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April 23, 2014 / 23 Nisan, 5774
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Uniformed Haredi Soldier Kicked Out of his Shul

Haredi soldiers praying in the fields. Some are less welcome in their own shuls.

Haredi soldiers praying in the fields. Some are less welcome in their own shuls.
Photo Credit: Abir Sultan/Flash90

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A Haredi IDF soldier was chased out of the Toldos Avraham Yitzchak shul on Monday morning, in the Beit Shemesh neighborhood of Nachala U’menucha, after appearing at Shacharit services in his uniform.

B’Hadrei Haredim reported that the soldier arrived at the shul, located at Hazon Ish Street, at about 10 AM, looking to participate in the morning service there.

Before entering the shul, he sat outside the building. One of the Chassidim passing by requested that the soldier “keep out.”

He explained to the soldier that since he was wearing the uniform of the “Army of the Zionist State,” he was not permitted to enter a shul whose members strongly advocate an anti-Zionist ideology.

The soldier, who was shocked at the blunt order, complied.

However, a few minutes later, when he discovered that there was no other prayer minyan at such a late hour, he entered the shul to pray. At this point, he was attacked by an individual who shouted, “Get right out. Get out, you tameh (impure being)!” as onlookers stood by and did not come to the soldiers aid.

The soldier, trying to avoid an even more embarrassing scene, went out to the courtyard where he finished praying.

Several community members admonished the man who had thrown him out. “He’s a Haredi just like we are,” said one of them.

“What you did is a desecration of God’s name and it’s as if you spilled his blood,” added another.

In contrast, another man witnessing the commotion commented, “Stop blabbering. If you’re so worried about the soldier, let him marry one of your daughters.”

The soldier, 27, is married and the father of two children.

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51 Responses to “Uniformed Haredi Soldier Kicked Out of his Shul”

  1. Izzy Shapiro says:

    Unfortunetly Sounds true

  2. David Menter says:

    It was a chilul Hashem. Brochos to those who realized that and admonished the instigator. Ahavas Yisroel is not limited to only those with your political leanings. I hope we can all learn a lesson from this and improve our Ahavas Yisroel this Elul.

  3. OK. They don't believe in the state of Israel. Perhaps they should remember where they live?

  4. I think this is the same Beit Shemesh where a girl was spat upon and called a whore for wearing modern clothes.

    This incident alone should make it clear that all healthy Jews in Israel must serve in the Army.

    Before this incident I thought that maybe a dozen top scholars should be exempted. But this incident makes me realize that even one Jew exempted could demoralize the army and the nation with actions like this.

    The law should never allow any Jew an exemption! After the law is changed those who are opposed for religious reasons could study Torah from prison.

    After serving in the army you can be as ant-zionist as you want, but right now you wouldn't have a shul to daven in or even be alive if it wasn't for the protection of the army.

  5. Michelle Kleinman says:

    The man who assaulted the soldier is lucky that he wasn't arrested.

  6. Leila Cumber says:

    Why should the IDF risk their lives even protecting these individuals with their sickening beliefs. This is not Judaism as it is written.

  7. Stephen Leavitt says:

    I think its important to note that this act seems to have been perpetrated by just one or two people, and that others came to the defense of the soldier.

  8. Ed Karesky says:

    It should not have happened at all. Perhaps someone in that shul needs to remind people while standing behind the bemer that the only reason they are there alive and worshipping as Jews is because of those soldiers and an Israeli government. Pathetic.

  9. It is beyond belief that Tisha B'av came and the memory of the sinat chinam that destroyed the second Beit Hamikdash continues. It is Elul and time to do.
    Teshuvah for all of Klal Yisrael and not to continuously do chilul Hashem.

  10. David Menter says:

    And, as you clearly don't understand, the learning and keeping of the Torah is what has kept the Jewish people alive for thousands of years despite our trials and tests. You cannot say that about an army!

  11. John Cerny says:

    No wonder Moshiach delay! Sinat Chinam still at places of prayer!

  12. Mark Leaman says:

    These so called Jews should not be allowed to live in a Zionist State, this brave soldier is welcome to pray in our shul any time he wants.

  13. Chaiya Eitan says:

    If they don't like the 'Zionist state,' they should leave!

  14. Muriel Coudurier-Curveur says:

    Let the young hero know that he is more than welcome in most Orthodox synagogues (including many Haredi ones). Young honorable Jews, like him, who do their duty by protecting all of Israel's children through both armed service and prayer, are our heroes and we bless them daily.

  15. Yoel Keren says:

    All that learning did wonders in Europe. Bavlai Tipshai.

  16. May Hashem bless these soldiers!

  17. David Menter says:

    It, in fact, did! For we survived, our culture survived, and for many of us our understanding of G-d and his holy Torah survived. Remember, if Hitler hadn't hated us so much, and had he not diverted his entire rail project to our doom, he very well may have won the war. No army won that war. The People of G-d gave up their lives to win that war, and our Torah and our culture remain alive today as it always will, armies or no armies.

  18. David Menter says:

    It, in fact, did! For we survived, our culture survived, and for many of us our understanding of G-d and his holy Torah survived. Remember, if Hitler hadn't hated us so much, and had he not diverted his entire rail project to our doom, he very well may have won the war. No army won that war. The People of G-d gave up their lives to win that war, and our Torah and our culture remain alive today as it always will, armies or no armies.

  19. Gabie Sykora says:

    It would be an honor and a privilege to host this heilige chayal and his family in our community for a Shabbat, maybe on a Shabbat when our son is home from his army base. Each and every chayal is a walking Kiddush HaShem and "pirsumay nisah" for the miracle of Re**** Tzmichat Ge'ulataynu that HaShem has blessed us with. Some misguided folks may live here in body, but their heads are still stuck in galut. Le'at, le'at…Ahavat chinam, everyone, and hang on for the ride!

  20. amen. How about in 2 weeks time when your son and nephew have both been sworn in and the kehila will sing and dance in their honor?

  21. Rafi Hecht says:

    There are no words. I'm sorry. A Jew is a Jew is a Jew, and all ideologies and differences should be put aside when praying to the same Gd.

  22. The government should stop giving tax money to those shuls.

  23. Rafi Hecht says:


  24. Pinny Gildin says:

    Mi k'amcha yisrael goy ECHOD b'aretz..I guess they didn't learn that part!

  25. Rafi Hecht says:

    No, they definitely learned the "Goy" part in how to treat other Jews that think differently from them.

  26. I wonder to what degree the recent furor over requiring military service by students plays a part in raising emotions here? I agree with you this is chilul Hashem. This kind of thing reinforces the distaste secular Israeli's have against the observant. Sad.

  27. Nathan Warszawski says:

    Being Yewish does not mean being god.

  28. Nathan Warszawski says:

    Being Yewish does not mean being good.

  29. Nathan interessiert die Wahrheit

  30. David Menter says:

    Looking at all the following posts, it's clear that the yeshiva student's requirement to serve in the army is at the forefront of people's minds. And you are certainly correct about this chiliul Hashem reinforcing the distaste, and even the hate, that people have against the observant.

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