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January 24, 2017 / 26 Tevet, 5777
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UN: Jewish Exhibit a Threat, ‘Palestinian Celebration’ Crucial to Peace

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A demonstration of Palestinian solidarity. According to the UN, these are just harmless expressions of an emerging nation's yearnings for peace and equality. Nothing as foreboding as an exhibit celebrating the connection between Jews and their homeland.

A demonstration of Palestinian solidarity. According to the UN, these are just harmless expressions of an emerging nation's yearnings for peace and equality. Nothing as foreboding as an exhibit celebrating the connection between Jews and their homeland.
Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said that 2014 could be a important year in the Middle East peace process, if both sides are willing to take bold steps and refrain from actions that undermine progress in the peace talks that resumed last year.

That, if you didn’t already know, is a reference to the porch in Mrs. Levy’s apartment in East Jerusalem. She just received a permit to close that porch, despite the damage that this act would cause universal peace. Because any construction, anything at all, taken up by Jews in areas the world considers “Arab land,” is an attack on the peace efforts.

Shame on you, Mrs. levy.

Quickly, Mrs. Levy, cover your porch before the eternal peace starts… Photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90

Quickly, Mrs. Levy, cover your porch before the eternal peace starts… Photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90

It’s difficult to find consistencies in decisions made by UN officials these days. If I didn’t know better, I’d be forced to conclude that they believe the Jews are the source of all the trouble in the Near East, while the Palestinian statehood is a magic cure that will surely usher in a heavenly choir, angels, a second coming and, possibly, Cadillacs for everybody.

On January 16, 2014, the United Nations launched the International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, with senior officials urging that the observance be used “to redouble efforts to achieve a durable peace between Israel and Palestine.”

“The coming year will be crucial to achieving the two-State solution,” Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson said in his remarks to the UN General Assembly’s Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People.

I wasn’t aware there was a special committee on just those inalienable rights. You’d think other groups would want one as well. The Basque, the Kurds, to name just two peoples, would probably want such a committee, too. Look it up – there are no committees.

If the Kurds or the Basque had any sense, they would figure out a way to show that the reason for their repression are the Jews. Then you’ll see how, overnight, they’ll become everybody’s cause célèbre at the UN.

Also, not to nit-pick, but didn’t UNESCO director-general Irina Bokova on the very same week declare that the Simon Wiesenthal Center exhibit titled “The People, the Book, the Land — 3,500 years of ties between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel,” would be postponed indefinitely, so as not to damage the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

How can the universal celebration of the Palestinian people’s rights to the land be a boost to the peace talks, while the celebration of the Jewish people’s rights to the same land be a talks killer?

Here’s how: according to Eliasson, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are working hard towards a peaceful, comprehensive settlement of all permanent status issues, which means, so goes the official UN announcement, a settlement that ends the occupation that started in 1967 and which would end the conflict.

It also means, goes the announcement, securing an independent, viable and sovereign State of Palestine living alongside a secure State of Israel, where each side recognizes the other’s legitimate rights.

How do they know?

The current situation is that a UN member, the State of Israel, is in negotiations with representatives of a minority group living in an area that’s legally no man’s land administered by the Israeli Army. Maybe they’ll decide to have two states, maybe a Palestinian autonomy, maybe Israel will offer everybody west of the Jordan River full citizenship. It’s a negotiation.

Yori Yanover

About the Author: Yori Yanover has been a working journalist since age 17, before he enlisted and worked for Ba'Machane Nachal. Since then he has worked for Israel Shelanu, the US supplement of Yedioth, JCN18.com, USAJewish.com, Lubavitch News Service, Arutz 7 (as DJ on the high seas), and the Grand Street News. He has published Dancing and Crying, a colorful and intimate portrait of the last two years in the life of the late Lubavitch Rebbe, (in Hebrew), and two fun books in English: The Cabalist's Daughter: A Novel of Practical Messianic Redemption, and How Would God REALLY Vote.

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  1. Yonathan Chichelnitskiy says:

    UN declares "International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People"

    UN cancels "Jewish people's 3500-year relationship to the land of Israel" Expo.

    Does that sound right to you?

  2. The State of Israel must explain to the UN and to all nations that God gave to Israel all the Land of Canaan, which includes all the Palestine, as it is written in the Bible, in Genesis 12:6-7, 15:13-21, 17:1-8, 17:19, 26:1-5, 28:10-14 and 35:9-12 and Numbers 34:13-29 and Deuteronomy 3:8, and that Israel possessed that land since the year 1466 BCE, and that the Arabs invaded the Land of Israel (Palestine) in the year 635 CE, so that all the Palestine belongs to Israel, including the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and the Arabs are invaders.
    The State of Israel must not make pact with the Palestinians, because it is written in the Torah, in Exodus 23:32 and 34:12 and Deuteronomy 7:2 that God commanded Israel not to make pact with the inhabitants of the Land of Canaan, that is the Land of Israel, also called "Palestine", and it is written in the Torah, in Numbers 33:50-53 and Deuteronomy 1:8 and 30:5, that God commanded Israel to possess all the Land of Canaan, that is the Land of Israel, also called “Palestine”. Therefore, the peace talks with the Palestinians must cease immediately.

  3. The UN and others who are trying to destroy Israel are spoiled children who never learned the word, No, you can’t have your way. Abba made it clear who gets this land. You(the rest of the world) can’t have it no matter how hard you cry and kick and holler. Thank Master Yahweh that our Jewish brothers and sisters are so steadfast in dealing with this and guiding us to stand with them against those who want to cry, kick and holler.

