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Rabbi Reuven Shmerling, HYD

The Supreme Court has rejected a petition filed by the family of one of the terrorists who murdered the late Rabbi Reuven Shmerling, HYD, 70, hoping to cancel the demolition of their home.

The rabbi, a resident of the town of Elkana in northeastern Samaria, was found beaten and stabbed to death at a coal storage facility in the Israeli Arab town of Kafr Qassem, according to an indictment filed in the court.


Shmerling employed Arab laborers at the site where his body was found. It was believed that he was murdered by two of his workers following a dispute over money.

Two Palestinian Authority Arabs from the town of Qabatiyah, south of Jenin, were charged with the murder in October.

On November 6, the IDF issued an order to demolish the home where one of the two accused terrorists lived with his family.

The Court ruled that the family will be required to quit the home by November 30 at 12:00.