Photo Credit: Yishai Fleisher
Jerusalem Day on Temple Mt

Our friend Yishai Fleisher was on the Temple Mount on Wednesday, Jerusalem Day. He went up to the Jewish people’s holiest site to experience and describe what should have been a spiritually uplifting experience.

Instead, Yishai experienced and described first hand the clashes between police and Waqf officials as well as the relentless efforts by Israeli police and Waqf officials to keep Jews away from the holiest site in Judaism, bar none.


In the end, there was more tension than actual violence, though two Waqf officials, one with a bloodied face, were arrested for attacking both the police and the Jewish visitors.

We could probably have avoided violence altogether had a few thousand Jews entered their Father’s Place — to stay.

Meanwhile, the Honenu legal aid society has reported Wednesday morning that as many as 11 Jews, including at least one minor, were arrested for bowing on the Temple Mount. Bowing is illegal for Jews on the sacred ground, while thousands of Arabs prostrate themselves there, face to Mecca and backside to Jerusalem.