  4. Gil Gilman says:

    Yori, you're on a roll, I'll let you know when my cadillac arrives, if you'll let me know when the UN becomes something more than a carping dictum with a brain seizure.

  5. I am not surprised by the latest U.N. pro Palestinian rant. I have lost all respect for the U.N. and for that matter, the EU because of their biased views in regards to Israel. To these entities, Israel could do nothing right, short of handing the entire country of Israel over to the Palestinians. They have been a ban wagon leader for years in helping to promote the notion of the poor, downtrodden Palestinians being mercilessly ruled, dictated, and maltreated by the big bad Israelis. Never mind that as we speak Israel is under continuous attack from Palestinian and other terrorist groups. Never mind the fact that countless Israelis have been maimed and murdered by overzealous Arabs who spend their lives bent on the destruction of Israel. Never mind the fact that while Israel has offered countless proposals to finally reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians, the answer is always no and they offer no realistic and legitimate counter offers other than returning to the 67' borders, releasing Palestinian terrorists from prison, and an unconditional approval to continue their murderous ways. Yes, this is indeed hypocrisy at the highest level. But, it's hypocrisy against Israel not the Palestinians.

  6. How does denying history help create peace? Surely they know that eventually, they're going to have to tell the palestinians the truth and until they accept the truth, there will be no peace…unless their plan is to usher in a new world order by rolling out a red carpet dyed with Jewish blood. A mountain of lies covered with a carpet made of genocide is not a solid foundation for peace. What are they really trying to achieve? The coming of Abaddon?

  7. Why is it that we seem to have leaders over the last 40 years or so that claim to have faith in God, but don't believe the word of God? Why is it that despite FACTUAL data that proves that Israel is living in their land much as they did before the diaspora, do nations dismiss it? Why is it that they instead believe lies and believe that Israel is living on Palestinian land when it has been disproven? Many people world wide don’t even believe that Israel EVER lived in Jerusalem.
    Here is a link to see the actual arch in ROME that was made in 70 AD after the sacking of Jerusalem by Titus of Rome. Notice the Menora from the temple in Jerusalem. This is factual evidence left from Rome, the ENEMY of Israel, that still stands in Rome today and can be seen by anyone. This is older than the muslim religion. http://www.scholarscorner.com/museums/titus.htm
    The REASON PEOPLE BELIEVE the lies? These are the end times that Gods word warned us would come. I wrote a small 6 or 7 page book that outlines what I believe the Bible states will take place soon as well as the potential trends I see at this time. I don’t accept donations and it’s free. It’s a short read. I encourage you to have a look: http://www.booksie.com/religion_and_spirituality/book/richard_b_barnes/after-the-rapture-whats-next

  8. All too often we offer pearls only to see the swine trampling them into the mud.


  10. Dorothy Andreassend says:

    NO, IT IS NOT RIGHT! I do not stand with Palestine in any way at all.
    Israel will prevail G-d has made that statement and Man can try what he likes but Israel through G-d will prevail. G-d bless Israel .

  11. Is there a UN?, really I don't know.

  12. Larry H. Gentry says:

    The UN is an albatross around the neck of the USA. They are completely useless in almost every way imaginable. They are also, obviously, dangerous to peace throughout the world. The USA needs to get out of the UN completely and have their headquarters moved to a different country where they'll feel more at home. Any suggestions where?

  13. There is nothing here to unite nations ! to divide – yes, to allow bias is no way to heal wounds.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Our problem is internal: Bib behaves like a subordinate, which is something Israel should never permit herself to be. But with leaders like Bibi, LIvni and Lapid, that idiot, this is what is being presented, our weakness. That is why Kerry comes back, he knows he can get a concession. He is no dummy.
    Until Israel demands that the US and EU stop funding the corrupt and illegal PA, this will continue. The UN are noting but an arm of the PA, they are an instrument in the war waged at Israel.When the money stops, the PA will dry up and fly away—

    Time for our PM to act like a man instead of a mouse and demand that the funding stop or there will be no talks, no prisoner releases, there will be no trade, no cheap gas, and there will be no access to the PA territory, and so forth ——Shalom and be well,Zionqueen

  15. Anonymous says:

    The Un are a band of bullies, and if you confront them head on, they will run pissing in their pants

  16. Anonymous says:

    If our leader is a slave, then we are all slaves

  17. The UN General Assembly has a Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People. I demand of the UN General Assembly to have a Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Jewish People. What is good for the Arabs is good for the Jews, right!?

  18. Cheryl White Grandmommy says:


  19. I thought UN is for all but now I stand having a problem. Why join in hatred to Israel. If you really love peace, then love all of us! We have our rights too.

  20. I agree with you, but how many in the UN know Israel's heritage and how many of them really believe in the Lord G-d of Israel?

  21. Of course not but take heart remember David and Goliath?

  22. Maryann Ciesla Lempert says:

    UN-It means UNITED Nations doesn't it? They seem not to be united with Israel.

  23. Dan Livni says:

    State of Israel Does Not Appear on a UN Map of the Holy Land
    By Yaffa Goldstein
    Mar 1 2001

  24. Dan Livni says:

    What the U.N teaches in Gaza.
    Learn about Islam, Jihad, martyrdom – at UNRWA schools (updated)
    July 4, 2012

  25. Dan Livni says:

    UNRWA Displays Map Where Israel is Palestine
    UNRWA event displays a map that encourages the delegitimization of Israel by labeling all of Israel as Arab Palestine
    May 23, 2013

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