. They warned Israel time and again that they were going to kidnap Israelis, so that they could have prisoner swops and reign terror on Israel. And the World ” did nothing” they were silent. What did the World Not Understand???? Wait until it happens on their Home turf? Then they will sing a different tune.

  41. And the most powerful man is silent.

  42. Michael Angelo Graves thank you for your support.

  43. The toothless tiger is the united nations. Always was and always will be.

  44. he’s a f-cking douche bag!

  45. Adam Green says:

    Unhelpful Nations = led my Ban Ki Oil lover…. seriously Fck this dog

  46. Adam Green says:

    Her friends are Jewish supporters like my community in Australia, we are small but we will shout from the roof and do what we can. Am Israel Chai!

  47. Anyone who thinks Obama is Israel’s friend is delusional, and not worth one more second of my time. I can’t wait to elect his successor, providing it’s not Hillary. Not voting for her. Elizabeth Warren I could. Hillary? Hell No.

  48. They are become muslim nd son of devil.


  50. That’s crap this guy

  51. Sohail Khan says:

    Good comment by Mr Ki -moon.

  52. Here’s me…giving the finger to Ban Ki Moon and the UN

  53. Ungratefull fool. If it wasn´t for UN and USA, there would not be an Israel today.

  54. why always israel talk like its weak and no one listen to it 🙂
    all world under Israel control idk why, but u little jews are amazing !!
    u rule USA and all Europa !!

    Opama dosnt do anything until back to netenyaho!

    i Salute u jews

  55. Bo Milos says:

    There is only one country I trust Israel

  56. Dani Katz says:

    And how are you enjoying Islam taking over your country? Shariah law is only around the corner for you but will probably embrace it, won’t you? Did you and your fellow Israel haters share sweets like your friends in Gaza did when they heard of the kidnappings? By the way, 1948 was a different time and came after six million Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis whilst much of the world stood by and did precious little. I know Denmark, despite sections of the community aligning themselves with Nazi, did a lot to save Jews but today, in your country, it is not safe for Jews to walk down the street wearing a kippa (skullcap) for fear of being attacked by muslims living in your country. Have you ever been to Israel Carsten? Have you seen what Israel does to integrate all peoples that chose to live in that country? Are you aware of how much Israel has given up in the name of peace and trying come to an agreement to live with the arabs in the middle east? Unless you can say YES to these questions, then it is you who is the fool for making statements out of ignorance that are based on misinformation and pure lies. Have a nice day.

  57. Bernard Baum says:

    Well I guess “Paper” Moon has finally eaten his Bolivian coca cake ; I’m waiting for Michelle “hashtag”Obama … Both useless idiots .

  58. Israel should’ve pulled out of the Useless Nincompoops years ago.

  59. Dani Katz says:

    For you Carsten. By accepting the PUG and recognizing Hamas in the new Palestinian Unity Government, Obama et al gave Hamas (a designated terrorist organization) legitimacy to continue doing what they have been doing in the past and what they said they would do since the formation of the PUG.

  60. Mandy Jacobs says:

    The UN The EU FIFA
    The head of the Olimpic Games Jacque Rogg the whole bloody lot of them are ANTI ISRAEL
    And ANTI JEW its not news
    Everyone should know this
    If they don’t its about time they should no the Truth !!!! B

  61. Timothy Burt says:



  63. Izaac Luger says:

    Doesn’t this gook have some dogs to fry up?

  64. Yehuda Pa says:

    He just moons them all.

  65. Yehuda Pa says:

    He is mooning Israel. Sticking his rear end at them.

  66. Yehuda Pa says:

    Dismantle the UN, worthless organization of haters.

  67. Why is he talking if he knows nothing? Why is the UN and the western world afraid for the Arab/Muslim countries?

  68. Linda Sinclair says:

    Drop Dead Moon, you corrupted P.O.S.

