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February 26, 2015 / 7 Adar , 5775
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UN Figures It Out: Iran Might be Lying!

Ahmadinejad in nuclear plant

Ahmadinejad in nuclear plant

The United Nations is considering the possibility that Iran just might have figured out how to avoid international sanctions in order to continue that country’s drive to develop nuclear weapons.

According to a confidential new report by a U.N. panel that compliance with international sanctions, Tehran appears to be using its petrochemical industry as a cover to smuggle forbidden items into the Islamic Republic for use in the nuclear program, Reuters reported on Tuesday.

According to Reuters, Iran has apparently slowed import of forbidden substances in recent months, but added that there might be a possibility of subterfuge, “rang(ing) from concealing titanium tubes inside steel pipes to using its petrochemical industry as a cover to obtain items for a heavy-water nuclear reactor.”

The report comes as the international community is preparing for a new round of talks aimed at politely asking Tehran to abandon its nuclear program. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has warned for nearly 20 years that Iran was marching towards nuclear weapons capabilities, but the international community has been slow to respond.

According to Reuters, Iranian duplicity includes a set of titanium tubes hidden inside a shipment of stainless steel pipes manufactured in and shipped from China.

The report recommends that governments exercise greater vigilance over freight-forwarding firms, which often appear as the ordering party on shipments of items destined for Iran. While such practices are not necessarily illegal, the panel says Tehran could use them to conceal final destinations or uses.

“In three cases inspected under the current mandate, names of freight forwarders were recorded on shipping documentation in the place of consignors or consignees,” the report said.

“The Panel notes that the International Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA) has issued a notice to its members warning about the increased use of counterfeit Bills of Lading in connection with shipments to and from Iran,” it added.


Another example of Iranian deception is efforts the Ayatollahs have made for the past two years to obtain German and Indian valves for the heavy-water reactor at Arak, a plant that has proven to be a major sticking point in Tehran’s nuclear negotiations. Reuters notes that one investigation refers to Iran’s  procurement of 1,767 valves for Modern Industries Technique Company (MITEC) from 2007 through 2011. According to the experts’ 2013 report, 1,163 valves appear to have reached the company.

If the Arak reactor goes online in its current form, it will yield significant amounts of weapons-grade plutonium, but the document merely explains how it would produce radioisotopes that could be used in “radiation processing, radiation therapy, radiography, scanning and tracer purposes and other peaceful applications of nuclear energy”.

Iran has warned for years that the Islamic Republic views “wiping Israel off the map” as s a strategic goal for the country. To that end, Iran has financed years of terror attacks against Israeli civilians via its financing of the Hamas terror gang. In addition, Iran is suspected in a string of terror attacks against Jews around the world, most notably the 1994 AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires, Argentina that killed 85 people and wounded over 300.

In addition, Prime Minister Netanyahu has warned Western leaders that it is a mistake to pretend that Iran would refrain from attacking Western targets in Europe and North America if given the opportunity.

However, much of the international community has rejected Israel’s warnings. President Barack Obama has pledged repeatedly not to allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons “on (my) watch,” but also refused to respond to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s question about what his administration would consider a “red line” that would prompt an American military strike.

About the Author: Avi is a news writer for The Jewish Press. In the past, he has covered Israel and the Jewish world for Israel National News, Ami magazine and other international media.

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52 Responses to “UN Figures It Out: Iran Might be Lying!”

  1. Mike Walker says:

    Might be lying?

  2. Well, no kidding!! They are lying through their teeth!!

  3. Karen Bryant says:

    Might be lying; it’s in their dna. Lying is suggested in their Koran . Lying to us comes as natural to them as breathing.

  4. Philip Wan says:

    Did it came too late?

  5. Guy Peters says:

    If the UN has finally realized that ” Iran might be lying” ,I am a little surprised ,if the UN would ever dare take any action- I would be in ” shock & awe”!!

  6. Took us long enough !


  8. Might be !?! Listen to me , if a heyena was coming at u , slobering , & looking at u hungrily , and it spoke , & said im not gonna hurt u just wanna get close to u , would u believe him !?!?!

  9. UN are a bunch of frikking idiots

  10. Peter Resz says:

    I still vote to move the UN to South Africa and for the USA to quit funding this anti-American institution.

  11. Patrick Obi says:

    UN/USA under Obama is the worst thing that has ever happened to the world!

  12. This is so obvious I thought it was satire from “The Onion”.

  13. JD Méndez says:

    Idiots! And they call themselves leaders…

  14. Let`s hope it is not true!

  15. Mike Stewart says:

    What do you mean might be lying. Hitler told the world that he wanted peace. The Japanese told the world they wanted peace. At the end of WWII 80 million people were dead. What do mean they might be lying………????????

  16. Wow!!!! Never thought Iran would actually lie!


  18. Les Buss says:

    UN needs to be disbanded nd not given a cent from Canada!

  19. Ronnie Pleet says:

    Must be totally apparent if the UN has figured it out

  20. Dean Spencer says:

    Say it ain’t so! Duh!!

  21. James Elkins says:

    let Russia nuke them

  22. I say in the 1970′s the Iranian men in los angeles,ca were liars then and nothing has changed has it.

  23. show me where u find Lying is permitted in the Quran…..if u dont hv Knowledge and believe in the Media BLINDLY like the Weapons of Mass Destruction…then u should question your common sense and the Logic behind the ‘WARS”and should understand the country supplying the most weapons WORLDWIDE and why thats a PROFIT……Time to THINK…..for ADOLF HITLER blaming the CHRISTIAN RELIGION is a SIN,,,goes for the same,,for few Black sheeps,in ISLAM..as well………and NO RELIGION teaches EXTREMISM….there are no RELIGION as such…@ Karen Bryant……….the solution is in LOVE…which we dont care about these days…..In LOVE lies the answer..my frnd.

  24. Karen Bryant says:

    I don’t rely on the media or you to educate me. I took the time to read the Koran years ago and have studied history. So your arrogance and lies don’t impress me. And I’ve no intention of any further fruitless dialogue with you. Have a lovely day!

  25. Eduardo Mazo says:

    realized to build the nuclear is fool concept, means self promote big bang itself.

  26. Sam Leshow says:

    Isn`t Persia the inventor of Chess ?


  28. How about the UN is lying; I think they knew it all along, they never doubted it. I think they planned it this way.

  29. iran lie do you think of coarse them scumbags lie there koran tells them to lie morons

  30. No sh*t, sherlock

  31. oh wow! they are so smart! ha!


  33. Can’t put anything past these guys!

  34. Leon Chattah says:


  35. Of they have the UN either new all along or they are total morons

  36. The so called U.N. is usually a decade or two behind the common folks in figuring things out.

  37. The so called U.N. is usually a decade or two behind the common folks in figuring things out.

  38. ” Here we go again!” That oldie but goody Dolly Parton song sure keeps gettin repeated all to much lately…. Give a committee the chance to raise a horse and it becomes a camel! Give a Moron the chance to run a country…..and you have highly charged and end used camel dung – amazin ain’t it?

  39. Jesse Long says:

    Iran had the weapons of mass destruction the whole time.

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