Photo Credit: Midabrim Tikshoret Communications Group
Security vehicle firebombed in Shiloach (Silwan), Jerusalem, August 6 2017

Jerusalem Arab terrorists firebombed a security vehicle patrolling the Jerusalem neighborhood of Shiloach (Silwan), located just outside the walls of the Old City, at around 9:30 pm Sunday night.

The vehicle immediately went up in flames.


Security personnel riding in the vehicle miraculously managed to escape unharmed.

The fire was extinguished by police and firefighters.

Israeli police and Border Guard Police officers set out in the neighborhood to hunt down the perpetrators.

At around 9 pm, Israeli motorists came under a hail of rocks by Arab terrorists while traveling a few minutes south of Jerusalem, on the road between the Jewish community of Efrat and the T-junction near Umm Salmouna. No physical injuries were reported but there was no information on damage to the cars.

At about 8:30 pm, Arab terrorists also attacked Israeli vehicles in Jerusalem on Bar Lev Road, completely shattering the back windshield of a car with a large brick, the size of a cantaloupe.