  69. They got a professional hater to lead it. The country literally blames all their problems on Japan

  70. This is why those Islamic maniacs feel emboldened

  71. Ban ki moon is a piece of

  72. Haley Chace says:

    The SOB is A Socialist Unwiped ass!

  73. Run Guo says:

    What is UN, who give a dame about what UN say. Israel just need to destroy her enemy, like any other country in this world would practise. When you mix UN with any thing that is GOOD, the result is UNGOOD. Writing on the wall for Moon.

  74. Robert Davis says:

    The world is making a FOOL of us just because netanyahou IS a fool!!! If we want this circus stops we miust put pressure on the PM to expel all of the arab residents of Hebron and its neighbouring villages to jordan and if that is not sufficient ALL OF ARABS FROM JUDEA/SAMARIA/GAZA. This the only way for the world the "int' community" pseudo for lefters' community to respect Israel and stop those pressures on Israel.

  75. Robert Davis says:

    In fact I am sure all these pressures on Israel are meant to push its government expel arabs,although they cannot say it,so as to stop the political havoc. Either netanyahou is too stupid to understand it or he is such a coward he does not dare take the chaqllenge.

  76. Amen to Sergio Najiis!!!

  77. Nice to know the UN head thinks like a terrorist . Where is his reprimands he car. The bus bombers,the rockets,the farm destroyers, the rock throwers the kidnappers, those that terrorist the Christians that live in Israel.he is a sick vile worm

  78. Alan Kardon says:

    Birds do not kidnap.

  79. Alan Kardon says:

    Because they run them. We have a president named Barack Hussein. That should answer your question.

  80. This piece of crap is bought and paid for, and a total waste of oxygen.

  81. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    Did all the terrorists just jave a meeting with the last full moon. We have ships with missles amd drones and who knows what else,,to get rid, of those killing many people dead along their bloody trail and heading into, Bagdad, just waiting on them. .and now this?

  82. David Grim says:

    How about that.

  83. Longlive ISRAEL,

  84. Andy Smith says:

    israel has a right to defend its self .

  85. Another Jackass heard from. They should all get togther and take a long walk off a short pier.

  86. Jewish children don’t count? UN can’t condemn thus kidnapping?

  87. The UN has been vilifying and condemning Israel for decades, backed by the oil rich Arabs plus Russia and China plus the other Muslim —s? What else is new? They should move that useless edifice of anti-semitism and stupidity out of New York for good.

  88. Nazi…What about the Israeli children. I hope they keep at it, and if they use children for human shields, the blood is on their hands and they KNOW a lot ABOUT THAT.

  89. Nazi…What about the Israeli children. I hope they keep at it, and if they use children for human shields, the blood is on their hands and they KNOW a lot ABOUT THAT.

  90. Nazi…What about the Israeli children. I hope they keep at it, and if they use children for human shields, the blood is on their hands and they KNOW a lot ABOUT THAT.

  91. Maybe he could just die of a heart attack, or a stroke. We could be so lucky.

  92. John Hanson says:

    the U.N. needs to go !

  93. John Hanson says:

    the U.N. needs to go !

  94. Irene Solnik says:

    just Jews who cares?

  95. Chris Newman says:

    You’re an idiot

  96. Ban ki Moon, you have no respect left. Gaza fires missles into Israel you don’t condemn. But kidnapping 3 Jewish children by terrorists is ok

  97. Why is anyone surprised?

  98. stupid, ugly arab money teat sucking little man.

  99. Tinok Levi says:

    Ban Kim-Moon is a rat with no soul… He's probably related to Kim Jong Ill…

  100. Johana Nadler says:


  101. Paul Brooks says:

    They should bomb Gaza into dust. Arabs Islamists are wicked, and should pay for their hatred.

  102. Matt Fried says:

    Just goes to show u how much Ki-moon is just another example of anti-Semites at the UN council. move then out of this country. Who needs the UN

  103. Dick Farrel says:

    real name is cocky moon

  104. I challenge Ban Ki-moon to show me one Arab/muslim country where minorities/other religions have the same rights as Muslims and where women/girls have the same rights as men/boys. There is none. Even now at the moment when isis killed 1700 civilians and soldiers in Syria, on etnic-sectarian criteria Ban Ki-moon and the UN didn''t condemn this. Instead of doing their jobs, they’re focussing on Israel. What kind of cowards are they?

  105. Jan Pištěk says:

    The UN is a criminal organisation.

  106. John Wests says:

    He need a to just mind his own business and shut up. The U.N. has proven over and over to be nothing more then a group of antisemite. Israel will handle this with a vengeance

  107. Len Minowitz says:

    Amen. Couldn't have said it
    any more clearly myself.

  108. Max Gordon says:

    This guy is a waste of human flesh

  109. The United Nations is a joke

  110. The UN is a vile despicable anti semitic abomination on the face of our planet. It needs to be brought to an end.

  111. Keith David Reitman says:

    Yes, Hamas kidnapping three civilian youths is certainly equivalent to Israel killing a confirmed terrorist with blood on his hands, as Ban Ki Moon opines. Move along folks, There is no Jew hating at the UN. Move along… get in the rail car…

  112. Wendy Keegen says:

    How do we protest and or fight back the anti semite? I asked President Obama on his facebook why do you hate Jewish people so much? No response yet. So should I stop voting democrat? Thanks.

  113. It is no surprise that Ban Ki-moon did not condemn the kidnapping of the Israeli boys. The UN and the EU are supporters of the palestinian terrorists. Like obama, they are all wanting the destruction of Israel and her citizens. Israel is the ONLY TRUE DEMOCRATIC country in the middle east.

  114. Judith Dowla says:

    Maureen, which country is Ban Ki Moon from?

  115. He is from Korea. He should first start to look at the human rights in Korea, before pointing a finger at Israel.

  116. John Kinory says:

    Of course you should stop voting for that filthy bunch. Shrillary would be even worse.

  117. John Kinory says:

    He works for the UN. He is filth. It's a simple syllogism.

  118. Keith David Reitman says:

    Hello Sam Cohen. Good catch. I was trying to convey where this world incremental Jew hatred is headed. I was trying to use my "sarcasm font" toward this very real threat to World Jewry.

  119. Ag, Ban Ki-Moon is a nobody. He is just a puppet of another bunch of puppets that adhere to satan hubama and his buddy cameron from the UK

  120. Yechiel Baum says:

    For a Korean, he seems very quiet when the same happens between north and south korea.

  121. AC Stubbs says:

    disgusting bigot who truly represents the UN and sec kerry

  122. AC Stubbs says:

    I have already written by Sen telling them to stop funding the UN today If you need your address, just ask

  123. Anonymous says:

    What a bigoted jerk Moon is–a disgrace to his office and pathetic apologist for brutal Islamofascist murderous violence.
    Apparently he's so either stupid or biased (or both) that he's unable to distinguish between the targeted elimination of a confirmed murderer, and the kidnapping of 3 innocent teenagers.

  124. I spoke to Moon at Park East Synagogue this winter, when he was the guest speaker. The guy is so morally sick and evil that I can finally understand why he is head of the UN–one of the leading terrorist organizations in the world.

    When I am mayor, I am going to turn the UN building into a homeless shelter, so that at least it does some good. Let the UN members meet in Switzerland, or somewhere in Europe. The prostitution trade in New York will lose most of its business–but thems the breaks!!!

  125. Olive Tree says:

    Moon is crazy. And is part of an insane enterprise which would do the world a favor if it were leveled to the ground.

  126. Anonymous says:

    Crimes against children can never be justified no matter the circumstances, and should always be condemned. For Mr Ban Ki-moon to attempt a justification for such a crime, brings a shame upon himself. I can only conclude that he is mentally unwell, emotionally exhausted and unfit for office.

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